More proof that it’s over for T.O.


He thinks we’re Satan.  But that won’t keep us from trying to help Terrell Owens get on with his life.

On Wednesday, Owens explained to NFL Network that he currently doesn’t have an NFL job (despite nearly 2,900 available roster spots in the offseason) in part because teams currently are signing young players, and that they’ll focus on veterans as training camp approaches and opens.

On Thursday, three veteran receivers not named Terrell Owens got jobs:  Derek Hagan, Devery Henderson, and Donte’ Stallworth.

Regardless of whether Owens currently is more talented than any, some, or all of them (and he very well may be), Hagan, Henderson, and Stallworth have jobs.  Owens doesn’t.

Perhaps not coincidentally, none of those three had been publicly whining about “politics” keeping them from getting jobs.

And that’s the irony.  Owens’ effort to publicly blame his past transgressions on his present unemployment could be the one thing that is keeping teams from concluding that he truly has changed.

Indeed, if Owens no longer were the chronic complainer that he’d been throughout his career, he wouldn’t be complaining about the fact that he doesn’t have a job with an NFL team because people are holding his past complaining against him.

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  1. How many physically talented NFL players do we have now as well as in the past whose entitlement gene stops them in their tracks from ever becoming the elite winners and leaders they could have been?

    To list three that come quickly to mind…

    Brian Bosworth
    Cam Newton

    And on the non physically talented but entitlement impaired list…

    Jerry Jones
    Stephen Ross
    Jerry Richardson

  2. Like someones gonna say let me give this foo a job so he stop complaining if it works Im going to start complaining and whining at popular job sites in my area…LOL

  3. I’m sick of hearing about how much of a virus Terrell Owens is. Time has passed and he has proven to have grown out of the BS he used to pull. Fact: T.O. was a model player while playing for the Buffalo Bills. He did everything that he was asked without issue. Was dedicated to the community doing charity work, extended his hand to the young receivers on the team and did his part as a great teammate should. He was also the same player while playing for the Cincinnati Bengals.
    So why don’t you guys tell the real reason why he is unemployed? His game has faded and is not what it used to be. He is not as good as these younger and promising players, his career is over. Not because he is a disease in the locker room, but because his skills have diminished. That’s the truth.

  4. You villify an ex player to get Trolls to give u clicks and you have the stones to say you’re trying to help him? He’s right, you are evil. Please, either get some perspective or get a real job.

  5. considering how long its been since he last worked in the nfl, I don’t think we need more proof. its obvious he’s done at this point.

  6. love your site and the app, but I’m getting tired of hearing about T.O. He is completely irrelevant and your arbitrary attacks are starting to make you look petty. please try to stick to (mostly) objective reporting and stop with your personal attacks. this is your site and you have the right to post whatever you like, but we also have the choice to stop reading

  7. he wasn’t productive the last few season he played. even if he has changed and is a good leader for the young kids now there’s other choices for a veteran leader that you don’t have to have these discussions over. if he wants to play then play in a lower league and prove your worth. if you wanna be a leader then run some camps and services. it takes a bucket full of attaboys to make up for one oops.

  8. Sad thing is that he was “arguably” one of the greatest receivers ever to play the game. I loved watching him play. He was a powerful, talented player that often times left me in awe, and left his defenders flat on the ground.

    Bottom line is that I admired his playing and loved watching him perform, because it really was a performance.

    Fast forward and inject a little “reality” into the situation, and sadly, he doomed himself. His attitude was toxic, and his pride got in the way of keeping a job. Bottom line is that no one will take a chance on an older player with that kind of history. Could he keep up today? Heck yes he could, he’s incredible and with the way he keeps himself fit, he could probably have 3-5 more years in him.

    But… let’s get back to the bottom line. T.O., you blew it. You had EVERYTHING, and you blew it. Part of me wishes someone would give the guy a chance, but the “realistic” side of me understands that it’s not going to happen. If I owned a team, and I had the chance, even with all the talent and ability the man has, I would NOT hire him.

    Move on T.O., thanks for the fun you did provide, but you will never put on another NFL jersey.

  9. Love the picture…lol..

    This narcissistic ex player, is getting his due.

    Now, if the print media (including you) will simply let him sail off into his deluded kingdom of self…… maybe we then all move on.

  10. You know your career is finished when even the Minnesota Vikings, the last outpost of the NFL, doesn’t want you.

    This is the same Vikings team that needs WR’s, has a rich history in overpaying unproductive vets, and currently employs various criminals and malcontents so its not like character has ever made a difference to them.

