Kraft says Pats hope Tebow makes it to 53-man roster


The New England Patriots currently may employ up to 90 football players.  Eventually, 37 of them will be fired.  Owner Bob Kraft hopes quarterback Tim Tebow isn’t one of them.

Kraft, appearing Friday on CNBC, said that the organization wants to see Tebow stick around.

“We want high quality people who work hard, are team players,” Kraft said, via Mike Reiss of  “I don’t think there is a nicer person that I’ve ever met, and now he’ll get to compete with all the other people at the position, and our hope is that he’s on our 53-man roster.”

Kraft’s comments mesh with the notion that Tebow will be a quarterback and only a quarterback.  (Even though we still believe that, if Tebow makes the roster as a quarterback, they’ll find a way to use him as something other than a quarterback.)  Based on the team’s experience, he’s a quarterback they may eventually need.

“You never know what’s going [to happen]; Tom Brady missed the whole season a few years ago,” Kraft said.  “You can’t enough quality people in any of your businesses.”

Kraft expanded on his belief that Tebow’s religious beliefs were an attraction — even though that kind of talk has to make Kraft’s lawyers a little antsy.

“In this age of technology, where people are isolating themselves and going to their little instruments and spending hours of not interfacing with people; people who respect tradition, religion, spirituality, I think we need more of that in America today,” Kraft said.

Though Tebow ultimately has to be one of the best 53 players in order to make it to the 53-man roster, these intangibles could help him in a close case — especially if Kraft is lobbying aggressively for Tebow to stick around.  As Tom Curran of CSN New England recently suggested on PFT Live, the goal could be to have Tebow’s passion influence others in the locker room.

That could end up being a bigger contribution than anything Tebow ever does on the field.

43 responses to “Kraft says Pats hope Tebow makes it to 53-man roster

  1. I know he’s beloved, but… Time for this dude to have a mental acuity evaluation. Everyone in his age group should have one. The above statements suggest it’s time.

  2. Did Kraft say anything about protesting for a tampering charge when Rex Ryan said all of those glowing comments about Tebow which were obviously just trying to create a rift because the Jets wished they had Tebow on their team?

  3. I can’t see the hooded one using up a roster spot for a locker room only guy. I could however see that as a cover with Tim secretly working on another position.

  4. It was Kraft who made the call on Tebow, not Bellyache. Pretty sure Goodell conferenced the league owners and said that the situation with Timmy T was unacceptable from the league point of view. Pats took the plunge because they were in the best position to do so. Plus it gave Tebow a fighting chance to succeed. Jags will probably send Kafka back to N.E. if Tebow doesn’t work out for them. It was the league owners in concert.

  5. Isn’t that the kind of thing a fan would say, not the person who actually makes the decision? Even if it isn’t Kraft making cuts, I’m sure if they were thinking of cutting tebow Kraft would easily be able to keep him.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks it’s extremely weird that Robert Kraft seems to be so hot on Tebow and so keen on having him make the team. Man, I’d like to know what Belichick really thinks about all this. Ditto for Brady and the other players.

  7. Yea, he’s right. You’re much better off believing Earth is flat and the the sun rotates around us. You know, because it’s more traditional. America sure needs more of that.

  8. what do you mean “makes krafts lawyers a little uneasy” I am sure if he were muslim and kraft said his muslim beliefs made it attractive the lawyers wouldnt be uneasy.

  9. Best 53 in order to make that team??? shoooot, it could be the best 75 and his sorry behind should not maket the team!
    that is, unless you want a 10 yard out to be thrown as a 7 yard short hop!!

  10. If the Pats can help Tim become a legitimate passing threat to go along with all his current intangibles……he could end up being one of the great ones.

  11. Tebow will make the team, he is too good an athlete not to, they will use him out of the backfield. Get used to a lot of halfback options. Tebow is a very average passer but the corner will still have to respect enough to be frozen with the receiver.

  12. Interesting, these comments make you wonder if maybe Silver was right (at least partially) about how Belichik views Tebow but he was overruled by the one guy who can overrule him? Even if that’s not completely the case you have to think that Belichik won’t be pleased with how openly the owner is lobbying for a player who just might not have the skills necessary to be an nfl QB.

    And before the Tebowites start going on about the Steelers game, how’d Tebow do against the Chefs the week before? The Bills the week before that? Or the Patriots the week before that? And the week after the Steelers?

