Dockett loves inflicting “physical, bodily harm”


Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett apparently didn’t get the memo.  Or if he did, he tore it up and laughed.

Our money is on the latter.

Dockett, whose new facemask can be described with no words yet spawned by the English language, has taken to Twitter on Friday morning to explain why he plays football:  “1 reason I love this game is bc I can inflict physical, bodily harm to another individual in an environment which it is morally acceptable.”

This sentiment underscores the reality that, with or without bounties, football is a rough-and-tumble game in which large men with bad intentions collide with other large men who possibly have worse intentions.  Removing from the process an envelope full of cash doesn’t make guys less inclined to try to hurt each other.

Most if not all realize the strategic benefit to knocking opposing players out of games.  Some simply enjoy it.

The problem with Dockett’s statement is that, in recent years, the range of moral acceptability has narrowed.  The NFL, in an effort to make an inherently unsafe game safer, systematically is trying to remove from the game opportunities to inflict “physical, bodily harm” that are deemed unnecessary to the act of advancing the ball or tackling the guy who has it.

Still, the NFL never will be able to police the hearts and minds of the men who apply clean hits that happen to inflict injury.  The league would like us to believe that the injuries are incidental.  The reality is that, for plenty of the guys who play the game, the injuries are intended — whether to help the team win or simply because the guy delivering the hit (as Dockett admits) likes inflicting bodily harm in a setting where no one can get sued or arrested.

19 responses to “Dockett loves inflicting “physical, bodily harm”

  1. He’s not a dirty player to my knowledge, and you have to love the fact he wants to play the game hard….the facemask on the other hand is dumb in my opinion – it’s too much of the “hey look at me” attitude in sports these days.

  2. A real football player… Why must the media people take philosophical typical words as this and turn it into a big deal?

  3. There’s only one thing better in life than knocking the crap out of an opposing football player and that one thing occurs in a bed… most of the time anyway.

  4. I really doubt there are many players who go out and play the game intending to injure anyone. If they have that mindset, they probably would not continue to hold a job in the NFL. With that said, they probably love to make opposing players feel pain. There is a big difference between injury and hurt.

  5. It is obvious this “football player” doesn’t like to receive pain. His face mask looks like a fencing mask. Like a great luminary once said, “If you want to talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk”.

  6. I guess it is all cardinals fans doing the thums down on that Ernest graham comment. Only someone who is in denial or too lazy to look it up would say he is not dirty.

  7. Dockett would start on any D-Line in the league. He’s had a few dirty plays, but he isnt a dirty player. Want an example of a Cardinal’s dirty player? Conrad Dobler

  8. That mask of his looks like the lines on the underside of a blue whale. What if we call it “The Krill Filter”?

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