Putin said “I can kill someone with this,” took Kraft’s Super Bowl ring


In 2005, Patriots owner Robert Kraft joined several other American business leaders at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Putin left with Kraft’s Super Bowl ring. After questions arose about what happened, Kraft released a statement saying he had given Putin the ring as a present to show his respect for the people of Russia.

Now Kraft says that’s not exactly how it happened.

Kraft now says Putin took the ring without his permission, and that the George W. Bush White House urged him not to make an issue of the theft because of concerns about the incident damaging U.S.-Russian relations.

“I took out the ring and showed it to [Putin], and he put it on and he goes, ‘I can kill someone with this ring,’” Kraft said at a speech this week, according to the New York Post. “I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket, and three KGB guys got around him and walked out.”

Kraft said he intended to do whatever he could to get the ring back from Putin, until the White House urged him to let it go.

“I really didn’t [want to]. I had an emotional tie to the ring, it has my name on it,” Kraft said. “I don’t want to see it on eBay. There was a pause on the other end of the line, and the voice repeated, ‘It would really be in the best interest if you meant to give the ring as a present.’”

And so Kraft gave up his Super Bowl ring. We hope Putin didn’t actually kill someone with it.

182 responses to “Putin said “I can kill someone with this,” took Kraft’s Super Bowl ring

  1. Incase you have never been around Russians just remember these famed words from a ex-Russian in my platoon about Russians coming on to our camp and loading up on cases of soda…” No no they do not steal…they take.”

  2. Ronald Reagan would have kicked him in the macadamias and gotten the ring back. Yee Haa!

  3. Why did he bring an expensive Super Bowl ring on a visit with Putin in the first place,Putin probably thought it was American arrogance and relieved him of the object of his desire thinking Kraft can afford to lose it,after all he is just a rich American and not a politician.

  4. The funny part was that when Putin said that he could kill someone with the ring, he really really wasn’t joking.

  5. Is David Caruso investigating this case?

    “Well Bob… it looks like he was ‘Putin’ on the ritz…”


  6. One thing not everyone knows about Vladimir Putin (who is around 60 years old or so) is that he has extensive marshal arts training and experience. Putin was also in the KGB – so he knows a thing or two about such matters.

    I bet if he gave a sharp pop to someone’s temple, it could certainly be lethal. A jugular strike with something with the sharp edges, mass/weight and the hardness of a diamond could create real problems too. He might even know how to push the base of the nose bone back with some kind of quasi-brass knuckles move.

    In short, it’s likely Putin was being serious when he said that — as opposed to merely clowning for a laugh.

  7. Bobby K:”You know I wouldn’t trip Vlad, but Mr. Goddell wants me to ask for my ring back”
    Vlad: “WHAT ring!!!”
    Bobby K: “yeah what ring :(”
    Vlad:”THAT’S MY RING PUNK!!!”

  8. Yo man pops wants me to ask for my bike back. You know I wouldn’t trip….

  9. And if this had happened after 2009, we’d be hearing nonstop about how the White House backed down, apologized, and wussed out. That and a bunch of possibly funny Spygate puns that clearly indicate a Hannity-level ignorance of the patriotic fervor once the Patriot Act was enacted.

  10. Now that Putin split with his old lady, she has the ring as part of the settlement!

  11. the Cheatreoits shouldn’t have that ring anyway, Putin fixed the problem. KGB is going after Belichick …. then Brady ………..

  12. This is nuts. While I hate everything about NE bc I fully believe they cheated my Eagles out of a ring, I feel for Kraft. I’d be pissed.

  13. The worst part of the story is our government being p*ssies for letting it go. We should have kept Russia down when we had the chance.

  14. Red Sox had the Curse of the Bambino after the Yanks stole Babe in the 1919/1920 offseason. Patriots have had the Curse of the Putino since the commie stole the ring in 2005.

  15. I think Kraft should employ “Les Grossman” to get his ring back..

    “Hey Putin, take two steps back and PUNCH YOURSELF IN THE FACE”

  16. Cue official NFL statement denying Putin every used the word “kill”, and reiterating its mission of building playgrounds and teaching children to hold hands.

  17. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. We just let them take what they want. Kraft needs to change his tampon.

  18. herrcules13 says:
    Jun 15, 2013 8:49 AM
    So, was Kraft lying then? Or is he a senile old fart who’s lying now. He’s fulloshi.


    Lying. Cheating. All the same.

  19. That’s hilarious…. Kraft showing off and acting like a hot shot and no more Supwr Bowl ring…..good lesson for the kids….

  20. Putin also slapped him on his way out the door and said “Dasvidaniya you American Patriot you”……

  21. Consider that Putin is used to spying on his citizens to take anything we wants, it seems only fair that the ring was also directly attributable to spying, its a wash in my mind.

  22. gallaghedj311 says:Jun 15, 2013 8:28 AM

    This is nuts. While I hate everything about NE bc I fully believe they cheated my Eagles out of a ring, I feel for Kraft. I’d be pissed.

    Yes, the Patriots cheated your team out of a ring….Your coach being horrible at clock management and your QB puking when it was crunch time had nothing to do with the outcome

  23. I guess a Putin spokesman just came out and said Putin didn’t actually use the word “kill”…. But did admit to stealing the ring….

