Rex Ryan: I’m a lot better coach than I’m given credit for

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Jets coach Rex Ryan has taken a lot of criticism as his team has missed the playoffs in the last two years, but he doesn’t believe that criticism is justified.

In fact, Ryan believes that he should be viewed more as the coach who took the Jets to back-to-back AFC Championship Games in his first two seasons than as the coach who had the Jets out of the playoffs in his next two seasons.

I’m a hell of a lot better football coach than I’m given credit for,” Ryan told Newsday.

That quote may sound defensive, but Ryan insists that it doesn’t bother him if people don’t give him the credit for being the great football coach he is.

“I don’t care,” Ryan said. “I don’t need the credit. But I can tell you one thing, when it’s said and done, they’ll look back and say, ‘Oh man, this dude can coach his butt off.’ And you know what? It’s true. And I’ll let the people that know best talk on my behalf about the kind of coach I am. I don’t have to brag, even though statistically, I can brag about anything I’ve ever done defensively.”

Ryan is surely right that he can brag about what he’s done defensively: The Jets have played well on defense for all four of his seasons in New York. But Ryan is the head coach, not the defensive coordinator. And head coaches are judged by wins and losses.

So if Ryan is going to get credit for being a good coach, he just needs to win. If he does, he won’t have to talk about what a good coach he is because other people will say it for him.

148 responses to “Rex Ryan: I’m a lot better coach than I’m given credit for

  1. 2 afc championships, 34-30 record with Mark Sanchez at the helm. Defense always plays at a consistent level

    Here comes the negative crap!

  2. Wow, this guy just can’t shut up. For the first couple of years it was refreshing now it’s getting old. I guess every circus needs a ringleader.

  3. for someone who’s won NOTHING as a HC, he sure does talk about himself a lot..classless clown belongs in NY

  4. Rex – there an old adage, a pearl of wisdom that goes like this: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

    When your exceptional, you don’t have to tell people – they’ll tell you!

  5. Good coaches don’t need to say they’re good coaches.

    This will only make the Jets 2013 season even more laughable once he’s unemployed.

  6. “Any man who says, ‘I am the king’ is no true king.”
    – Tywin Lannister

  7. He is a good coach but he shouldn’t pat his own shoulders. That’s the job of fans. Yes, fans NOT management because they only care about dollars and cents!!

  8. Part of being a good coach is “not letting the inmates run the asylum”, something which he has failed to do in the last 2 seasons!

  9. Proof positive was when he stated the last couple years that Sanchez was his guy, who could argue with the success Sanchez and the Jets have had with that choice Rex? I don’t he could have done much worse.

  10. “And I’ll let the people that know best talk on my behalf about the kind of coach I am.”…

    but in the mean time I’ll brag about myself until somebody else will do it for me.

  11. yes, Rex. and all of us Patriots fans hope that you continue to be the great HC of the Jets for many years to come.

  12. Here we go again….

    Next he will be holding a sign that says “Super Bowl or bust”

  13. “Anyone that constantly says ‘I am the king’ is no true king.” – Tywin Lannister 2013

  14. How much of his defensive success was becasue of Revis? He sure made it seem like Revis was important when he made a fool of himself on HBO begging for him.

  15. I’m not a Jets fan but he’s absolutely right. When you’ve beaten Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in playoff games in their buildings and your QB is Mark Sanchez, you must be a good coach.

  16. This is just another example of Rex Ryan not understanding that nothing speaks louder than results and when poor results follow ill advised boasts they are amplified. If he’d stop with the bold predictions and simply focus on “coaching his butt off” there would be far less criticism and reduce the need for him to try to convince the world that he’s a good at what he does. Unfortunately, Rex is cursed with foot in mouth syndrome and too often it’s his own foot.

  17. The best coaches can help out on both sides of the ball – His ignorance of offense is what brings him down. He has to learn and evolve offensively if he wants to be a great coach – So far hes just a great d-coordinator.

