Greg Little vows not to wear leg pads

Coming this year, fans will be permitted to bring less stuff into the stadium and players will be required to wear more stuff onto the field.

Neither are happy.

Browns receiver Greg Little says he won’t comply with the requirement that players were thigh and knee pads, a mandate that returns in 2013 after a 19-year hiatus.

I’m definitely not wearing pads,” Little tells Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “It’s just a swag thing.  If you don’t feel good, you’re not gonna play good.”

For many players, it’s less about vanity than speed.  Wearing pads encumbers the right-leg-left-leg process, diminishing the ability to get from point A to point B ASAFP.

But paying the fines and not wearing the pads won’t be an option.  Players will be removed from play if they refuse to comply.

Some think the league is simply trying to create the impression that it cares about player safety, at a time when more than 4,000 former players have filed concussion lawsuits.  Others think the league wants to promote the use of distinctive Nike compression shorts that are equipped with pads — which in turn will prompt players at lower levels of the sport to clamor for the same gear.

52 responses to “Greg Little vows not to wear leg pads

  1. Ha…I’m Greg Little, I’m too stupid for your puny rules….that will show you.

  2. I hate wearing a tie. However, the school system says i have to wear one. Its part of my job. So, i wear one every day. They didnt even ask if i liked wearing a tie. But i suppose thats why they are my employer and i am the employee.

  3. Hope he enjoys the first two weeks of 10-20k thousand in fines, and then not being permitted to play after that.

  4. It’s like seat belts and motor cycle helmets, sometimes you need rules to protect the stupid.

  5. @

    greymares says:
    Jun 14, 2013 9:25 PM
    It’s like seat belts and motor cycle helmets, sometimes you need rules to protect the stupid.
    I hate you!

  6. Wow. Relax people. He’s a moron and stupid because he doesn’t want to wear leg pads? And because he said swag? Man, people will use any reason to bash someone these days…

    MANY players feel the exact same way. He was just used as an example. Just take a breather and think about why your hating on this dude.

  7. No one knew who this idiot was until he announced that he decided it was Weeden’s job. Now he thinks he decides uniform policy? We all know you will wear them because fines will quickly turn to suspensions and the refs won’t let you play without them, just like helmets and shoulder pads; but then again we are talking about the intelligence of a grown man who used the word “swag” to describe his feelings toward protective equipment.

  8. Wtf is it with the modern athlete and their made up vocabulary? Swag, wtf is swag?!? Drug? Green leafy vegetable? A lotion? Energy drink?…. Go read a dictionary you degenerate, uneducated, pig bastards

  9. So in other words he’s going to convert to a Punter. What’s the rule on a Punter going out for a pass?

    I hope he doesn’t mind the pay cut that comes with the position change. His team might like this idea.

  10. Its gonna be more than just Greg Little watch… this is a stupid rule.

    For all of you who have the submissive attitude like “do what the comapny says cuz they are the employer” or “its like a motorcycle helmet”…

    No its not like a helmet rule. Horrible analogy dude. And if everyone submitted to our corporate owners, then everyone would be miserable doing what the company says sometimes you have to be non compliant.

    Wideoutes and db’s will all be against this too watch. They dont take shots to the leg like a rb or a lb would.

    This is very obviously about trying to make it look like they are doing something about safety, when in actuality, upper leg injuries are not much of a problem in the game.

    Plus it does expand on nikes profit in the nfl and at lower levels of the game. This is lame. More dumb and played out than the word swag even

  11. You guys are a bunch of idiots and clearly have never played football before. Does a tie hinder your teaching? And how many injuries would’ve been prevented if players had thigh pads? Hardly any

  12. The idea it’s for safety is complete bs. There isn’t a rash of upper thigh injuries plaguing the NFL last I checked. Or any for that matter. The requirement is absurd and more than just Little think so. Chris Long said he wanted to throw up when he heard of the new rule.

  13. I dont know, I could see how they could be a LITTLE uncomfortable, but coming from someone with such LITTLE impact on the game and with LITTLE to know influence on other players/league officials I think his statement will have LITTLE effect on the rules. Im sorry I made a LITTLE joke…………..


  14. I was really impressed with the way Little caught the ball the second half of last season. I’m not even sure he dropped another ball following his epiphany.

    Of course he’ll wear the pads when push comes to shove. The main thing is that he builds upon last year – practicing with D-linemen to beat press coverage is a good start.

  15. Man some of you guys are just plain stupid. You clearly have never played football, watched football and don’t know anything about football or football players.

  16. In related news, the cost of the pads will raise ticket prices by an estimated %83.

  17. I am the teacher. You asked if i ever played football before. Yes, i played a little. I was a wr for east carolina. A tie has caused me way more discomfort than thigh pads ever did.

  18. I think I’ll try some. After 30 beers on NFL Sunday, I can use all the padding I can get.

  19. If they don’t want to wear them, then they shouldnt have to wear them. But Roger and his cronies are hell bent on an full fledged dictatorship (in the name of safety) and its just another example.

  20. But paying the fines and not wearing the pads won’t be an option. Players will be removed from play if they refuse to comply.

    The big question here is: Will anyone notice if Little is even playing?

  21. U older folk get me man calling this man an idiot and stupid for using the term SWAG! But I’m sure ur grandparents and other older ppl said the same thing when ur generation used cool slang words similar to swag back in the 70s.. Get over it ppl we r in the year 2013 and Swag is a word used to describe confidence so get used to it because it won’t b the last crazy new term to describe a word!

  22. Shocked that all the commenters seem to have evidence that these pads will protect him, or any player.

    So you all are doctors? And doctors have never been wrong?

    I mean, couldn’t it be possible that he does from a severe coronary condition and not poison?!?

    If a player can avoid more hits because he’s faster and more agile… Why should he wear cumbersome pads that weigh him down, or give a larger target to hit, or more surface area for a defender to grab on to?

    Yeah… That’s surely improving player safety.

    You call the player an idiot? I think it’s clear who the idiots are.

  23. Is this really a story? Nice to see all the judgmental folks commenting about how “stupid” he is. Obviously he has no choice because if you pay attention to the NFL you get pulled from a game if your shoe is untied until it’s tied and TAPED.

    Are leg and knee pads going to prevent the ridiculous amount of defenseless receiver hits to the head and neck these guys take? Didn’t think so. Are they going to prevent a receiver from pulling a Ham string or tearing an ACL? of course not. The NFL also fines people for not wearing the correct COLOR socks and/or shoes as well (less we not forget Chad Johnson’s constant battles with the league office over his shoes when he played for the Bengals). Just because it’s a rule doesn’t mean it’s not completely STUPID.

  24. Greg WHO? Why does anyone care about what this no-name has to say anyways? Did he finish as one of the top 32 receivers last year? Nope…this guy isn’t even in the top 40. His claim to fame is tweeting, “Honestly, I really don’t care what fans say I really could careless! I ride with the 53 men in the locker room and the coaches thats it.” This guy is a cancer to the team.

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