It’s time to craft a Baltimore/Indianapolis Mt. Rushmore

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Blame it on the Irsays.

We realize that folks in Baltimore don’t want to share a Colts Mt. Rushmore with folks in Indy, and vice-versa.  But when (like Art Modell) then Irsays moved the franchise and (unlike Modell) didn’t leave the nickname behind, the issue was resolved.

There’s one Colts franchise, and there’s one Colts Mt. Rushmore.

We’ll unveil it Monday on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.  Before we can, you need to vote on up to four of the 12 finalists below.

61 responses to “It’s time to craft a Baltimore/Indianapolis Mt. Rushmore

  1. Stinks to see Unitas not on a Baltimore Mt Rushmore (if there was one simply for Baltimore Sports, he’d be on it), but if you’re going to have a Colts Mt Rushmore, it damn better have Unitas on it just as much as Manning.

  2. Berry

    Johnny U and Peyton are of course stone cold locks. I was kind of surprised that Edgerin James didn’t make the final 12, he was a very underrated player in my opinion.

  3. Just like Cleveland Browns players aren’t invited to be on a Baltimore Mt Rushmore, Baltimore Colts players shouldn’t be on an Indy Mt Rushmore.

    Simple as that.

  4. @charlutes – Really!!!!! This is what makes PFT great.
    @michaeljacksonisback – It’s a PFT conspiracy, they’re out to get you and ONLY YOU!!!!!


  5. “We realize that folks in Baltimore don’t want to share a Colts Mt. Rushmore with folks in Indy, and vice-versa.”

    Uh what? I know there are plenty of bitter old people in Baltimore that are still pissed they lost the team, but I don’t think anyone in Indy has the same view of the Baltimore Colts as they do of the Indianapolis Colts.

    Did anyone want you to have separate lists for the Raiders (Oakland and LA) or the Rams (St. Louis and LA).

  6. Jim Irsay, Jim Irsay, Jim Irsay and Jim Irsay.

    The franchise was a joke when they arrived in Indianapolis and it was Jim Irsay who formed this franchise into a well-respected member of the NFL.

    Jim Irsay

  7. touchdowndances says:

    Just like Cleveland Browns players aren’t invited to be on a Baltimore Mt Rushmore, Baltimore Colts players shouldn’t be on an Indy Mt Rushmore.

    Simple as that.

    It’s not that simple. When the Colts left Baltimore, they took the entire franchise, brand, and history with them, including their one Super Bowl win. However, when the Browns left Cleveland, they left the name, colors, and history there. They basically just took the staff and players, other than that it’s a completely different brand.

    So even though the Ravens have won 2 Super Bowls, we can’t add those to the Baltimore Colts’ Super Bowl win to make it 3, however if/when the Browns win a Super Bowl, it will be added to the zero Super Bowls they had won from the previous era in Cleveland. There’s a big difference.

  8. If people are being really fair, there isn’t an Indianapolis Colt that makes this list.


    Manning would be #5. Lenny Moore #6.

    And Jeff Saturday before Bubba Smith, Tom Matte, Mike Curtis? Seriously?

  9. touchdowndances says: Jun 15, 2013 10:47 AM

    Just like Cleveland Browns players aren’t invited to be on a Baltimore Mt Rushmore, Baltimore Colts players shouldn’t be on an Indy Mt Rushmore.

    Simple as that.
    Allow me to explain where your logic is all messed up, grasshopper.

    When the Browns went to Baltimore, they became the Ravens. That is the true “descendant” of the Browns lineage. The current Browns are an expansion team, have zero to do with their namesake team.

    Here comes the tricky part:

    When the Colts moved to Indy, THEY STAYED THE COLTS.

    Same team, same lineage.

    Baltimore Colts players absolutely have every right to be on this Mt. Rushmore, alongside any Indianapolis Colts players. It’s the SAME TEAM!!!

    Was that hard to follow?

  10. When Jim Irsay took over after the death of his father the franchise was in debt, it had become accustomed to losing, and was a national joke.

    Jim Irsay turned the franchise around. Jim Irsay hired Bill Polian, Jim Irsay (not Polian) hired Tony Dungy, Jim Irsay made the final decision on Peyton Manning. Jim Irsay made the decision to let Manning go and start fresh with a new coaching staff, Jim Irsay hired Ryan Grigson and Jim Irsay made the decision to draft Andrew Luck.

    The franchise went 11-5 last year. Had 8 consecutive 10 win seasons and a Super Bowl. None of this would have happened without Jim Irsay at the helm.