  18. As a loyal-to-a-fault fan, I will always find a way to rationalize the dumb things people with the Jets say. In this case I have no doubt if the media didn’t ask such stupid questions they wouldn’t report such stupid answers.

  19. Ryan is an excellent defensive coach. Unfortunately, that’s how he views himself, as a defensive coach not a HC. And when you get right down to it, that’s his (and the Jets) problem. Not the bragging or anything else. It’s that he views himself as a defensive coach

  20. I agree with that statement.. he had the worst starting qn in the league and went to 2 afc championship games.. you can only coach the players you have. But you can’t live off past accomplishments. 3 losing seasons in a row.. you usually. Get a pink slip..he’s the reason why the jets are even talked about.. good and bad

  21. So he wants to get credit for taking a team he didn’t build to the AFC Championship twice, but not be taken to account for doing nothing with the team he has actually been in charge and building since then?

    How does that work?

  22. Wow, just Wow! Once again, so thankful to NOT be a jets fan. Rex, did your mommy not hug you as a child? Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself. Imagine Lombardi, Shula, or Landry saying something this stupid. Talk like that comes from the bottom rung of the ladder.

  23. some may dislike the hoodie, but this kind of stuff is what makes me love the guy. not once do you hear Bill B talking about how great he is, how he deserves more credit, or any of that.

    rex spends so much time working on his hall of fame speech, he might want to work on actually coaching his team.

    this is a guy who pretty much encouraged eating hamburgers on the practice field.

    hes more interested in the freaking shake weight than practice itself. call that hard knocks TV value all you want, watching that gave me a clear picture of who rex is, and exactly why the circus is what it is

  24. would it really surprise anyone to see sanchez fail, geno get put in and look TERRIBLE, then rex is fired, a new coach comes in who wants his new QB, and Geno/Rex are linked as one of the worst 1 year fail jobs in recent memory

    they actually think putting a headcase in geno, with a total headcase in rex, is a good idea?

  25. ” I don’t have to brag” says the man who proclaim to be a great coach…

  26. Pats fan, but I have to agree. He’s a good coach who got his team dismantled by the GM

  27. I just don’t understand why they go back to those 2 seasons so much. They didn’t win the super bowl, They didn’t win the conference championships. They haven’t been AFC champs. They haven’t been AFCEast champs either. They are just like any other team having an average season, getting a wildcard spot, and winning 2 games…

    If someone can explain the prestige there to me, would be appreciated. I don’t hear any other teams who lost in conference championships bringing that up over and over.

    And i’m not even saying they are a bad team. they are just averagely middle of the pack. What’s so special that they are media headliners all the time. It’s not like their offense or defense are so exciting to watch. They don’t have a premier passrushing sackmaster, or an interception machine on D. They don’t have huge explosive weapons on offense or a grindning hardnosed runner. their QB has a lot of turnovers. Don’t tell me its the NY market, because we don’t hear about the NYG as much and they have a exciting players so watch on both sides of the ball. So what is it?

  28. I love how there were three exact Tywin Lannister quotes in the comments.

    Us great minds think alike.


  29. Rex Ryan is an excellent defensive coach but a bad head coach. A good head coach would never allow the anonymous backbiting and sniping that continually comes out of the Jets locker room.

  30. No Rex, you’re not.

    And if you have to blow your own horn about how good you are, that also means you’re not.

  31. Just to keep things in New York, does Tom Coughlin have to try to convince people he is a good coach?

  32. And people thought the circus had moved to New England! Rex, please be quiet!

  33. Statements like this is exactly why Rex is so criticized….Drop the constant attention act and you won’t look like a loser!

  34. I agree with that statement.. he had the worst starting qn in the league and went to 2 afc championship games.. you can only coach the players you have.

    Of course, he’s the guy who wanted Sanchez, he’s the guy to installed Sanchez as the starter immediately and declared they were good enough at that very instant to win the SB, he’s the guy who’s hung his hat on Sanchez in his entire coaching career over there.

    Giving him extra credit for having a terrible QB in Sanchez makes no sense: he chose that QB.

