ProFootballTalk: Seahawks’ Mt. Rushmore

Steve Largent, Shaun Alexander, Cortez Kennedy and Walter Jones make Mike Florio’s Seahawks’ Mt. Rushmore. Who makes your list?

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  1. Shawn “One Great Season Running Behind Jones, Hutch, and Strong and then Flop out of the NFL League MVP Going Down at the First Sign of Contact, Laying on His Back, Won’t Somebody Help the Him up off of His Back Because God Forbid He Get Up on His Own” Alexander doesn’t belong on this list.

    He can most definitely be replaced with Mack Strong, Steve Hutchinson or Matt Hasselbeck.

  2. Shaun Alexander had some great years for the Seahawks but Kenny Easley deserves the four slot here – he had a longer career, more Pro Bowls (5, back when only players voted on them), more All Pros (4), Defensive Player of the Year (1984), and made the NFL All Decade Team from the 80s.

    Alexander was more recent but arguably Easley was more impactful. Easley is in the Seahawks Ring of Honor, and Alexander is not (yet).

  3. Shaun Alexander was very good but for too short a time to make the list. He just wasn’t there for a long enough time, playing at a high level. Easley is a much better choice, and frankly played at a higher level. And I really liked Alexander, but he’s not one of the Top 4 ever.

  4. Kenny Easley was by far the dominate safety in the league in the early/mid 80’s. He earned the right to be in the top four, a devastating hitter.

  5. Easley Easily

    1st All Pac 10 for 4 years in a row

    Drafted AHEAD of Ronnie Lott

    Recognized as the best player on a team that included Largent!

    On an All-Decade 1st team – Not Shaun not Matt

    More pro-bowls, more all pros

    What a joke if he is not up there

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