EJ Manuel: I got better every day of OTAs


With his new contract in hand, Bills rookie quarterback EJ Manuel is ready to show the team made a wise move by taking him in the first round of the NFL draft. That’s something Manuel thinks he’s been steadily showing with each passing day of Organized Team Activities.

Manuel said at the end of the Bills’ offseason work that he believes he has improved consistently throughout the offseason.

“I thought I got better every day. That’s the biggest thing for me just continue to develop and get better each day and continue to work hard,” Manuel told the team’s website. “I feel very comfortable around the coaches, my teammates and the guys on offense as well as defense. I love the competitive nature about the team. It’s a great blueprint that I’m happy to be a part of.”

The Bills’ decision to release quarterback Tarvaris Jackson suggests that they feel good about going into training camp with a two-man battle between Manuel and Kevin Kolb for the starting job. And if Manuel keeps getting better every day, he’ll likely be better than Kolb by the first day of the season.

24 responses to “EJ Manuel: I got better every day of OTAs

  1. Could be worse, at least he’s doing better than Jamarcus “I got fatter every day of ota’s” Russel

    Good luck fighting it out with the Jets for the AFCE cellar!

  2. borisbulldog says: Jun 15, 2013 11:40 AM

    Rookie QB + Bills = BUST

    The last time the Buffalo Bills drafted a Quarterback this high, they ended up with a HOF QB that took them to 4 Super Bowls. No more playing it safe, they knew who they liked and they took him. Predict all you want, but if you don’t want to look like a shmuck, I’d at least save your prediction until after you see him play.

  3. Kolb will begin the year as a starter and lose the job when he gets injured

  4. As a ‘Noles fan I’m hoping he does well, but he showed some pretty poor decision making at times on the field. Has all the physical tools to succeed, maybe a new place with a new staff will help him.

  5. Typical Boston snobbery from typical obnoxious Patriots fans. It is really comical how all of a sudden these New Englanders come out of the wood work after a few SB wins- pounding their chests and being oh-so-superior…all the while forgetting how BAD the Patsies were for decades before. It WILL all end some day folks and when the Bills or Jets or Dolphins end up ahead of your beloved team…you’ll be the ones getting no love anymore. Makes me realize that these posts are being submitted by kids who never knew how the Pats sucked for years before. What goes up- must come down.

  6. I love all these pessimistic negative comments about anything the Bills do. I get it. Most of the people that post on this site were not even born yet when the Bills were smoking the Patriots, Jets, and Dolphins every year and going to four straight Super Bowls.

    Sure, the Bills have not been relevant since 1999 which is a very long period.

    However, the NFL is cyclical and even teams like the Bengals, Cardinals, and Lions who had serious droughts even found success.

    I guess it’s cool to bang on the Bills as they are easy targets, but the time is coming when they will be winning again and also a time is coming when Brady and Belichick will no longer be around just like Levy and Kelly.

    Laugh now everybody while you still can.

  7. To foranyoneover30:

    Ease up, buddy. One doesn’t need to be from the east coast or be a Patriot fan or a snob to recognize that the Bills have struggled mightily since the Levy/Kelly glory days, largely due to the most lackadaisical ownership/management/coaching combo in the NFL outside of our own Detroit Lions. While your new QB may find true success, there are many reasons, based on more recent Bill history, to be skeptical of personnel and coaching decisions and until the team starts winning consistently, the doubters will be justified. Like them or not, the Patriots have been one of the most successful organizations in all of pro sports and their chest thumping is neither sudden nor undeserved. Let’s hope that better days are ahead for Detroit and the Bills and that the trail of gaffes has reached an end.

  8. Good post vekster1820 but come on man, the Lions? When did they ever find success in the SB era? They have almost 50 years of no success.

  9. I’d at least save your prediction until after you see him play.


    I’ll stand by my prediction and you as Bills fan can pay to see a bust!

  10. Boston fan here. Yes I was aware how bad we were before Brady and others. But pretty sure we went to the Superbowl in 96 last time i checked. And you talk about smoking the division in the 90’s?? And you have what to show for it?? 0 rings and what 3 straight superbowl losses? Who cares about beating the division if you come in 2nd every time at the end. Love the comment above about having a few superbowl wins LMFAO. Yea ill take 3 rings in 4 years with 12 consecutive winning seasons over 0 rings in the 90’s accompanied with zero playoff appearances since 2000. You can step back now.

  11. If a team is from Boston, it’s probably worth your energy to hate that team. PS, Frankenzdeno, the tallest goon to ever lace up a pair of skates, and his merry band of slugs are going down. Enjoy second place.

  12. Hey Pats*(must never forget the asterisk)-fan Mike, you forgot that the Bills went to 4 straight SB’s (and lost all 4, but that feat will probably never happen again in the Cap era) and that the ’85 and ’96 Pats* got beat in both of their SB’s. Funny, too, isn’t it, how you guys haven’t won one since your cheating got exposed? Enjoy the next couple of years with Brady, since based on your recent drafts and the state of your D, you may have some long seasons ahead of you post-Brady….

  13. They reached for him, can’t blame them. Nothing better next year with bridge water or Manuel. Johnny football has bust written all over him

  14. Does anybody actually think Manuel will be good?

    I saw this guy play in college and his physical talents don’t translate. He’s robotic. Reminds me of Jason Campbell. That’s about how good he’ll be.

  15. Patriots fans can’t talk!! You can claim to have won superbowl rings, but that’s obviously false. Your team CHEATED to get them. I would rather lose honestly than win cheating.

    You’ve won nothing and are -pathetic.


  16. EJ’s acomplishments-4 star recruit,25-6 record with 4 bowl victories in college,Senior Bowl MVP and Bruce Smith is his Godfather.I would say he’s having a pretty good life so far.
    Anybody that thinks he was a reach must have race issues.Go Bills!

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