Trestman tries to speed up Cutler’s release


Sure, plenty of Jay Cutler’s 148 sacks during his time in Chicago have arisen from less-than-stellar blocking.  But Cutler could have helped himself by getting rid of the ball more quickly.

New coach Marc Trestman hopes to make that happen.

As explained by Jeff Dickerson of, Trestman has been using a “verbal running clock” (which may or may not have included “Mississippis”) whenever Cutler and the team’s other quarterbacks take reps in 11-on-11 or seven-on-seven drills.

“I just want them to have a sense of urgency up there making the calls, assessing the defense, those types of things,” Trestman said, via Dickerson.  “We’ll have a clock in training camp so it will be easier on the voice.  But I want them to get to the line of scrimmage.  It’s like any other quarterback in the league, time is of the essence.  We’ve got a lot of work to do before the snap.  It’s the same everywhere.  We just want to make sure we have that sense of urgency with every single play.”

Quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh was more candid.  Which could get him bumped by Cutler, if Cavanaugh isn’t careful.

“One of the things we emphasized when we got here was that we wanted to protect the quarterback,” Cavanaugh said.  “Protecting the quarterback isn’t just the line’s responsibility, or the protectors, it’s the quarterback’s responsibility too.  He can’t hold onto the ball forever.”

While Cutler has said it takes three years to install a new offense, this seems to be the one aspect that he needs to figure out quickly, in more ways than one.

40 responses to “Trestman tries to speed up Cutler’s release

  1. I mean, I guess you have to try to improve, but with a team with Tillman and then a bunch of scrubs, you basically have to accept 2nd in the division as “winning.”

  2. If gimping out in the NFC title game didn’t speed up his release I think they’ll hang onto him for a while.

  3. I agree that at times Cutler has held the ball too long, and I like Trestman’s up-tempo focus…But this article singles Jay out unfairly while Florio takes his customary cheap shots at Jay…All the quotes, both by Trestman and Cavanaugh, were about emphasizing a quick release for all the QBs, not just Cutler.

  4. Bears coaches make general statements on new offensive system (“We want our QBs to get rid of the ball quickly.”), and right away Florio salivates over a chance to bash Jay Cutler.

    That said, here’s hoping Trestman and Kromer are better than Lovie and Tice at getting the plays called on time.

  5. @tokyo:

    Only a Cheesehead would call players like Cutler, Marshall, Forte, Jennings, Melton, Peppers, and M. Bennett scrubs, and still expect knowledgeable fans to his comment seriously.

  6. Cutler’s has a pretty fast release already… the Bears couldn’t block for more than 2 seconds it seem… maybe 3… What is Trestman trying to do? He release any sooner and he will be passing to the future.
    Bears O-line has been crappy the entire time Cutler has been there.. complete and utter crap. Well, it was a little better his first year…

  7. There’s hope for the bears now, a coach that’s smart enough to speed up his release.
    Question- is that his release of the football or from the roster?
    Nevermind, both would improve their chance of winning!

  8. Cutler will be right here in Chicago.
    the media in Wisconsin DONT run the Bears and the cheesebay fans dont either. Be afraid packers fans..
    Be afraid of Cutler and his CFL coach.

  9. Cutler will be right here in Chicago.
    the Wisconsin media Dont run the Bears and the cheesebay fans dont either. Be afraid packers fans.. Be afraid of Cutler and his CFL coach.

  10. just give him a few more chances to quit – I’m sure cutler will secure his own release…

  11. Trestman tries to speed up Cutler’s release

    Let the JaMarcus Russell era in Chicago begin?

  12. If I were the Bears, I’d want to get rid of Cutler as fast as I could as well.

  13. Did someone really say the Bears were looking to get rid of Cutler? Lmfao. I guess people post on here without watching football.

  14. thegreatgabbert says:
    Jun 14, 2013 11:12 PM
    Just when his girlfriend was trying to slow it down.

  15. Cutler will be right here in Chicago.
    the Wisconsin media dont control
    the Bears and the cheesebay fans dont either. Be afraid packers fans..
    be afraid of Cutler and his CFL coach.

  16. Easy to tell that there are only a couple of true BEARS fans above my post. I am not a Cutler fanatic but I am a BEARS fan. If any of you were, and watched all of the games you would agree that most of the problem with the offense was a terrible line and mediocre WRs at best. If Rogers hurt his knee and opted not to continue to play no one would be questioning him or his coaches decision to sit him out. How many times does a QB have to be sacked, injured and concussed before you say he is tough? You are all just a bunch of biased d@ckheads.

  17. Has Tressman ever heard of a air horn to use instead of his voice. Or maybe that’s just part of Da cubs I mean Da Bears incompetence. The NFC North belongs to the Packers. In the last 2 yrs we are 11-1 in our div. Cutler for his career sake better learn to get rid of the ball quicker. Cutler will never lead the Bears to a SB. The main reason is Da Bears still suck

  18. Lets see here — Cutler being critiqued to change his ways — yeah that oughta work just swell.

  19. sbdt says: Jun 14, 2013 11:09 PM

    “If gimping out in the NFC title game didn’t speed up his release I think they’ll hang onto him for a while.”

    Anyone who still believes that crap about Cutler ‘quitting’ in the NFCC game is either an idiot or a Cheesehead…or both.

  20. here is how you know if someone is about to get cut in Chicago… does Jeff Dickerson personally like the guy…. he’s going to get cut then… He HATES Cutler and it seems personal… like Cutler slept with his wife or kicked his dog… the massive hate makes me think the later

  21. Jay doesn’t have a poor release…middle of the road really. The problem is that he refuses to throw the ball away because he always believes he can zip the ball in any space. Which, to be fair, he does make throws that are pretty amazing sometimrs. But that’s the first prroblem. The second is that, due to his arm strength, he’ll make throws off his back foot or without setting his feet in general which leads to some lofted throws and timing issues with his recievers. If Trestman can get Jay to accept throwing the ball away occasionally and his line gives him time to set his feet then we’ll see the Cutler that everyone knows he’s capable of being.

    And with regards to the comment about his performance in clutch time…his 4th quarter stats were among the best in the league last season. If Trestman can formulate an offense around his players strengths then Jay won’t start forcing throws and losing his patience. He’s a competitor. He’s been trying to fightt through this teams flaws in coaching and personnel when the game plan falls apart. A lot of that is on him but how much can you fault a guy for tryying to fight for the win? He’s not perfect but the front office has left him on an island for most of his time here and the media has shredded him for every little thing for too long. I’m the same kind of jerk Cutler is. Players are getting arrested for murder, assault, rape, drugs and you people hate him cuz he yells at coaches and always has a sour look? You’re all idiots. I love the guy and for a team that has never had a qb with his level of talent I truly appreciate him. I just hope he relaxes more and stops making mistakes by trying to do too much.

  22. And one more thing…I hated Lovie Smith’s “coaching” from the beginning. Its entirely possible that we’ll see a more relaxed and consistent Jay simply by having a HC that knows what an offense looks like and gives his qb the opportunity to succeed instead of throwing players, systems, and ideas into a hat and randomly expecting Jay to make up for our weaknesses thru talent alone. Lovie was a buddy to his players and nothing more. Poor decisionmaker, poor leader, poor evaluator, poor game planner, really just a bad coach. We had too much talent to disappoint the way we did. I wouldn’t even want him as a coordinator. He’s a position coach aand nothing more.

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