Five days later, Chad Johnson is still in jail

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A miscarriage of justice occurred five days ago, and there are only 25 days left to fix it.

Judge Katherine McHugh, reacting angrily and unreasonably to former NFL receiver Chad Johnson patting his lawyer quickly on the back side after McHugh went out of her way to compliment the lawyer for his efforts, scrapped a plea deal that would have kept Johnson out of jail and threw him in the slammer for 30 days.

We initially assumed that she would leave him behind bars for a day or two, making sure he got the message before letting him go.  Five days later, Johnson is still behind bars.

Plenty of you believe Johnson deserves to be behind bars because he assaulted his wife last year (he pleaded no contest to the charges) and/or because he failed to comply with the terms of his probation.  Ultimately, Johnson went to jail because of McHugh’s reaction to Johnson’s ill-advised but ultimately harmless gesture.

He shouldn’t have done it, but the punishment grossly outweighs the crime.  And we hope that Johnson gets out sooner rather than later — and that the lawyer who received the slap on his butt finds a way to merit another one by getting an appeals court to release Johnson as soon as possible.

32 responses to “Five days later, Chad Johnson is still in jail

  1. While it’s easy to say it’s an undeserving punishment for something insignificant, judges have full and complete discretion as to what is acceptable in their courtroom, and what breaks their idea of decorum. Clearly the judge felt as if propriety was breached, and while the punishment might be a tad extreme, it’s the judge and the judge alone who gets to make the call.

  2. Ocho is still in County? I ain’t never made a million a year but I know I could get out of County jail in under 2 hours.

  3. Miscarriage of justice? Child, please….

    Chad deserves to rot in jail for the full 30 days

  4. 85 (ocho-cinco if you don’t get my joke) should be in jail for being a jackass. Just because you’re an ex-nfl star doesn’t mean you’re out of reach from getting F@€K£D by the long dick of the law like the rest of us. Grow up and have some respect in the court of law like the rest of us do/should when we’re in that type of situation.

  5. “A miscarriage of justice occurred five days again, and there are only 25 days left to fix it.”

    Hey Mike,
    Were you in the court room through the entire proceedings? How was his demeanor through out?
    After all he is there for a probation violation, hence he had already shown a lack of respect for the court system. It might be it would be more helpful for guys like this if the so called press would stop enabling them and supplying them with excuses.

    As Tony Beretta once said, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”

  6. cracks me up how he spends more time in jail for a slap than actual criminals do (i.e. celebrity drunk drivers, Lohan, etc.) B/C the jails are “too crowded”. despicable.

  7. Keep pretending Johnson is a victim. It’s all the enablers out there that have told him he can treat life like a big joke.

    A few more days in jail might drive home the point that it’s time to grow up.

  8. I do not think Florio is disputing the notion that judge Mc Hugh has complete courtroom discretion regarding acceptability, decorum and / or propriety. The question here is clearly, the justice/fairness of the sentence. While I find Johnson insufferable and odious in every category under the sun, he simply does NOT belong incarcerated for his behavior in this incident. Her decision is going to turn into a referendum on her competency as a jurist rather than a statement about or a discourse on domestic violence. Good god, she might even end up making Ocho a sympathetic figure!!

  9. I thought it was crazy enough when Martha Stewart served time. Now this? It’s never to early for a presidential pardon in my book.

  10. Johnson never would have been in that courtroom had he not 1) assaulted his wife and 2) violated his probation. The judge was showing undeserved leniency by approving the plea deal, leniency that she has every right to withhold. So no, he is not in jail because he slapped his lawyer on the butt. He’s in jail because of he’s a criminal and the judge ultimately decided to treat him like one.

  11. He doesn’t deserve jail for 30 days for patting someone’s behind people get away with murder with no sentence and he gets 30 days for that shows how good the system is

  12. Meanwhile the bankers in NY who sunk the US economy still have their jobs, still get their multi-million dollar bonuses, and not one of them has severed a minute in jail.

    Justice isn’t blind…it’s dumb.

  13. Who knows – maybe his lawyer isn’t trying all that hard.

    I’ve noticed that when I’ve slapped women attorney’s asses in the past, they don’t exactly look like they appreciate it.

    Now might look like a great time for her to drop him as a client.

  14. You are right Florio, it is a ridiculous punishment for a simply inappropriate gesture in the courtroom. No matter how idiotic and ill advised the butt slap was, it should’ve have received a verbal admonishment and nothing more.

  15. Power trip I’m gonna make an example of you. I believe in no special treatment for players but really this is just silly.

  16. You don’t get it. He is in jail bc after the assault on his wife and violating probation he still isn’t taking this seriously and was not respectful in her court. It was kind of like a third strike.

  17. She was the biggest jerk in a courtroom that included Chad Johnson. That should tell her something.

  18. So he plays one Preseason scrimmage day with the dolphins and everytime hes in trouble the dolphin nation has to hear about it??? Please spare us.

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