Eagles quarterback controversy controversy continues


The Eagles continue to have a controversy regarding their quarterback controversy.

And yet somehow the Cowboys and the Jets are viewed as the NFL’s most dysfunctional teams.

Receiver DeSean Jackson, who previously has declared that the entire team wants coach Chip Kelly to choose between Mike Vick and Nick Foles before the start of training camp, now says that the lingering uncertainty is affecting the team.

I definitely think it is,” Jackson said, via CSNPhilly.com.  “Just to have the sense of knowing so we can kind of prepare and go out there and do the things we need to do with who’s going to be the starter.  Once again, it’s uncertain, so we don’t know.”

Guard Evan Mathis disputed Jackon’s claim that the whole team wants Kelly to make his choice, creating a locker-room rift over a decision that eventually could create an even bigger locker-room rift.

“We have to go in there and do our jobs,” Jackson added. “That’s what we get paid to do is to go in there and do our job.  Chip Kelly gets paid to be the head coach and make those decisions.  I’m sure him and Pat Shurmur are going to make a good job of putting the best guy out there to give us the best chance to win.”

Maybe they will.  But they’re not doing it quickly enough for the liking of Jackson and Vick, and presumably for other players on the team.

76 responses to “Eagles quarterback controversy controversy continues

  1. Desean or D-man as his friends call him always says what he thinks. He’s a leader of the team so what he says can’t be taken lightly. I expect a decision soon now.

  2. Jackson just wants to know so he can determine how much effort to put out. He seemed to step up when his bff Vick played, but half assed it when Foles played.

  3. “The Eagles continue to have a controversy regarding their quarterback controversy.”

    Controversial first paragraph, no?

  4. The Eagles definitely have some serious dysfunction going on the last few years and even today, but I would rank Jason Peters being an idiot as a bigger sign of it than the QB situation.

    They have a new coach and new offensive and defensive systems so they are more in a state of flux than organizations like the Jets or Cowboys which have established dysfunction coming out for another shot.

    I think Kelly wants a real competition for the QB spot and he thinks it will be undercut a bit if he just names the established vet before camp. Vick hasn’t really earned taking it for granted, nearly everyone in town thought he was going to be off the team after last year.

  5. Surely you don’t type these sort of articles with a straight face, Mike? I keep trying to tell myself that you’re smarter than actually believing what you say, but it’s becoming harder the more you publish this trash.

  6. It’s the middle of June. The players don’t practice again until late July. Even if Kelly names a starting quarterback now it won’t matter till late July. Everybody relax.

  7. I have a hard time understanding how there is a “controversy” in the middle of June. Now if the season starts and Kelly starts “platooning” Vick and Foles, then there will be some controversy. Right now this is all media driven. Oh, and Jackson needs to shut up!

  8. Amazing how a bunch of guys that have not done anything of significance as a team are always making headlines by shooting off their mouth about things that really they have no control over. Shut up and play hard ALL OF THE TIME Desean, and don’t worry about who the hell the QB is !

  9. Garbage. Controversy? Really? Everyone knew it would be a COMPETITION from day one. Its unreal how you guys get to post this garbage and not have to answer to lawyers about the so called “facts and statements” that you completely misrepresented and hacked at.

  10. Off topic comment, but
    “And yet somehow the Cowboys and the Jets are viewed as the NFL’s most dysfunctional teams.”
    And whats the common thread of this dysfunction?
    The OWNERS.
    Case in point, the Colts Irsay ownership since the 70’s.
    Totally chaotic & dysfunctional under Robert and now one of the more stable and organized teams in the league under Jim.
    Sometimes the apple falls VERY far away from the tree.

  11. DeSean Jackson should be more concerned about his ability to stay healthy and catch a pass from a quarterback regardless who it is. Since 2009 his stats have been rather pedestrian or ordinary.

  12. “And yet somehow the Jets and Cowboys…..”

    Really, Florio? “Somehow?” Like its just crazy that, based on one QB controversy in PHI that anyone would dare think of the Jets or Cowboys (two absolute CIRCUSES of franchises) could possibly be more dysfunctional.

    It’s not even close. Bad choice of words.

    “Somehow.” LOL

  13. I feel

    49er fan and I feel bad for Eagle fans that have to put up with the crap this punk says and does. Cut his woefull ass, addition by subtraction, and you will be better off.

  14. Controversy/no controversy really is not the issue. The real issue is that this team talks TOO much. You do not hear these kind of “look at me” blow-hard comments coming from the teams that know what matters and what doesn’t, and are thus the ones that are playing year after year in January.

  15. Another made by media faux controversy. I’m sure Chip Kelley couldn’t give a rip what Jackson thinks about who should start at QB, Linebacker or anywhere else.

  16. Theres a few years before this teams gonna see the playoffs. Give Vick a chance to get the season rolling. Its do or die at this point in his career.

  17. Most of the people trying to cut down Jackson and Vick for speaking their minds are either whipping-boys or yes-men at their own jobs and are jealous Vick and Jackson’s confidence and ability to earn a paycheck, regardless.

  18. “Eagles quarterback controversy controversy continues.”