    Baltimore fans can argue (rightly so) about Mike Curtis and Bubba Smith but the biggest tragedy in this list is leaving off Jim Irsay because you like to make fun of his tweets.

  11. One of the harder polls to vote on:

    2 old
    Donovan and Unitas

    2 newer
    Manning and Harrison

  12. Colts all time leading rusher Edgerrin James can’t make this list? Played from 99-05. Rushed for almost 10k yds…selected or not he needs to be on the list.

  13. This is the one and only aspect of sports that the euro soccer has over football . The should have been Baltimore FC. If they ever moved then they are no longer that team /history.

  14. sorry peyton. i know it’s not your doing, but:


    Theft of the Dodgers was to Brooklyn as theft of the Colts was to Baltimore; forever ripped part of the fabric of the city.

  15. Unitas would not want to be I’m an Indianapolis Colts. And don’t forget the Baltimore Colts hall if famers are in the ravens ring of honor

  16. If you ever read Art Donovan’s book, you would vote for him.

    It is called “Fatso: Football When Men Were Really Men” and it is one of the funniest autobiographies you will ever read.

  17. Berry

    Peyton is the only one I would make an “Indy exception” for.

    As for Mr. “Punk,” Jim Irsay and Indianapolis still are a national joke. Anyone who does not like it is free to call their local Mayflower office.

  18. Jeff Saturday being nominated over Edggerin James and Robert Mathis is a complete joke.

  19. Good thing Manning has a giant forehead, he is the only Indy player that would make the Baltimore Rushmore. Ameche, Mackey, Unitas and begrugingly Manning.

  20. How could anyone leave manning off the list? Going into superbowl 44, everyone was saying if he got that win (raising his SB wins to 2), it wouldnt even really be an argument that he was the best QB of all time.

    He’s still a top 5 QB of all time, which is good enough for top 4 of the Colts franchise, baltimore or indy style.

  21. Jim Irsay is the Billy Madison of the NFL.

    If someone suggests Peyton Manning shouldn’t be in the list then they just need to stop the lists.
    Leaving Favre off the Packers and Riggins off the Redskins was beyond ignorant, but leaving Manning off of the Colts list, would make those moves look halfway intelligent.

  22. Baltimore now has 3 super bowl trophies.
    2 @ at the Ravens HQ and the BALTIMORE Colts Super Bowl V trophy proudly on display at the Camden Yards Sports Legends museum at the inner harbor.

  23. LOL at the ever bitter Baltimorians who won’t put Manning on that list! Disgraceful!!!

  24. As a native Baltimorean I know that the Colts have now played more games in Indy than they did in Baltimore plus the Ravens have more championships than the Indianapolis Colts so it’s time to let go. However, while they may not make the Mt. Rushmore it’s a shame not to include Lenny Moore, Art Donovan, and Jim Parker on your list.

  25. No sympathy for the Baltimore fans. They knew how lousy it is to lose your team, and they did it to another city.

    So when Johnny U sits on the Indianapolis Rushmore, remember you gave thirty pieces of silver to Art Modell. You have your two Super Bowls. But you don’t have the Colts.

  26. I usually view the comments & chuckle, but this topic forced me to join…Jim Parker…how could he be not even be a candidate? What a joke…this wouldn’t be a joint operation if Jimmy Irsay had taken Art Modell s offer for the name.

  27. If Paul Tagliabue had actually done his job correctly, then Baltimore and Carolina would have received the expansion teams. Not Jacksonville. Baltimore had offered the best package to get the team but good ole Paul thought there were too many teams nearby. Ravens have sold out every game for 17 years. Hated getting the team in 96 the way it happened. Thankfully for Cleveland, they had a short wait until the expansion. Baltimore wasn’t so lucky. If not for Art Modell, the city would still be without football.

  28. The Colts belong to Indy. I get it. I wouldn’t put any Baltimore Colts on this Mt. Rushmore. Let the players from Indy be on it. Unitas and others didn’t want to be included in the move. Let them out of it.

  29. What a joke this one is. Unitas, Berry, Moore, etc, never wanted to be part of an Indianapolis Colt poll. Should be 2 separate histories.

  30. #32’s Colts franchise records:
    Most career rushing yards (9,226)
    Most career rushing touchdowns (64)
    Best career rushing yards per game average: 96.1[10]
    Most rushing yards in a single season: 1,709 (2000)[11]
    Most seasons with 1,000 rushing yards (5)

    And Edgerrin James isn’t on this list because…….?

