Spagnuolo grateful for chance to get feet underneath him


After being kicked in the teeth and fired from his last two jobs, Steve Spagnuolo was thinking about taking a year off.

But a round of visits to colleges and the conversations he had with coaches there lit the spark again, and then he found a familiar face to give him another chance.

Now a senior defensive consultant with the Ravens, he can shake off the disappointment of his ill-fated tenure as Rams head coach, and being the defensive coordinator who led the Saints to the worst statistical defense in league history last season.

“It’s been a tough few years, but I’m focusing forward and I’m excited,” Spagnuolo said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “The way I look at this is [it’s] a privilege to be a part of a great organization. I’m just a lucky man, very lucky. You learn more from the setbacks than you do really from the successes.

“I think the book has gotten thicker and thicker of notes and a lot of things not to do, but a lot of things we felt really good about. God has a plan for everybody. Mine happens to be taking this road, and it brought me here, and I’m ecstatic about it.”

He should be, after he was dealt some bad hands, and failed to make them better.

The Rams job at the time he took it was a bad one without a quarterback, and he went 10-38 in three seasons. He took over the Saints after the bounty scandal robbed them of their head coach and some players, the fit was poor from the start, and Payton fired him shortly after being reinstated.

Now, he gets to work with an old friend in John Harbaugh, who created a position for his old Philadelphia co-worker.

“That’s a big-time blessing,” Spagnuolo said. “You leave each other, and you hope someday that you are back together. . . .

“I’m fortunate to know somebody that I care about, have a great deal of respect for, and he was willing to bring me in when he really didn’t need to. He didn’t need to add anything. They have everything they need.”

Now they have another set of eyes on the defensive coaching staff, and a guy who is trying to reclaim his reputation as an ascending coach after four rough seasons.

16 responses to “Spagnuolo grateful for chance to get feet underneath him

  1. God didn’t help you in your previous 2 positions Steve, can’t see him helping you with this one either…

    Baltimore hit it’s peak last season and with the exodus of quality players this post season, its now a franchise on the decline i’m afraid.

  2. I think you were very, very lucky that you landed with the Giants as DC. You had success and was paid as a Head Coach (3 mil/year). Always pulling for you, but I’d say your luck ran out when you left that team.

  3. Sounds like this guy is ready to rock. Another great move by the Ravens!!!

  4. Eventually John Harbaugh will be the one telling Spags ‘Don’t let the door hit you on the way out’…

  5. The Ravens can use all the help they can get but moves like this won’t help them much. They have always been and always will be the second team in Maryland. They can’t compete with the Redskins on the field or off.

  6. Not going to say the guy is terrible, but let’s not make excuses for him about being “dealt a bad hand”. Sure, the situations weren’t ideal to walk into, but guys who get hired in the NFL rarely walk into a great situation. Payton was hired by the Saints after Katrina, with no assurance that he could get FAs to come to Nola. But you know what Payton didn’t do? Try to fit a square peg into a round hole. That’s why the Saints had the worst defense. The bounty scandal didn’t really factor into it. The suspensions were vacated and the players played.

    Payton being gone was the only real bad hand that was dealt to Spags. But the offense held up their end of the bargain without him.

  7. Why hire a talented, motivated, successful coach when you kind find someone who’s struggled and not sure if they even want to coach.

    This will work out well.

  8. What is a ” senior defensive consultant?” Does this person coach the players on the field, offer advice to coaches inside the training facility, sit in the stands and scout? I am not familiar with this title. Does anyone know?

  9. “Why hire a talented, motivated, successful coach when you kind find someone who’s struggled and not sure if they even want to coach.”

    Puzzling, isn’t it? These questions can only be answered by the people who make Superbowl Champions, not those who let their teams sink to a dismal, 8-8 season.

  10. This guy should of taken the Skins HC job when it was offered to him instead of taking the Rams job. Things might of turned out differently for him, and would of sparred us the joke that was 2 years of Jim Zorn.

    Actually, I take that back. No Jim Zorn joke and no Shanahan/Allen to perform the much needed organizational rebuild the Skins desperately needed.

    So sorry, Spags. This Skins fan is glad you chose the Rams. Enjoy your job with the Crows that has no clear role.

  11. Does everyone forget how the last 4 years after Spagnoulo left NY that there defense has steadily gone downhill? That was their last Superbowl and their defense since then hasn’t sniffed at its status when he was DC. Give the guy a break. He obviously knows how to coach Defense. Also don’t forget that no one has been able to correct the horrible defense in New Orleans.

  12. huskerkme,

    You do realize that the Spagnolo was only the Giants DC for 2 seasons, the first one that they won the Super Bowl their fans were ready to run him out of town for 3/4 of it? Also, you do realize that they won the Super Bowl in 2012 with Perry Fewel as DC in a very similar fashion of getting hot at the right time going into the playoffs, not 2007 being their last Super Bowl as you put it?

  13. he lead the rams to the worst record in football then backed it up as a defensive coordinator of the mostporous defense in nfl history to all the skeptics who say why did the rams hire jeff fisher a .500 coach he answer is easy spags went 9-23 if he stayed and we went 10-6 every year it would have taken 5 years til he was a .500 coach good luck in Baltimore steve ive seen enough

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