Prince Amukamara shooting to be best corner in the league


Giants defensive back Terrell Thomas says that his teammate Prince Amukamara is “still a little wet behind the ears mentally” entering his third NFL season.

That’s not a reference to Amukamara’s infamous trip into the cold tub at Giants training camp last season, but Thomas’ way of explaining why he and cornerback Corey Webster are pushing the 2011 first-round pick to develop more quickly. Thomas wants to see Amukamara step up in terms of both production and leadership after two years plagued by injuries.

Amukamara missed 12 games in his first two seasons, but showed a fair amount of progress in 2012 as he moved into a starting role across from Webster. In Year Three, he’s aiming to take even more steps toward being the kind of cornerback the Giants hoped they were acquiring.

“I want to be the No. 1 corner on this team,” Amukamara said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “I feel like right now Corey is and my goal is to always just try to beat him out, and I think as soon as I establish myself as the No. 1 corner then hopefully become the No. 1 corner in the whole league. I know that’s going to take work but I mean, guys that came out of my drafting class are doing great, Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman, those are the guys I kind of compare myself to. I’m just trying to exceed all of them, I guess.”

The Giants hope that Webster rebounds from a poor season and that Thomas can make it back from a third ACL tear to be a productive member of the society, which makes it even more important that Amukamara become a reliably strong performer at one cornerback spot. If he can’t do it, the Giants might be back on the hunt for another high draft pick to give a cold dip in hopes of locking down a long-term answer at the position.

46 responses to “Prince Amukamara shooting to be best corner in the league

  1. What a joke and the team he plays for. LOL LOL LOL.!!!! isn’t this his 2 or 3 year in the league????? Now this CLOWN what’s to be the best CB in the league. LOL LOL LOL .!!!! A good or great CB usually starts his first year and never looks back because he’s on top of his game. What’s up with the water in ny he and Rex must be room mates. Cause all I hear from both of them today is crap statements.

  2. I like this kid. I hope he does develop his mental game this offseason b/c he has the physical skills. I still think he stripped Greg Jennings of that TD in the playoffs a two years ago.

  3. If first round draft pick busts for low class second rate teams weren’t delusionally overconfident, what would they have going for them?

    I can’t wait to see Garcon light up the Giants secondary again.

  4. And don’t title an article “Prince Amukamara shooting…..”

    I nearly pooped my pants.

  5. Just a suggestion: don’t use “shooting” in the headline for any NFL player.

    Nice way to pump up views, though.

  6. Prince played great the second half of last season. It isn’t interceptions that make you good. Its not hearing his name because QBs aren’t throwing to whoever he is covering.

  7. Met Prince at a local youth football outing a couple weeks ago. Very classy guy and was great with the kids. I’m rooting for him.

  8. watch this guy play and hear him speak and i’m not sure how you can come away with any other impression than thinking he’s extremely soft. i don’t agree with bullying, but it’s no wonder he gets picked on in the giants’ locker room.

  9. I like the attitude. Towards the end of last year when Webster was getting burnt, Price was playing lock down. He just needs to stay healthy at this point. He certainly has the ability and talent. There’s a reason he was very highly touted coming out of college. Anyone who actually has watched him knows how good he is.

  10. i like prince.. i was one of those who wsa begging the tv to pick prince with out 19th pick 2 years ago lol hes got all the tools just need to be more mental. i wanted to see prince KO jpp when i seen that cold tub incident. but i think prince will take a monster step this year and become the num1 easily.. outbeing c-webb isnt hard as it sounds hes been a bum for the better part of 2 seasons and streaky throughout the rest of his career so far

  11. I guess…?

    Sack it up and be the best corner. You think Corey’s the best? If he is, we’re screwed. In my eyes, there is no “best” corner on the Giants…step up and gain some confidence. I guess isn’t going to cut it…it has to be, I KNOW!

  12. logicailvoicesays says:Jun 14, 2013 11:12 AM

    If first round draft pick busts for low class second rate teams weren’t delusionally overconfident, what would they have going for them?

    I can’t wait to see Garcon light up the Giants secondary again.

    If Garcon is your best wide out you better dig in for a longgg season. Your wide-outs are a bunch of number 3s at best.

    I love watching RG3 rushing back. Can’t wait for the GIANTS to take out his knee so he can join good ol’ Joe Thiesman in broadcasting.

  13. Make fun now, Prince was progressing by the game. As long as he stays healthy, soon, he’ll be a tough CB to throw on.

  14. Well I’m glad Prince has set his sights high. Let’s see if he makes the jump this season before spouting off. Of course most comments knocking him will come from fans who’s team has never won a Bowl, or haven’t done it in decades..

  15. logicailvoicesays says:Jun 14, 2013 11:12 AM

    If first round draft pick busts for low class second rate teams weren’t delusionally overconfident, what would they have going for them?

    I can’t wait to see Garcon light up the Giants secondary again.


    Low class second rate teams?

    Giants have two Superbowl wins in the past decade.

    Redskins haven’t even sniffed a conference Championship since the early 90s

    Get a clue dude

  16. As a Huskers fan and especially the Blackshirts, I hope he does become the greatest CB in the league. But that’s a tall order considering some of the other guys playing right now. Best way to do it is on the field and not in the papers.

  17. The one thing Prince needs to work on most is not getting beat when he tries to sneak a peek at the QB. Stick to your assignment, stay with your receiver, and the QB is less likely to throw your way. That’s how Revis is so successful – his receiver is never open.

  18. The PED jokes are getting a little old. They’re tested ever week ad apparently Sherman failed just one, so explain to me ho he’s on a bunch of PEDs??? Jealousy at its finest

  19. Anyone who actually watched the Giants last year knows that Prince came on late. Webster was just so bad that everyone was collectively thrown in the tub (pun) as having a bad season. In fact, QBs went at Webster more often late in the season and avoided Prince’s side until he got hurt.

  20. First off, I hate the Giants and I don’t think Prince will ever be a superstar, much less the best corner in the league. However, I also hate when players catch flak for saying stuff like this: he’s setting a goal, goals don’t have to be realistic, it just shows you where a player’s head is.

    Every corner in the NFL should shoot for being the best corner in the league. Hell, I’m personally shooting for getting bitten by a radioactive Darrell Green and becoming the best corner in the league at some point in my life.

  21. As someone who seems to be pretty timid I like hearing this from Amukamara. Showing some fight. Never really showed any of that his first two years.

    Here we go Prince – shut em down!

  22. Love how fans of the other nfc east talk trash about the Gmen and all 3 combined have ZERO Super bowls wins in the last 20 years.
    Keep hating and we will keep winning!

  23. @nyg201. I guess you did not watch this years games. From my point of view RGIII AND THE REDSKINS made your midgets look pretty pretty SILLY. Your midgets LUCKY ride is OVER OVER. Last you and your kids kids kids WILL NEVER SEE ANOTHER championship in their life time.

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