  31. Johnny Unitas was adamant that he wanted nothing to do with Indianapolis and till the day he died despised the Irsays. It would be a total lack of respect to Johnny Uinclude him on any list associated with Indy.

  32. Unitas, Manning, Mackey, and Wayne.

    Yes, Wayne. Productive with 2 different Colts QBs, and unless he gets injured, by the time his contract is up in 2 years, he’ll have passed Harrison for 3rd all-time in receptions.

    Nobody ever thinks about Wayne in the context of history, but he needs fewer than 70 receptions per season over the next 2 seasons to pass Harrison, and be behind only Jerry Rice and Tony Gonzalez in NFL history. And 70 receptions would be a step back for him, so even if he starts to decline with age you have to assume that, barring injury, he’ll do it.

    And if those 2 seasons are as good as his 2012 was, he’ll also be 3rd all-time in receiving yards, after Rice and Terrell Owens.

  33. Look at all the Balitmorons spouting off on this. You losers lost your team because you didn’t support them.
    No Baltimoron player should be on this list. Embrace your Ratbirds and move on.

  34. Crush, You’re right about us losing The Colts. They were named in Baltimore and we had them for 30 years. About as long as you have. There were a lot of reasons why they left. It wasn’t about support from the fans. You got them. You deserve them. We like our Ravens.

  35. lezmaka says: . . .Did anyone want you to have separate lists for the Raiders (Oakland and LA) or the Rams (St. Louis and LA).

    Well, yeah, actually. Just the Rams, though. Not so much the Raiders.

  36. poesports says: If Paul Tagliabue had actually done his job correctly, then Baltimore and Carolina St. Louis would have received the expansion teams. Not Jacksonville.


  37. No thanks, let Indy have their Rushmore. Baltimore will stay with the Ravens. Johnny Unitas and several other Baltimore Colts never accepted an invitation to Indy so why mix it up.

  38. PFT not smart. Mixing Baltimore fans and Indy fans in same poll.

    First, Indy fans don’t have a clue about the importance of the legend Baltimore players outside of Unitas. How could any list not have John Mackey? Lenny Moore, even? He was a Reggie Bush with actual talent. My opinion is Moore was superior to a modern day Marshall Faulk. Then mix in Raymond Berry, Jim Parker, Gino the Giant. I would put them against anything that ever played in Indy.

    And to their due, no Baltimore fans just don’t respect the players that played in Indianapolis, save for Manning.

    PFT, bad idea combining these two.

    By the way, can I start trouble by saying I’d take Bert Jones over Manning? Better arm. Very accurate. Ran too much and got injured.

  39. Basically a battle for one spot, Manning and Unitas are locks.

    Gino Marchetti is going to get screwed, but he’s one of the top d lineman ever.

  40. Nice point bunkmcnulty. Indy can have their Mt. Rushmore. NO Baltimore Colts should be on their Mt. Rushmore. Baltimore has a place for our old Colts. We have The Ravens. Let’s just move on.

  41. I don’t think ANYONE from the BALTIMORE COLTS should be included with anyone from the Indianapolis Colts. While most BALTIMORE fans are over the move and are quite happy with the team we have, what the BALTIMORE COLTS accomplished is separate from Indy. With no animosity intended, JOHNNY UNITAS, GINO MARCHETTI, etc. were always a BALTIMORE COLTS and NEVER an Indianapolis Colts. That’s just the way it is.

  42. Sorry Indy. You have zero love from Baltimore:

    After Robert Irsay moved the Colts franchise to Indianapolis in 1984, a move reviled to this day in Baltimore as “Bob Irsay’s Midnight Ride,” Unitas was so outraged that he cut all ties to the relocated team. Other prominent old-time Colts followed his lead. He asked the Pro Football Hall of Fame on numerous occasions (including on Roy Firestone’s Up Close) to remove his display unless it was listed as belonging to the Baltimore Colts.

    Unitas actively lobbied for another NFL team to come to Baltimore. After the NFL returned to Baltimore in 1996 as the Ravens Unitas and most of the other old-time Colts regarded the Ravens as the true successors to the Baltimore Colts. Unitas was frequently seen on the Ravens’ sidelines at home games (most prominently in 1998 when the now-Indianapolis Colts played the Ravens) and received a thunderous ovation every time he was pictured on each of the huge widescreens at M&T Bank Stadium. He was often seen on the 30-yard line on the Ravens side.

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