Broncos could have two new starting safeties in 2013


Yes, it was Rahim Moore and not Mike Adams who bungled the play that forced overtime in the playoffs.  But both of the Broncos’ starting safeties could be losing their starting jobs.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Quentin Jammer and David Bruton are posing “legitimate threats” to the top of the safety depth chart.

Jammer, a converted cornerback who spent his entire career in San Diego, arrived recently and apparently has done well.  Bruton, a career special-teamer, has found a new level of performance during the offseason program.

“Football is a game of angles and I worked on that this year,” Bruton said.  “It’s not just breaking to the ball, it’s taking a peek at the receiver so you take the proper angle and play the ball after that.  I still have work to do and I’ll continue to do that these next five weeks and when we get back.”

Per Klis, defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is intrigued by Bruton’s size and athleticism.  With more development, it could be Bruton and Jammer providing the last line of defense in Denver this year.

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  1. Rahim Moore won’t lose his spot because of one play. In fact, he was ranked in the top 10 among all safety’s according to PFF ratings. People shouldnt get to hyped up about this….

    I do feel as if Bruton is starting to catch on tho, and I hope he does because I’m not that big of a fan of Mike Adams.

  2. Quentin Jammer is a solid DB. He got the nickname Q-Jam because he was real good playing press coverage and utilizing his size. I have no doubt he will make this transition easily.

  3. No worries for Rahim… matter what happens, he knows he’ll get some nice gifts every Christmas from Joe Flacco and John Harbaugh…..

  4. This is the beginning of the end for the Broncos DBs. No one seems to listen to all the all Pros that tell you that it is extremely hard to switch positions in the NFL That goes for CB to S as well.
    Jammer was only descent as a cover CB but the Chargers saw he would be a liability at Safety and cut him. Jammer is extremely selfish and the few skills he had have eroded.
    Bruton is a back-up for a reason. The light switch does not suddenly turn on after four years.
    With an aging and slowing Bailey at CB, D R-C, a CB now dumped by two teams that need CBs in the last two years at CB, plus Jammer and Bruton never playing a game at Safety but now expected to coordinate the Defense –> It is going to be a track meet at Broncos games. Bet the OVERs.

  5. If you think Moore is going to lose his job because he made the biggest blunder in the playoffs last year your wrong. He will lose is because the Broncos have better options now. Jammer will not make that kind of mistake, plus he will have many more impact plays.

  6. Pats fan here. Always had respect for Jammer’s ability. Have no doubt he can make the transition and be effective.

  7. “He got the nickname Q-Jam because he was real good playing press coverage and utilizing his size.”

    OR because his name is….Quentin Jammer………………..:

  8. Jammer, who can no longer run had problems just being asked to cover one side of the field. So suddenly asking him to cover the entire field is going to make him better? Good luck Donkeys.

  9. cmoney20 says:
    Jun 15, 2013 10:50 PM
    Quentin Jammer is a solid DB. He got the nickname Q-Jam because he was real good playing press coverage and utilizing his size. I have no doubt he will make this transition easily.

    Except “Q-jam” will be at safety and thats not a press position, its a “don’t get beat deep” position. So Denver will have a special teamer at strong safety and a press corner at free safety.

  10. Quentin Jammer is the DeAngelo Hall of the AFC West. If he makes a play it is because he is out of position and is lucky that the QB made a mistake.

    Now that he will be facing Peyton Manning everyday in practice, I doubt that Quentin will even make the final 53 man squad.

    It’s kind of sad that there is a comparison here between a career DB and a career special team player looking at the starting safety spot. I am willing to bet the coaching staff is combing the wire looking for a player to get released.

  11. @ cmoney20

    Umm I gotta call you out on this one bud. Im a Die hard crazy Charger fan.. Born and raised in San Diego. Win, Lose or Tie, Charger fan till I die. Never ONCE have I ever heard the nickname Q-Jam.

    Maybe amongst you and your friends in your garage. But that has NEVER been a nickname for him.

    That said, The Broncos are making a good move putting him at Safety. He even admitted losing a step, as a corner no… but putting him at safety is a good move. He’s solid, wish him the best.

  12. Every DB gets beat at sometime or another, no matter how good they are. Remember Champ Bailey getting beat by Greg Jennings for a TD on the first play of OT?
    Perfect pass/perfect route cannot be stopped in today’s NFL without a flag.
    Too bad for Rahim.

  13. Why are there people blaming the same Defense that Tebow had? When that team Won a game?

  14. Last year Denver was 2nd in overall defense-including second in pass defense (with 52 sacks) and fourth in scoring defense. In the playoff game against the Ravens, they had 8 men ( I repeat 8) in coverage on that fateful play. Let’s not forget Flacco threw 2 other bombs to Torrey Smith. There was little pressure on Joe all afternoon. You give any quarterback time to spot his receivers and he has a big arm-anything can happen. Blaming the loss on Moore only is deceptive. Denver had better put pressure on the opposing qb this year or the same results will continue.

  15. I could see Adams losing his spot but I doubt that Moore will lose his. Despite that one play that everyone remembers, Moore had a solid season. I think Carter will have a good chance to compete for a starting role once he is cleared to practice.

  16. I guess not being a fan of the Bronco’s you see things differently.

    Moore made a mistake and allowed a guy to get past him and tie the game.

    Paymeaton Manning LOST that game with a late pass back across the middle in overtime. A cardinal sin for a QB, one that most of them would get chastised for. But I guess not in Denver, lets blame the loss on a safety.

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