    Far too much is being made of reaching 2 AFCCG. Firstly, they lost them both. Secondly, one of those runs was aided by 5 (!) straight missed FGs by the opposition. Thirdly, the team has been on a sleep decline ever since, reaching new levels of embarrassment each year.

  35. The jets have never had a superbowl roster
    . Yet 2 afc championship appearances.. I believe the coach can get that credit… is he wearing old..yes.. but give credit when its due..

  36. Ok, let’s just say we only judge him on his first two years. Two AFC title games, lost in both. Now we look at the two years he doesn’t think he should be judged on. What is his record in those two years? Going backwards does not make you a good coach no matter how you chop it up.

  37. News flash rex ryan says he’s a better coach than what he is given credit for ? Sure you are rex. you being the coach who drafted Marc stinkchez one of the worse draft picks in NFL history give yourself credit for that one !!!!

  38. Doesn’t Rex realize the reason he gets zero respect is because he is a loudmouth who continually guaranteed championships while accomplishing nothing?

    You reap what you sow buddy.

  39. “Let someone else praise you, not your own mouth–a stranger, not your own lips.” Proverbs 27:2

  40. jet fans get over the 2 AFC championships games. Its what have you done for me lately league and this CLOWN has not done a thing. The only reason this CLOWN is still a hc is because theres a bigger CLOWN who happens to own the team. Ever heard of PETE AND REPETE. so go joke joke joke of a franchise.!!!!!!!

  41. He may be a good coach but he is a lousy talent evaluator.

    The talent has gotten progressively worse year after year.

    Plus, he stuck by Mark Sanchez, (who is just plain lousy), for far too long out of some bizarre emotional attachment.

    Rex proved he could coach up Mangini’s team. But, he also proved that his eye for talent is inferior to Mangini.

    Glad I am not a Jets fan…

  42. Once a coach starts defending his abilities or bragging on them, he is displaying his failure to large degree. Bud Grant never did much talking. Chuck Noll never had to either. Tom Landry rarely would speak about himself, but rather about the players and their ongoing development. To me, Rex is an example of some of the modern era’s coaches – more hype and PR than anything.

    It makes me long for the old days. And, as much as Belichick goes out of his way to be hard to warm up to, his way is the best way. Say little, and just be better than most everyone on the field. I have to admire that formula, the more I have to listen to these other wannabes. Rex Ryan is just one of many modern era coaches who never learned how to lead effectively. They all should study these great coaches of the past and do more to emulate them. And if they can’t, maybe they should not go after Head Coaching jobs, but rather stay at the more suitable levels they belong.

  43. and the circus act just goes on and on and on and on and on…..

    Guy “didnt come to the Jets to kiss Bill Belichick’s rings” – REALLY? cuz it sure looks that way!

  44. I’m a lot better of an employee than I get credit for but you don’t see me whining about it.

    And THAT is part of what makes me a good employee

  45. Tanny was behind the decision to draft sanchez as well as rex ..the jets had no starting qb that year they had to draft a rookie.. yes sanchez is a bust but that proves my point.. he coached that team with sanchez leading it with his shortcomings .. what team ciuld sanchez lead to playoffs? Rex never said I should be executive of the year..but he got the most out of a bust of a qb.. yes he did help pick him.

  46. On November 4, 2013, with his team sitting at 2-7 and heading into its bye week, Rex Ryan will be fired as the head coach of the New York Jets. Marty Mornhinweg will be named interim head coach. You read it here first.

  47. According to whom? Only having knowledge on one side of the ball and not being able to control your locker room doesn’t lead me to think your anything more than a defensive coordinator.

    Nice try there Wrecks.

  48. Draftrobot)….I’m not a Jets fan but he’s absolutely right. When you’ve beaten Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in playoff games in their buildings and your QB is Mark Sanchez, you must be a good coach. $$$$

    Good point!!

