Mario Williams does a 180


Apparently, Mario Williams needs to get his ears checked.

On Thursday, Williams summed up new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s philosophy like this:  “He usually says ‘Kill ‘em or hurt ‘em.’  That’s what I always hear.”

On Friday, Williams took to Twitter to say that’s not what he heard.  Usually, always, or ever.

Here’s the full stream of tweets from Williams.

“Just to clarify a choice of words I used:  The phrase ‘kill them’ has never been said by Coach Pet or any of my coaches/teammates.  I said it as a figure of speech from my ‘perspective’ not literally or any actual intention.  Coach [Pettine] has led us in an aggressive D since Day One.  We’ve operated in a ‘beat them’ mode this offseason w/ a goal of mentally hurting the offense (future opponents) by being physical and disruptive at the line of scrimmage & through any pass protection.  Pressure, TFL, turnovers & sacks.”

In other words, someone from the league office got to the Bills, and someone from the Bills got to Williams.

And now Williams is trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube.  Which actually may turn over to be much easier than putting a $785,000 engagement ring back in his pocket.

40 responses to “Mario Williams does a 180

  1. The North Korea media conglomerate, errr, the NFL got to the Bills. Unbelievable. What a joke this league is. No free speech, just promote boring, stale, dry “coach speak” at all times.

  2. his broken engagement and battle for the ring is a precursor to what will happen between him and the bills. the bills will release him and subsequently ask for some of the signing bonus back, resulting in a legal battle.

  3. “sportnorcal says: Jun 14, 2013 12:56 PM

    You said it. Own it.

    Pathetic backpedal, Mario.”

    Guess you see alot of NFL players speaking their minds then, NOT! This isn’t a public forum, their jobs depend on living with this PC bullcarp. It’s sad, but the way it is in big business…

  4. The sanitized version makes all the sense in the world. “men, go out there and mentally hurt them.” At least it’s original. No other coach has ever been associated with such a quote. You know why? It’s stupid. How many wins is mental hurt good for? Seriously. The guy said kill ’em and meant it figuratively. Is all this revisionist nonsense necessary?

  5. It’s a pretty big stretch to try to equate this quote from Williams with his engagement ring situation.
    Some would call it sensationalism.

  6. in other words Mario got called into the woodshed for telling inside dirt and must now “clarify” what was said into something more inline with the squeaky clean image the NFL wants you to buy.

  7. Mario is one of those guys who would probably be better off not opening his mouth, as he seems capable of putting his foot in it every time. Rhodes scholar he is not.

  8. I don’t think it’s a big deal. Obviously the league made a call and Mario had to backpedal. I don’t think any team or player is dumb enough to get involved in what the Saints were accused of doing. All I care about is if he is healthily and helps this defense improve.

  9. Too funny. I thought Mario was speaking figuratively the first time. Kill em! It just means play hard. Nothing more. I’m finding more and more these days that advanced technology (Twitter, smart phones, etc.) isn’t always a good thing.

  10. For starters, “kill em” is much less descriptive than “kill the head,” and we still find ourselves here. This is entire issue is nothing more than the Liberals trying to interfere with free speech. It’s all Obama’s fault.

  11. Mario and Gregg have the same last name. Think they’re related, at least philosophically? I say the punishment that was good enough for the Saints is good enough for the Bills, too. But of course, Goodell probably won’t address it this time because he got his behind handed to him by his predecessor last time. However, they did lose their head coach for a season.

  12. Apparently he had to clarify that it was meant to be taken figuratively so that the low-IQ leftist P/C gestapo would understand.

  13. He plays for the Bills. This is the only way he can get any notice anymore. He’s sure not getting noticed for his play on the field.

  14. By “Kill ’em” he obviously meant: “Please, if you could be so kind gentlemen, use an appropriate of physical exertion such as is required — within the rule of the game and the kind recommendations of our beloved Comissioner, of course! — to repel your opponent and halt his forward momentum. And if your opponent should fall to the ground rather brusquely, it is perfectly acceptable, being kind and thoughtful sportsmen all, to apologize and extend your hand in friendship.” Ah yes, THIS is the kind of NFL I want to be a part of!! I’d like to thank Mario Williams and Roger Goodell for clarifying all this for us.

  15. imagine some of the old school guys from eras past trying to get by in the current NFL. “uh, we didn’t literally mean that we were gonna smash their mouths”

  16. No one who loves football cares if the coach says, “Kill ’em.” Or “Hurt ’em.” At least, no one who knows the difference between literal and figurative terms.
    We also know that despite a good, safe, physically dominant blow, it is highly unlikely that the player receiving such a blow will at any point stand up and literally be looking through his ear hole.
    We don’t care, we know what they mean.

  17. b3nz0z says:
    Jun 14, 2013 4:27 PM
    imagine some of the old school guys from eras past trying to get by in the current NFL. “uh, we didn’t literally mean that we were gonna smash their mouths”


    “Wait a minute, you mean I can’t use an actual club for a hand when we’re doing this? And what do I do with this lunch pail? And let me guess, I don’t actually get to use a shovel when I’m in the trenches? Well if that’s the case, that Quarterback better not be able to use that rocket arm!!!”

  18. Are we thinking the coach really wanted his players to “kill em”?….. This is getting out of hand with the politically correct BS….and who ever compared this to the saint’s deal should be subject to an immediate urinalysis……

  19. Can we all at least agree that Pettine did not literally mean for any player to actually kill an opponent?

    And then can we also agree that being hit by another NFL player on the field can hurt?

    So why the melodrama?

  20. Quit using the “toothpaste in a tube” line. There has to be something cheesier you can start incorporating. Try “Blood back into the wound unless you have a fancy contraption” or something.

  21. @imageflood

    That’s freakin hilarious.

    It’s so sad it has come to this. You can thank websites like this and the four letter network for blowing every single word as far out of proportion as humanly possible.

  22. Pats fan here!
    This is stupid!!! Really who cares, this is dumb. Why would it matter what they say?? This sport not the mafia. Even the Greg Williams thing is no big deal.
    Lets just play it all on Madden then, no one gets hurt:)))

  23. If I was an attorney representing his ex fiance in the engagement ring fiasco I would be using this as an example of how William’s story changes when it suits him

  24. I read the title “Mario Williams Dies at 180” at first glance. It must be Friday…

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