Nat Moore believes Ryan Tannehill ready to be ‘the guy’ in Year Two

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Former Dolphins wide receiver Nat Moore’s career encompassed parts of Bob Griese’s and Dan Marino’s careers in Miami, and Moore believes Ryan Tannehill is ready to assert himself like those former Dolphins passers, he told the Miami Herald‘s Adam Beasley in a story published Saturday.

“With Tannehill going into the second year, being the guy who controls the offense, knowing what he wants to do with the football, he will be the guy similar to Bob and Dan,” Moore said, according to the Herald. “They told us where they wanted us to be and they got us the ball, and gave us a chance to catch the ball and do something with it.”

Griese, for his part, sees Tannehill ready to become more demanding in the huddle when needed.

“There’s just something about going from the first year to the second year,” Griese said, according to the Herald.

Only 24, and entering his third consecutive full season at quarterback after a stint at receiver for Texas A&M, it will be interesting to see how Tannehill develops on a Dolphins club that made a series of bold season moves. Of particular note: the Dolphins have improved the pass-catching talent around their young quarterback. However, dependable left tackle Jake Long and versatile running back Reggie Bush are gone, and defenses will have an offseason to study Tannehill all the more.

On the other hand, Tannehill now has a season of NFL experience to his credit, and he was not overwhelmed in Year One.