    I’m confused…WTH is a controversy controversy?

  19. The only controversy is what you are making it out to be Mr. Jackson. Let the coach do what a coach does……..coach I set the depth chart.

    It’s obvious that you want Vick. But it’s the coaches decision….& he’ll make it when he figures that out on his watch not yours.

  20. This whole thing is totally media driven. I just laugh at this crap that their could be a rift on the team. Somebody just needed something to write about. And DeSean gets a bad rap but he is actually a really good person. Does a lot of charity work. I’ll never forget when he appeared on the view to surprise someone who was being bullied on a daily basis. It wasn’t a one time thing. He keeps in touch with the kid and has brought him places and to events. People need to do a little research before bad mouthing certain players.

  21. Can’t see Desean and Chip Kelly coexisting the entire season. The last thing a rookie coach with a gigantic ego wants is being questioned by a diva WR with an equally gigantic ego.

  22. Kelly is going to do things his way and these two under achievers are prime examples of guys who won’t last with Chip. Especially now that they’re both the first public whiners. Vick is no longer the idol of his teammates, even they’re tired of his turnover/sack machine act and Kelly hates QB’s who can’t make quick decisions, take sacks and commit turnovers. Jackson stats, especially TD’s have declined a lot and he is a non factor in the Red Zone. The Eagles can easily get rid of him with the deal they signed so don’t be surprised if both of these guys are somewhere else next year.

  23. This should be clear if both agree to play a game, winner takes the job. It could be interesting, as both have the pressure of losing their jobs, and compete agains each other may light their cons. They could either play with the first team against the first team defense, or select a team between the first and the second, so they both have a mixed offense and defense (So the defense first team dont get so tired).
    I think this could make clear how things are going between those two, how can they perform under pressure and how much do they fumble the ball. (Could set bountys to the defense to hit them hard)
    But since they wear their nice red jersey, they cant hit them.
    Unrealistic? Yes. But a thing like this could settle it for the coach and the media so they can stop harassing them.

  24. Perhaps the coach would actually like to see the players in action before he makes a decision. Jackson should keep his mouth shut and let everyone do their job. If Pete Carroll had adopted Jackson’s attitude the Seahawks would have Matt Flynn at quarterback instead of a rookie pro bowler. (That is not meant as a slam against Flynn but the timing of the decision did not seem to hurt the Seahawks last year.)

    I just don’t understand why Jackson has to talk about this non-issue.

  25. I don’t give a rip about the Eagles one way or another. But I do know some facts: 4 and 12. New coach who ain’t being paid to listen to players who were on a team that was FOUR AND TWELVE and got the last coach fired. Whether Kelly’s successful or not long term, it’s his butt on the line, so he’s doing it his way. I say good for him.

  26. if Djax keeps running his mouth, he will be traded. Year 1 of Chip is going to be getting guys that will believe what he is sellin, Trade Djax, sign Maclin long term. Maclin better all around player, not a home run receiver.

    So Woodside, don’t feel too bad. If he is traded, don’t be surprised if its to your Niners

  27. Mike, you are fishing..
    How is this news? are you summarizing the last 2 weeks for us, in an All new article, for those of us who didn’t see this? Or you just needed to get your HIT counter going?
    this is SO NOT news..

  28. Sounds like the new coach needs to take control of crying-to-the-media players like Jackson.

  29. Fish aren’t biting, huh?

    Look, I could sit here and point out the obvious mistakes Jackson is making. I could make jokes about Vick and Foles. Most of you have already done that.

    What I will say is this. If I HAD TO bet, I’d say Foles is the new starter. Between how quiet Coach Kelly has been AND how loud Jackson is being, I’d say they both know and Jackson is trying to make Kelly admit it.

  30. ausernamethatisavailable says:
    Jun 15, 2013 7:36 PM
    “I thought you were fishing mike?”

    More like fishing in his toilet looking for turds to slap up on his website.

  31. Jackson is a leader on this team??? That explains why they have been so misguided for the past few years. I thought leaders were individuals who made a positive contribution to the team. I don’t remember Jackson making a positive contribution since the year he threw down the football before he crossed the goal line.

  32. Some teams like controversy because it keeps them in the news and keeps their brand noticed and honestly I think the eagles are doing this to still be recognized. Let’s be honest does any one think they will even generate money by wins? Not me and thus seems like a way for them to still be relevant with the big boys of the NFL. I think they suck either way you go who cares, besides eagles fans, about them having to choose between two horrible qbs? In their favor I’ll say I care more about their team and qb controversery then the jets. I hope what’s his name Geno something, the qb they drafted this year, fails miserably. I am pretty sure he will considering he came out of w Virginia. Not knocking w. Virginia but they aren’t known for having a lot of good players come out of their program and they latest one is not a great person I mean judging from articles and not personally knowing that guy I’ll say that I hope he sticks with jay z so they can both be happy media Savoy contract makers because I don’t see him making that much from his football skills.

  33. The ‘leader’ of the Eagles has spoken. The management, ownership, and coaches all had better get in line to appease the “leader” of the Eagles. The sooner, the better.

    I also expect another losing season for the Eagles, with something along the line of at least 10 losses with a ‘leader’ such as this clown.

