Only 45 unsigned rookies left

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Less than two months after the draft, 209 of 254 draft picks are now under contract.

That leaves (. . . removes one from the five . . .) 45 unsigned draft picks.

Most of the unsigned rookies were taken in the first round, where 24 players have yet to ink contracts.  Fights are looming between the Dolphins and defensive end Dion Jordan at No. 3, the Eagles and tackle Lane Johnson at No. 4, and possibly the Browns and linebacker Barkevious Mingo at No. 6 over the issue of offsets for guaranteed money.

There also will be an effort to extend the four-year guarantees beyond pick No. 20.  Last year, Titans receiver Kendall Wright (the 20th pick) was the last player to get all four years fully guaranteed.  This year, Bears guard Kyle Long (the 20th pick) already has signed a contract including fully guaranteed pay for all four years.

In rounds two through seven combined, only 21 players are unsigned.  No fights or squabbles are anticipated.

The process has become much easier under the 2011 CBA, which instituted a much tighter rookie wage scale — and which reduced the number of issues on which teams and agents can haggle.

6 responses to “Only 45 unsigned rookies left

  1. I’m not thrilled about the Eagles doing this.

    While I agree that players shouldn’t be paid twice, you took a potential left tackle 4th. If you don’t have enough faith that he can stick around for 4 years, you shouldn’t have taken him.

  2. The quicker they sign, the quicker they start working with their respective teams, the better off both the player and team will be in the end. These NFL front office’s should be working extreme overtime to get these players signed. Anyone still not signed by training camp will be majorly behind every other player on the team. That is why I thought the NFL and NFLPA decided on a set pay scale, no more no less? Player 3 from round 4 gets a 2-3 year contract worth x-amount of dollars. Player 5 from round 1 gets a 4 year contract with a player optional 5th year worth x-amount of dollars, right? So what is the big hold up with these 45 Rookies? Is it that hard to look at a chart, write up the contract and sign it, or is the whole pay scale just a guide to push the player into signing for less? I hate to say it, but the “pay scale” is completely worthless. Fix the issue Goodell.

  3. EJ… Mingo was working at Browns minicamp. so what’s your point? your thinking is old school…doesn’t apply anymore. no contract only keeps players away from training camp or season

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