  13. Kraft is playing this smart by making it appear he wants Tebow on the team. Reality is that Belichek is going to keep the best 53…not the best 52 and the guy everyone is rooting for. Then Kraft can point to Belichek as the reason for Tebow not making the team…and for Bill, that is just like another day at work…meaning another segment of the population hates him…and he does not really care.

  14. Seems selfish for such a great person to only be willing to be a quarterback. I’m not judging, but if he is as blessed as he claims, he sure as hell isn’t smart enough to make a career out of football and quit trying to be a quarterback.

    Don’t forget, he is Josh McDaniels guy too…

  15. Sorry to burst some bubbles but Kraft is a hands off owner. He sincerely wanted welker to stay and look what happened. Mr Kraft has assembled some if the most brilliant football minds of our time and he lets them do their job and stays out of it. That’s just one of the many reasons why the patriots are the most successful team of the salary cap era. Talk all the crap you want but the record speaks for itself. And cue the morons that continue to drone on about cameras and cheating. The facts are the facts nobody has been able to duplicate the level of success the patriots have had since free agency and parity were introduced. The rules are designed to prevent one teams dominance over a long period of time yet for over a decade now we are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. He’ll even when Brady went down for the whole season we still pulled off 11 wins.

  16. ‘Kraft expanded on his belief that Tebow’s religious beliefs were an attraction — even though that kind of talk has to make Kraft’s lawyers a little antsy.’ I’m curious if your Lawyers would have allowed you to make this same ridiculous statement if Tebow had been a strict practicing muslim? Always a safe bet to play the ‘crazy’ card when it’s Christians, right guys?

  17. I think it’s a safe bet to play the ‘crazy’ card when referring to Christians as well as Muslims. They are on par with each other when it comes to butchering millions of fellow humans to impose their beliefs (actually, I think the Christians are a bit ahead, but they had a head start).

  18. I have been in his corner for a while but its time to either hang up the cleats or for GOD SAKE PLAY A DIFFERENT POSITION. Your not an NFL QB what is your problem.????? I would give my right arm to play in the NFL. So please GOD tell him that he sucks and play a different position. Give the fans and the stupid a$# media a break.!!!!!!!!!

  19. I hope so too. Only because it buys more time that I don’t have to hear his name and rumors of him joining my favorite football team.

  20. They are on par with each other when it comes to butchering millions

    Name the most recent butchering by a christian.

    For the muslims, it was 2013.

  21. Hey hatesycophants,

    Maybe you should add up the recent totals for murderous atheistic regimes like Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. Despite the huge lead of religious groups these guys passed them like they were tied to a post.

    That said, what does that have to do with Tebow, his character, or whether he can contribute to a team that already has a stellar QB?

  22. unfortunately patriot nation this is the beginning of the end. as foretold in revelations, a man named tebow will reveal he is the true anti-christ and slaughter the great hooded one, the pretty boy and the feminine owner.

  23. Neither of you are knowledgeable enough on the subject matter to engage in fruitful conversation. I apologize if my post read like an invitation for responses of the under-educated.

    As you were.

  24. the goal could be to have Tebow’s passin’ influence others in the locker room.

    I hope he makes the team, if for only my personal enjoyment. This is great reading material.LMAO!!!

  25. I have a much better haircut than Mr. Kraft, and I don’t make anywhere near his money.

  26. Maybe Kraft’s comment “People who respect tradition, religion, spirituality, I think we need more of that in America today” make liberal progressives uneasy, but not the vast majority of Americans.

  27. The fact that Tebow got signed by the Patriots has nothing to do with his religious beliefs and making idiotic statements about them is par for the course from the liberal media. Case in point? PFT ran a story a while back about two brothers who also happen to be muslim. There were no comments about the owners feeling antsy about having muslims on the team because they would have had to apologize and take down the original article because of backlash, probably within an hour. But Christians? Especially White Christians? Fair game every day of the week. The reason? The same reason the people from PETA don’t bring their animal skin protests to motorcycle rallies.

  28. bmacwillconn says: Jun 15, 2013 6:27 AM

    Maybe Kraft’s comment “People who respect tradition, religion, spirituality, I think we need more of that in America today” make liberal progressives uneasy, but not the vast majority of Americans.
    Perhaps especially because I bet Mr Kraft never voted R in his life.
    The religious people I know are far from being a majority right wing. There are both, why try to pigeonhole them as one party? Oh yeah, agendas. Silly me, I say as an atheist who is neither party.

    As for his comments about the human element, he has said similar things before Tebow. There’s definitely a balance between technology and human interaction that’s beneficial. The world is still made up of people, not electronic devices.

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