Mike Tomlin wants Steelers ‘prepared’ for camp

Getty Images

As the Steelers went through their final day of organized workouts on Thursday, head coach Mike Tomlin was asked what he told his players about being “prepared” for training camp.

“It’s funny you said that because the word that I used was ‘prepared,’ ” Tomlin said, according to remarks released by the club.

“Oftentimes we talk about being ready for camp. I think ready is an emotional thing. I’m ready for camp as I sit here today because I love camp. I love the process of team-building.

“Prepared is another thing. Daily actions between now and then are to ensure that we’re ready to take the actions that we desire to take. I’m more concerned about our guys being prepared than ready. We talk openly about the differences between the two.”

Tomlin’s remarks sent me to the dictionary. Was there a huge difference being ready or prepared?

“Ready,” as defined by my trusty Merriam-Webster dictionary, means to be “prepared for use or action.” It also means “likely to do something indicated.”

“Prepare,” per Merriam-Webster, means “to make or get ready.” Secondarily, it means “to get ready beforehand.”

To me, the terms are interchangeable, but I see Tomlin’s logic. The Steelers are on vacation, but there is work to be done. Making a clear distinction between these terms is one way to underscore the importance of staying fit.