  34. Shouldn’t Jackson prepare himself regardless of who the starter is, weather it be Vick, Foles or even Florio himself. Chip Kelly wants to know if Jackson will play hard all season or take a couple games off like he’s done before. And he wants to know before camp begins.

  35. chip kelly is a very smart guy. i think part of this uncertainty is to see who can deal with it. which veterans adapt and become his guys. guys like mathis, herremans, kelce and maclin. other guys like vick and jackson will be gone. vick won’t be around when the regular season starts. jackson may be because he has potential, but it will be a cost/benefit decision. i think if jackson gets traded, kelly will physically punish him first. make him return punts, run routes across the middle, run end arounds. and then scream at him when he avoids contact. there was a rumor at the draft that indy was about to trade for a WR (irsay was on twitter), and i bet it was jackson.

  36. desean jackson will always be a punk. first he was a talented punk. now he is a rich punk. he is not a gamer. you can’t depend on him to deliver in a big game. he becomes invisible and/or gets injured in big games. signing him to a big deal was probably a bad move, one of many reid/roseman made late in reid’s tenure. sometimes you need to have balls to not sign a guy. like the phillies with howard. everyone knew he struck out too much and basically can’t hit left handed pitching. but the no howard-scenario was too scary so amaro blinked.

  37. Chip Kelly will let the competition for QB play out until he is satisfied he has the one who’s best for his offense and best for his team.

    This process will also be an opportunity for Kelly to determine where the players’ loyalties lie–with the team or with a particular QB.

    Jackson is tipping his hand early and probably speaks for a small clique of players who make up the Vick posse.

  38. It’s really only a controversy in the minds of the media. The Eagles have 3 average QBs, a veteran and 2 young guys. One of the young guys played poorly last year. The veteran played poorly last year.Therefore, Chip is going to give a chance to one of the QBs to distinguish himself from the others. If they don’t, they’ll simply have 3 bad QBs. Not all that controversial.

  39. Why can’t these players just keep their mouths shut and just do what they are paid so much money to do? If they would all focus on just their position and their responsibilities, there wouldn’t be friction in the lockerroom. Controversy seems to followVick. I kinda see the diva we saw pre-dogfighting convicition/prison. Maybe he feels it unecessary to prove himself to the league and the fans any longer and it was mainly just a PR stunt. I hope not, but I don’t see the humble guy we saw when Andy Reid gave him a 2nd chance. Chip Kelly needs to nip this in the bud, before we see another collapse of a team that has enough individual talent to compete for the division title, but an overall lack of leadership and team cohesiveness.

  40. After week 2 of the preseason when Nick Foles is named started Vick and Djax will say:

    “Well chip said he was gonna wait now he names a started after week 2 that’s not fair we still have two more games”

  41. Cut him now !!! He has a big mouth alligator arms and is stirring the pot. Chip will not tolerate this. He is mad because chip put him on the second team. Close your pie hole and do your job.

  42. Raiders and Browns called, they said dont you be talking disfunctional without us in the conversation…we clear?

  43. I don’t know anything about Chip Kelly, but this team is going to suck this year. The discipline is no better than the Reid era.

  44. I think this is a DeSean Jackson problem. Both he and Vick are spoiled and used to not competing for their spots. Chip is making them earn it, and they don’t like it. I really don’t think most of the team is distracted at this point by not naming a starting QB.

  45. Too many receivers believe they are the most important person in an organization. It is impossible for them to think outside of their own need for attention. They lack the ability to actually understand how someone else truly feels.

  46. Jackson doesn’t care if Kelly doesn’t name a QB until February. He just wants to show Kelly who’s boss. He thinks he is.
    I can’t for the life of me understand how guys like Jackson and Vick could be around Kelly every day and not have a clue. My dog can sense that he won’t take their stuff.
    Oh, oh. I said stuff. This one is getting deleted.

  47. Chip Kelly is taking his time. The Eagles are not a Super Bowl team this year or next. His decision not only affects this year but the future direction of the team. And it is that future direction which is of more concern.

  48. Winning teams are happy teams. Happy teams are confident teams. Confident teams are winning teams. Obviously, the Eagles don’t fit into that cycle. You’ve had Vick, and what has he given you? Be realistic, look at the real numbers, and forget personal prejudices. I’d bet that this is what is driving Chip’s motives. What have all concerned done in the past? What are they likely to do in the future?

    Chip wants to win? Do the fans? Are they willing for him to do what he believes will produce those wins? Are they?

  49. Why do they always write about the QB controversy….isn’t every position up for grabs in OTA’s and preseason? Over training camp and preseason no one is safe… Vick and Jackson just need to focus on going out and performing and everything else will fall into place. My feeling…Vick doesn’t have it anymore and he knows it and is scared to lose the millions he is making.

  50. How does one pick the winner of a competition before the competition begins? OTA’a are to learn the playbook so that everyone is on the same page going into training camp.
    Training camp is where the competition takes place.
    The preseason games are where jobs are won and lost. Nobody on the Eagles roster has done anything in their career to have a job just handed to them before training camp starts with a new coach and new system.

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