Rams’ Mt. Rushmore creates widely diverging opinions

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For a franchise that has won only one Super Bowl and that has suffered through nine straight non-winning seasons, the Rams can still put together one hell of a Mt. Rushmore.

If anyone can come up with a consensus as to who should be on it.

My list, unveiled last night on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk, consists of Deacon Jones, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, and Jack Youngblood.

PFT Planet disagreed as to one of them, inserting Eric Dickerson for Youngblood.

The other PFT talking heads (I used to call them sock puppets, back when I wasn’t, you know, one of them) had different views.  Watch the video below to hear what they had to say, and to see the results of the voting.

I’m not doing that to get you to watch the video.  I’m just too lazy to type the results.

26 responses to “Rams’ Mt. Rushmore creates widely diverging opinions

  1. “PFT Planet disagreed as to one of them, inserting Eric Dickerson for Youngblood.”

    How many people on here have seen Youngblood play? Most probably judge a player of a bygone era by their fantasy stats. Ugh.

  2. They should have had one Rushmore for the LA Rams and one for the St Louis Rams.

  3. The Rams Rushmore is brutal because they have so many great lineman, and then the greatest show on turf.

    Its hard to leave off Jackie Slater and Jack Youngblood, but the way I see it, Deacon and Dickerson were locks, and so then you’re fighting over two spots.

  4. Been a Rams fan for over 30 years and agree that Jones and Dickerson are locks. I love Kurt Warner but feel that Marshall Faulk deserves a spot because he was truly a unique one of kind talent. Issac Bruce is the best WR in Rams history and probably the most underrated player in their history. He deserves the last spot.

  5. Could Kurt Warner end up on two teams’ Mt. Rushmore?
    Are there any other two team candidates?

  6. Ummm… Norm Van Brocklin and Crazy Legs Hirsch ??? Both should be on there before Youngblood.

  7. peoplesrepublic0fdabayarea says:
    Jun 14, 2013 1:14 PM

    Bring Back the LOS ANGELES Rams

    HAHAHAHA!! Stop it! You made me spit iced tea all over my keyboard.

  8. I’m sure I’m in a minority, but I’ve always felt that Warner gets too much credit. He was good, but on the Rams he benefited from numerous premier targets, turf, and an excellent offensive line (Warner always struggled under a pass rush).

    Premier QBs don’t vanish in the middle of their careers, much less make their team’s Mt. Rushmore. If Trent Green had been the one under center, I suppose he would be the selection instead?

    I also don’t get why people don’t care that Warner played only 53 games with the Rams…therefore overlooking the very long Ram careers of Youngblood, Bruce, and Holt.

  9. The thing is, the Rams have had so many great players over the years, people are always going to disagree with players being left off. You can see that in the comments. The Rams Mt. Rushmore needs to be at least 10 heads.

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