Pacman and his accuser ordered to stay away from each other


While confusion lingers regarding the recent interaction between Bengals cornerback Adam Jones and the woman who has accused him of assault, there should be no ambiguity going forward.  Jones and the woman have been ordered to stay away from each other.

According to, a judge implemented a no-contact provision despite a potential awkward dynamic:  Both Jones and his accuser work at Paul Brown Stadium.  He plays football (duh); she serves food in the suites.

“So they just have to avoid each other and be adults about this, and if they’re passing in the hallway there better not be any words on either side,” Judge Megan Shanahan.  “But both of them are ordered to stay away from each other it goes both ways equally.”

The judge’s decision makes sense, given that the accuser clearly instigated the incident.  While instigation may not justify Jones’ claim that he struck the woman in self-defense, there’s good reason to keep these two apart.

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  1. She may have been drunk and obnoxious, but all she wanted was a picture. Could it have been that difficult to just let someone snap a picture? Turns out now that declining the picture was more trouble than it would have been taking it.

  2. Both work at the same place? Oh man, this can potentially get interesting..though could also just be a coincidence.

  3. Why do you continue to say that she instigated the incident? Jones loiitered on the sidewalk for a long time and was most likely saying rude and offensive thing to the women at the tables. Anyway you slice it he is getting suspended for at least one year. His career will probably never recover.

  4. No surprises about Pacman using poor judgement. But now even the Bengal’s game day staff can’t stay out of trouble?

  5. The reason why he did not take the picture is because per the NFLPA players are not allowed to take pictures in public after dark. Plus to be honest they where both wrong. She should of not hit him with the bottle and he should of not hit him.

    Also per the last time I heard. The Cincinnati Police has only talked to her and her friend and Pacman. Not the 30 plus people that seen it happen. Sounds odd to me.

  6. I understand how the surveillance video can be interpreted differently, by different folks.

    But seriously, I’d have thought that–since at least 2005–Pacman should’ve had a warning label on him, advising ALL humans to steer clear of him!

  7. The video shows clearly that she isn’t holding a bottle(unless it’s a very tiny bottle). And, that she didn’t hit him with whatever was in her hands. Whatever is in her hands is small and she just holds it up to his head. I’d bet it was a camera.

  8. Hi uh yea… Bengals fan here. The video clearly shows her with a bottle in her hand and it looks like she poured her beer on him and he slapped her. Don’t like what I saw but she definitely instigated the situation but Adam over reacted. Hopefully it doesn’t get him suspended. Only time will tell

  9. @ raiderbryan: Surely you must be joking. NFL players can’ take pictures in public after dark? I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. If that is true then how do you explain the pictures of Gronkowski partying and dancing? Were those pictures all taken in the daytime? That is not a very fan friendly policy if it’s true. So after a night game someone couldn’t hang out by the players exit and grab some shots after the game?
    I would like someone else to verify that before I believe it.

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