  11. T.O’s most recent two years which some may call bad years, he also lead his team in most WR category’s and was among the league leaders for yardage before he got hurt in Cincy, to say he was unproductive seems a bit off to me.. I don’t know him personally nor have I been with him in a locker room so I don’t know how he use to act or how he acts now. But many former team mates have nice things to say about him. If there have been problems with him in the past its hard to say if he changed, considering we don’t know him personally. The WR’s listed are around the age of 32 or so while T.O. is 39 turning 40 in December, so its a bit tough to compare the two. Also much like Tebow there is an added media attention brought on your team when you bring a guy in like Terrell, not every team may want that around for a try out player.

  12. OH.MY.GOD!!! Who gives a crap about Terrell Ownes?!? You can tell that this site is desperate for a headline to fill the blog now that most minicamps are over for the summer.

    T.O.’s 15 minutes of fame are over. Why do you keep trying to give him more? He’s done. Enough already!!

    Jesus Christ!!

  13. He’s probably so far in the hole that even if a team were willing to take him, it wouldn’t help him much.

    I never would have thought it would be easy for one person to burn through 80 million dollars in the course of a few years and have nothing to show for it but a trail of misery and destruction. So, obviously, I’m not as smart as I once thought I was.

  14. You know it’s over when another wide receiver who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and really doesn’t produce when he’s on the field gets signed before you do.

  15. TO has a future in making “how not to play winning football” instructional videos:

    Pass comes to wide open TO in the flat in stride with 10 yards of clear sailing in front of him, what does he do? (fails to look the ball in before turning upfield & drops the easy big chunk yardage catch)

    Pass targets Godzilla-sized TO & defender jumps the route & what does TO do ? (stand there & look stupid at the QB instead of knocking the ball away or down to play defense & prevent the interception or at least ATTEMPT a tackle)

    TO makes spectacular sideline grab for critical first down yardage but where are his feet? (at least one will be on the sideline or out of bounds like it does not even matter)

  16. Everyone is supposed to feel sorry for you TO when youre late in your puttering career and have zero to show for the tens of millions of dollars you made because you blew it all like the turd you are? Sorry but I for one dont, and anyone that says they do is a fool. Time to get to the back of the line like everyone else TO. You made your bed now sleep in it

  17. Stallworth shouldn’t ever be whining about anything…He killed another human being and got a slap on the wrist, and quickly got back to making a handsome salary.

  18. TO bugs me but you are really piling it on. We get it. We don’t have to be GMs to know he’s probably done. But like you always say, it only takes one guy to “whisper yes”. Can’t blame the guy for trying to get a job.

    Seriously though, just leave him alone. We get it. He doesn’t like you. You don’t like him. Stop it.

  19. I’m actually surprised that Devery Henderson was unsigned until this week. I’d argue that Owens has more to offer than Stallworth at this point, but I don’t seen Owens taking a roster spot from a younger, hungrier receiver.

  20. Even though he was calm, cool, and collected in his interview on NFL Network, he whined.

    Bottom line is that his past is hurting him and that it’s not always about talent.

    Look at

    John Abraham
    Israel Idonije
    Kerry Rhodes
    Brandon Lloyd (Although I’d take T.O. over Lloyd because Lloyd’s work ethic history has been questioned and the fact that he only does well when Josh McDaniels coaches)
    Quintin Mikell
    Sherrod Martin
    Sheldon Brown (at safety)
    Eric Winston
    Brandon Moore
    Dan Koppen

    Not everyone thinks the same and it’s not always about talent.

    Plus, it helps more to pay 6 figures than the $1 million veterans minimum.

  21. He may be more talented than some receivers in the NFL but he is a number 3 or 4 receiver gwho would have to play special teams which he can’t.

  22. What is even more funny for those of you that pick on Florio for writing this is you keep coming back to read more. If you don’t like what he writes, I have a simple solution. Don’t read!

  23. The reason stallworth keeps getting signed is because he conducts himself very well and is a professional. Not to many receivers are welcomed back to the patriots after leaving. He doesn’t run his mouth and can still make plays although nowhere near how he used to. As far as the manslaughter charge, yes it’s the most awful thing you can do to take another mans life. He could have ran that night but he stayed at the scene knowing he was going to jail he took immediate and full responsibility to the point where the victims family stood up for him and asked for leniency. He was never in trouble prior to the incident and has stayed out of trouble since. He paid his debt to society and society welcomed him back to continue to be a productive member. Unlike that douche in Dallas who had the same situation and then fails a drug test. Stallworth handled that horrible incident as well as anyone could. I have no problem with him getting signed every year. He had to live with what he’s done to a decent human being (which he seems to be) that is the worst punishment possible, living with the knowledge you killed someone.

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