Cruz blinks, will sign tender


On Monday, the Giants would have had the ability on that day — and that day only — to rescind receiver Victor Cruz’s one-year, $2.879 million restricted free agency tender and replace it with a one-year offer in the amount of $590,000.

Despite the absence of any indication that the team planned to inflame the situation by dropping Cruz’s one-year pay by more than $2 million, Cruz is taking no chances.

Per Josina Anderson of ESPN, Cruz will sign his tender today.  Cruz told Anderson that talks on a long-term deal will continue between now and the start of training camp.

While Cruz will be under contract once he signs, it’s impossible to rule out a training-camp holdout absent a multi-year contract.  Even though the daily fines have gotten much more expensive under the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement, it will be far cheaper in the long run for Cruz to hold out and incur fines while under contract at $2.879 million than to risk losing more than $2 million in potential earnings by not signing the tender before Monday.

So, while Cruz has blinked for now, he could still draw a line in the sand when it’s time to go to camp.

UPDATE 1:30 p.m. ET:  Actually, Cruz would have been entitled to $630,000 under the reduced tender, since $630,000 is the minimum salary for a fourth-year plater.

28 responses to “Cruz blinks, will sign tender

  1. I think he will leave after the year. He’s going to sign the tender, won’t come to an agreement, play out the year, and then go to the highest bidder in FA. I think it’s his last year as a Giant. Just focus on signing Nicks!

  2. Cruz got punked. I dont think he should risk holding out and getting punked again

  3. Way to play hardball, Cruz!
    Great strategy, NOT. You will never have the upper hand in any negotiations again.

  4. So the Giants can cut players for underperformance. Pay the player and stop being cheap. He deserves to be paid as a top 5 WR and yes I hate the Giants.

  5. He is a joke anyway you will go another season of no salsa dancing against Dallas

  6. who cares if cruz caved in. i would of to had i had a 1.5 mil in the balance and still have the opp. to hold out in training camp

    cruz will be a giant for a few years and him/nicks will be tearing up teams for years to come..and assuming cruz leaves? well then Eli will find another slot WR to take over and dominate, all while cruz lands a monster contract the team realizes after 1 year hes a bi-product of eli manning and cut him loose then he flip flops around the nfl for years until he retires bec noone wants him.

    just sign with eli and save your career.

  7. It’s a business!!! Giants got to do what’s best for the team. They made Victor Cruz, I’m not saying he should play for free, but let’s not get greedy. As a fan of both sides I don’t care period.

  8. Hey isn’t this how teams do it where they try to squeeze every once of production out of the players for the cheapest price possible. There’s no doubt he’s leaving after this season. The teams show no loyalty or respect towards the players and situations like this are prime examples. Hey I hear my bears are always looking for receivers who can actually play, just saying…

  9. I dont get these teams when they have players that are worth the money they dont spend it on them but others WR get big contracts this off season coming off bad seasons and hurt season SMH even guys with hurt necks and dont win playoff games get 20 mil a year.

  10. If even Goodell bows down to Mara, what are the odds that Cruz could deny him?! Bow down to Mara, ruler of the NFL!

  11. Sooo many haters! @teamvic, if they don’t appreciate you in NeW York, we love lots of Salsa in Buffalo. Nacho chips go great with Chicken Wings!

  12. Good move and fair. He got his payday (yes almost $3 million still counts as a payday in america) for his performance thus far, and if he continues to produce and stay healthy he will become very wealthy in the future.

  13. To everyone saying the Giants are being cheap and aren’t paying him, they gave him a long term offer of $7 million PER SEASON!! He’s the one being studied trying to squeeze $10 per year out of them. The Giants have done nothing wrong here and aren’t treating him “badly” as to make him leave after this season. If he does well then he’s an idiot.

  14. I’ll never understand exactly why football players skip practice time (improving their game) over money, only to incur fines (losing money). If I’m an owner, I’m not negotiating with any player that’s not showing up to workout with the team. If you need to speak loudly, show up to team workouts and mention to reporters that you want a new contract. They’ll write about it and make your agent do their job.

  15. Victor Cruz should take the multi year deal they are offering him. Honestly, what can you do with 8 million a year that you can’t do with 7 million a year. Stop being a greedy pig and take the big payday. Get into camp and work with your team on getting better than last season. Look at the big picture and just ask Steve Smith how the greedy strategy worked out for him.

  16. Both Nicks and Cruz should hold out and dare the Giants to compete without them. Coming from a Giants fan.

  17. Hopefully they can bridge that 1 mil a year gap and get a long term deal done. Then they get to work on Nicks’ deal. Time to get back to terrorizing NFC East secondaries!

  18. Whats the difference between 8 million and 7 million?

    Well first… he’s easily worth $9mil.

    Second, its a multi year deal so now we’re talking $5-$10 million dollars

    Then that little chunk of money is invested and compounding interest over ole Cruz’s life.

    Its the difference between his grandkids never worrying about money and his great grandkids never worrying.

    So get what you’re worth Cruz! And get it up front!

  19. in 2014 season the giants could put the franchise tag on cruz and the giants could do it again in 2015 SO WITH THAT SAID CRUZ WILL BE A GIANT AFTER THIS SEASON KNOW UR FOOTBALL CWILL99

  20. I’m so sick of this franchise constantly nickel & diming. It’s embarrassing, they actually used the PSL money (that they didn’t need to collect bc they built the stadium w/some of their money, jets money & tax payer money) to build that lousy training facility in the middle of the stadiums parking lot. Yeah folks, they used PERSONAL SEATING LICENSE MONEY to build that brick field house that is smaller than my local library. They should have looked at what the jets built (w/their own money) in Florham Park before they built that high school gym on route 3 that they call a training facility. Disgraceful. PAY FOR YOUR OWN BUILDINGS, PAY YOUR BEST PLAYERS & STOP STEALING MONEY FROM YOUR FANS!!!!!

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