  49. Perfect timing with Father’s Day coming up! Reminds me of his old man, Buddy, great defensive coordinator, terrible head coach. Just shut-it Rex……

  50. I’m gonna be the logical JET fan on this comment section and say.

    The 2 AFC championships don’t matter guys, this is a now league. What has Rex Ryan done for us fans NOW? absolutely nothing.. sure he brings us a top 10 defense but were never gonna score due to his stubbornness toward our offense. His philosophy is if you have an offensive line you’re going to be a great offense. but that’s not true, he completely fumbled Mark Sanchez’s career he thought he saw self development in Mark Sanchez when we had the likes of JCO, Holmes, Edwards,LT and Brad Smith on our offense and it was completely hiding the fact that Sanchez was still VERY raw. I thought Rex Ryan’s bravado was amazing when we were a solid football team, but now.. it just makes me feel annoyed. If you aren’t a fair weather fan and have been around before Rex Ryan you would realize this guy single handedly dismantled a possible dynasty (yeah I said it)

    I’m praying Dungy comes out of retirement next year or Kevin Sumlin hops to the NFL, im sick of Rex

    – a true Jets fan

  51. This is really getting sad for Rex. 5 or so years into this tenure of anything goes statements was entertaining for the first two years but its gone steadily downhill.

    I don’t think enough is made about Rex’ initial success was was Mangini’s roster predominantly, but now that 95% of that squad is gone and this is effectively a team built in Rex vision, that speaks volumes to me about what kind of coach he is. No character, poor personnel moves signing players higher than their worth at the peak of their career, ie. Santonio, David Harris, D’brickishaw, Cromagnon, effectively landing them in the bowels of salary cap hell. I knew this would catch up to them a few years ago when they were making all of these splash moves.

  52. Poor Rexy, no one loves him. Sounds like someone needs a foot rub.

    I’ll tell you what, though, he’s certainly the best coach in the NFL at running his mouth.

  53. petehemlock says:Jun 14, 2013 10:09 AM

    As a loyal-to-a-fault fan, I will always find a way to rationalize the dumb things people with the Jets say. In this case I have no doubt if the media didn’t ask such stupid questions they wouldn’t report such stupid answers.

    If the shoe fits…….

  54. Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly keep finding dumb things to say. Hey Rex, can you find someone to corroborate your story? No? Didn’t think so.

  55. If sanchez goes to a new team next year and starts and takes them to a title game then I’m wrong.. I see him out of the league or backup for jaguars at best..rexs Support and bravado gets the most out of this poorly constructed. Team..

  56. Rexy wouldn’t recognize leadership if it bit him in the buttfumble.

    He publicly stated he would treat his players like adults who were free to say whatever they wanted to the press. It led to locker-room back-biting, sniping and a constant stream of whining to the press.

    He picks the biggest me-first players to be captains and is surprised when they selfishly beg for the ball and don’t lead. The following year he declares there are no labeled captains so that everyone is a captain.

    Neither of those strategies worked out, so last year he sends 19 hand-picked players to a leadership conference – which I’m sure made the other 34 players (who are now officially followers) feel just terrific about the team.

    And he calls himself a good coach.

  57. Rex needs to hire an assistant coach familiar with the duct tape D. When Rex gets the urge to say something the coach reaches for the duct tape.

  58. Actually, Rex, you’re a fat blowhard who, based on your claims of how good your teams were, knows very little about football talent. And your lack of football knowledge reveals itself in your claim that you’re a lot better coach than people give you credit for. In fact, you’re a poor coach with a loud mouth and nothing more. And that’s what the Jets will conclude after yet another losing season with you at the helm. You should have been fired at least a year ago.

  59. i cant stand all this negativity on this guy. Lets put things in prospective whether you like the Jets or not.
    First 2 years coaching AFC championship and the defense was top 5. Every year our defense was above average even with injuries. especially this year.
    our offense never had any consistency for the past 4 years nor talent. This year we were 6-10. with 2 losses to the patriots which was because of a dropped pass from hill and the Texans which was a tight game. not many other coaches would of made it through this season. give credit were credit is due. he also has a lot of heart for his job. Is Rex better on the defensive side, absolutely. what would this guy do if he had a mediocre offense? WIN a championship? would of happened the first 2 years. he has had the worst Quarterback in the league since he started, which he is to blame but he stuck with the guy.

