Troy Polamalu: I’m healthy now, but now doesn’t matter


Steelers safety Troy Polamalu had a disappointing 2012, suffering a calf injury in Week One, aggravating that injury when he tried to return in Week Four, and missing most of the season before finally returning in Week 13.

So when Polamalu looks ahead to the 2013 season, he says it doesn’t really matter that he feels fine now. He needs to get himself into condition to be good to go when the regular season starts.

“Standing right here, I feel good. But it’s really irrelevant how I feel now. What’s important is how I feel 16 games through the football season,” Polamalu told Jamison Hensley of

Polamalu said he believes the kind of soft-tissue injury that he suffered last season is preventable, and he indicated late last season that he might need to take a different approach to practice to make sure his body is ready on Sundays in the fall. The Steelers need Polamalu, who has missed 22 games in the last four seasons, to be ready on Sundays in the fall, regardless of how he feels in the summer.

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  1. If he can stay healthy, at 32 he’s still one of the best playmakers in the NFL. Obviously that’s a big IF at this point, but IF he can he’ll give the Steelers defense a nice boost this season. People forget that he played all 16 games in 2011 and 14 in 2010 while winning DPOY. I think he’s still got some good football left in him.

  2. Most of his best plays were offsides that the refs never caught. Officiating is much better now so his career is basically over.

  3. Kamikaze probably isn’t the best style of play for aging players. Ronnie Lott managed a long career by “picking his shots” in his later years.

  4. Calf’s..hamstrings..and knees have NOTHIN to do with his style of play..he’s had no upper body type injuries or atleast none that kept him out of games. The word on Troy is he’s not a big weight room Guy and his off season training could be a lot better. Either way..Defense wont be the problem..20 ppg will be.

  5. He is one of the best defensive players of his generation no doubt. When he was at his peak in his career he was feared by many. Flacco probably still has nightmares of troy creeping up to the line and just completely throwing the Ravens out of their game plan in a few playoff games few years back. He will be great this season again.

  6. All good hits are initiated by bringing your legs and running through a tackle so I don’t understand those saying you don’t hit with your lower body.

  7. Troy will enter the HOF on his plays against the Ravens and Flacco alone. Especially the plays in the playoffs.

  8. @joemontanaflacco Troy is better across the board than anyone the Ratbirds have ever suited up, yes better than Ed Reed to.

    Regardless of how ding’d up or healthy the man is, when he’s in the game, the opposing team plays differently. His presence alone forces the opposing team to account for him at all times which invariably takes focus away from the prime objective.

    BTW………….the jury is still out on your boy Flacco. We’ll see this year, I suspect he’ll return to the pedestrian QB we all know him to be.

  9. Polamalu and Glasskowski should start their own line of health products. Knee braces, Canes, Wheelchairs? Maybe uses Steelers and Pats colors, get the NFL involved they love making money anyway they can.

  10. He’s older and he’s going to keep getting hurt. Still a good player but you just can’t count on him to stay healthy at this point in his career.

  11. One of the most overrated and fragile players in recent years. Yes he can make a big play, but he gambles too much and gets burned often. Like in the Super Bowl against Green Bay.

  12. Still the best safety in the game when he’s healthy. Troy will have a bounce back year and will make the steelers number 1 defense even better.

  13. Most of the Steelers dfense was injured when that sb rolled around, including troy, and gb still had to hold on on the last play……..the banged up steelers were the only reason the packer receivers got open at all…….

  14. He’s a little overrated. Collins and Delmas are better. That said I think he’s the 3rd best in the league. He’s only stayed healthy for 3 of his 8 seasons and misses too many games. I enjoy his playing style and think he’s a great person, but if he played for many other teams he wouldn’t be so celebrated.

  15. One of the best defensive players in the league for 2 or 3 seasons out of his entire career you mean. I’m glad he’s made of glass though, his superfly snuka over the offensive line was getting old. He’s probably just about washed up at this point though.

  16. ” Fragile ” Overrated ” Washd up” Belongs in a wheelchair ” The best 2/8 years he’s playd” Yeah yeah yeah..add 1st ballot Hall Of Gamer to that list weirdos!

  17. That “JoeMontanaFlacco” thinks officiating has improved says more about his football knowledge than anything else he’s posted.

  18. timsizzle83 says: Jun 13, 2013 6:35 PM

    One of the best defensive players in the league for 2 or 3 seasons out of his entire career you mean. I’m glad he’s made of glass though, his superfly snuka over the offensive line was getting old. He’s probably just about washed up at this point though.

    2 or 3 seasons? I can count at least 6 excellent top of the league best defensive player. He has a reckless abandon style of play but he would knock your head off for you.

  19. why do people insist on comparing ed and troy. if you know football at all you would understand that while they both play safety they play two different positions with different responsibilities. they are two of the best ever at what tjhey do. and since it was brought up, “our boy flacco” has accomplished as much in his first five years as any qb in the history of the league. more wins, 3 afc title games and a sb mvp. keep your stats…we take wins. pedestrian..hardly

  20. Well, Troy has been “Head & Shoulders” above most safeties during his career.

  21. “Standing right here, I feel good. But it’s really irrelevant how I feel now.”

    What’s important is that his hair is so soft and manageable and most important of all no flakes!

  22. Dude you’re dreamin if you think he’s 1st ballot. Hes been to a few pro bowls but how do his stats stack up against HoF safeties? Where’s the numbers buddy? Lets see em…I’ll wait. Forever……I’m sure you can count to 6 too man, I have no doubt about that, but every year that he’s been in the league that ed reed was healthy he’s been no more than the second best safety in football, which automatically eliminates him from being in contention as a top defensive player. His dfpoy season ed missed at least 6 games.

  23. 2nd best safety in the league! Speaking of Ed Reed, Troy, do what he does. Use your brain and there for your team because they need you.

  24. Not just the hitting. Remember when he is on the field he is a ball hawk! H.O.F. & Humble, Just Like All of Us Steelers Fans!!

  25. He won’t be in the Hall of Fame, if he somehow puts in a few more seasons without spending too much time on the training table he might have a chance. Just being a Steeler and having a large obnoxious, bandwagon, frontrunner fan base (most of which has never been to a home game in their life) wont get you in.

  26. TP has been a huge part of 3 Super Bowl appearances and 2 victories. How many teams can say that about the last 10 years? Nuf said.

  27. wow alot of you people should look at the true stats when troy is healthy we went 75-29 when he’s missed those 21 games we went 12 -9 thats wins to loses so he makes a big impact thats better stats than even ed reed wheres ed reed now crying about his hip that brady kicked lol

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