  60. See this why there is so many Jets n Rex stories here on PFT. Its makes the Rex/Jets haters so nuts that they feel they have to comment n create more traffic. So anyone who keeps saying enough about the Jets you only have yourselves to blame. Your all being trolled to respond n it works daily here. Also to the people saying it was Mangini’s team that Rex won with only proves the point that Rex is a good coach if he could win with the same players Mangini couldnt. You cant say he isnt a great defensive coach. Just cuz he doesnt know offense doesnt make him a bad coach. There is a lot of coaches in the NFL whos expertise is on one side of the ball but they have coaches who they trust on the otherside. Marty is finally a real OC that Rex can lean on but still remains to be seen if it works out. I still dont know to this day what John Harbaugh does on the sideline. He was a ST coach. You have to find the right coaches for it all to work but somehow with the last 1 1/2 seasons being a complete mess with Schotty n Sparano, Rex still has a winning record. Go figure.

  61. Let see the great BB record his first 6 years as a HC was 41-55 and then along came Tom Brady now he a great coach. Rex Ryan 34-30 his first 4 years with Mark Sanchez. So I have to agree Rex is a better coach then given credit for. As to him saying he is he was only answering a question. U Jets basher are just sad. Also please come up with new stuff the feet jokes are played out.

  62. Dumber than dumb. This guy just amazes me that he is still a head coach in this league. I wonder how many feet he can stick in that mouth.

  63. To Rex…
    Why did you finally bench Sanchez and not start Tim?
    Now shut up!

    To The Trolls:

    You’ll get your wish, Rex will be gone, and life in the dayroom will be boring again!

  64. Rex — no you are not. Yes, you got to two AFC Championship games, but you did it with a team you largely inherited from Mangini. When you had the time to put your stamp on the team, the Jets sucked. Hey, you are a great entertainer, but you are a below-average head coach. You know nothing about offense, are a terrible in-game coach, and lack credibility because you fail to tell the truth. Can’t wait for Tebow to embarrass you this year.

  65. Correction: Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell and Curtis Painter and his fellow scrubs “lead” the ’09 Jets into the playoffs, much more so than Rex did a mediocre 7-7 team before being gifted with the hall pass.

    And having won 6 out of the his last 19 games, his self-depiction as a HC just comes off as more bluster.

    Bottom-line, Ozzie Newsome knew what he was doing, risking losing a good DC by going outside to hire a Special Teams coach in Harbaugh rather than promote Rex.

  66. Rex: “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggoneit….I like feet *cough*cough*ahem*….I mean, people like me.”

    @davekezer/jetslakersfan: Totally disagree…if the foot jokes are done right (not that mine is)….they can still be funny. I’m a long-time Colts fan, and I love Peyton’s forehead jokes (even before he left).

    Seriously, this guy just brings it on himself, and he NEVER stops…

  67. Hes had recent success (two AFC champ games) that should earn some more respect then what hes gotten. Not too many coaches can say they have been to two AFC champ games, so id have to agree with him.

  68. Great Defensive Coordinator hands down!

    Part of being a great head coach is making the tough personnel decisions for the good of the team. You have failed miserably on the offensive side of the ball!!

    Deal with it & face facts or risk repeating your flaws & subjecting the rest of us to your stubbornness & stupidity.

  69. ok, now say it again but this time while clicking your heels together. Ok, you can wear green pumps instead of the red ones…….oh, say it three times…..

  70. This is a classic example of promoting someone to incompetence. It happens all the time. A guy excels at his position and the company promotes him. He excels further and they promote him again, then in the new position which is really over his head, he is completely incompetent, but now the only thing they can do is fire him because most folks wont except a demotion.
    Its corporate stupidity 101. Hire him at the level he excels and PAY him as if he was a head coach. He truly is one of the great Defensive Coordinators ever but a horrible head coach and needs to be under s disciplinarian like a Belechek or one of the Harba brothers

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