  24. why was he in russia with the gwbush white house ..showing off his ring?? he probably traded it for a Russian hooker and his wife is now starting to as where the ring is

  25. Maybe it’s not too late to broker a trade. We could send Belichick over to Russia in exchange for the ring back.

    Imagine Putin greeting Belichick upon his arrival in Moscow: “Greetings, Comrade. My men need you to teach them more about this .. how do you say … Spy-gate!”

  26. Putin is a world class criminal and belongs behind bars, not running a country like Russia. From seizing power through rigged elections, to killing his opposition, to cheating and stealing while lots of citizens in his country starve, he’s a complete toolbag. Good thing they are a “democracy” now I guess (sarcasm).

    I have no doubts he’s killed people before, either by his hand directly or ordering it to be done. As others said, he wasn’t joking when he talked about using the ring to kill someone. I’d be surprised if he didn’t have a blade or shiv with him when he took the ring from Kraft in the first place.

    Wish this joker would just keel over already.

  27. What the hell’s going on with Kraft? First, it’s multiple days of gushy comments about Tebow’s spirituality and how wonderful it is to have a kneeler on his team and now he’s dishing Vladimir Putin?

    Somebody in the organization needs to tell Bob that this is NOT the Patriot Way to Behave!

  28. Russians are like burglars-stated Senator Scoop Jackson of Washington once. They will look for the advantage and take it from you. I wouldn’t trust them any further than if I’d thrown a Toyota.

  29. Funny, I watched a couple of Super Bowls where one team constantly cheated to win. The leader of the NFL caught the cheaters, destroyed the evidence and told the teams who cheated not to worry it was a gift to the patriots.

    Karma or Coincidence, doesn’t matter. Putin did what the leader of the NFL should have done.

  30. how do you hand someone something like that? if it were mine they would get a look at it from my hand. for a rich guy he must be a dumb@ss

  31. What goes around…Comes around. How many rings did the “Patriots” (irony) steal?

  32. Russian negotiation style: What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable…

  33. Putin is sees himself as a direct descendant of Lenin and Stalin’s philosophies. The guy is an incredible psychopath and has kept his KGB mindset going to this very day. He hates the USA and dreams of Russia world domination and is continuing to scheme, plan, and implement his dream. If he could get away with nuclear, biological, chemical, economic, and cyber attacks on the USA and the rest of the world, he would in an instant. Make no mistake, this guy has slowly been fortifying the old Russian and KGB ways back into Russian society and jailing or murdering those who stand in his way by fighting for democracy and an open society. Too bad our news media so engrossed in faux news such as what new tattoo this celeb has or what new smart phone is coming or the latest new clothes designers have given Michelle Obama that there is no reporting of hard news any longer, much less the IRS scandal, the Begazi coverup and corruption, the freeing of illegals who have extensive criminal records that show they pose safety risks to everyone, the domestic spying on Americans, AND the latest where Obama is trying to avert attention from his problems by arming the Syrian rebels which includes giving weapons to known terrorist groups fighting there including Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Will Obama take responsibility when those weapons are used to kill US servicemen or our allies?

  34. Some where in a Russian landfill is a bunch of bodies embossed with New England Patriots. Look at that creepy dude in the middle of Kraft and Putin, not hard to imagine that guy in a KGB uniform. Keep your kids away from uncle Vlad.

  35. I’m surprised this doesn’t bother Americans more than it seems to. If its a big deal to win and have one, shouldn’t it be a big deal when its stolen? If any old American stole it he would be convicted. So can the Russian gov steal whatever they want from American citizens and the American gov will do nothing? Not to mention its a valuable ring.

  36. There’s your civil liberties at work. American gov passively threatens their own citizen, a contributor like Kraft no less, to avoid looking powerless, which they seemingly are, to stop Putin from stealing from Kraft.

  37. charlutes says: Jun 15, 2013 10:38 AM

    I’m surprised this doesn’t bother Americans more than it seems to. If its a big deal to win and have one, shouldn’t it be a big deal when its stolen? If any old American stole it he would be convicted. So can the Russian gov steal whatever they want from American citizens and the American gov will do nothing? Not to mention its a valuable ring.

    Oh it bothers me, and on several very ominous levels (considering when this allegedly took place, and where we are heading soon), but then again, had I posted my original thoughts, they would have been deleted.

  38. tkm678 says: Jun 15, 2013 9:29 AM

    gallaghedj311 says:Jun 15, 2013 8:28 AM

    This is nuts. While I hate everything about NE bc I fully believe they cheated my Eagles out of a ring, I feel for Kraft. I’d be pissed.

    Yes, the Patriots cheated your team out of a ring….Your coach being horrible at clock management and your QB puking when it was crunch time had nothing to do with the outcome

    Dave Tyree and Mario Manningham are sunk in the seat on the couch smirking at your commentary.

  39. @diehardpanther @filthymcnasty1 @jackbassett
    Putin is not a communist. Perhaps you could sneeringly call him a “cappie” or something like that.

  40. Little known fact, in an unauthorized biography I read that Putin actually rose to power by his mastery of selling everything from beanie babies to Today sponges on online auction sites. So Kraft actually isn’t an idiot when his biggest fear was his ring would end up on ebay!

  41. Definitely bothers me. So finally there is someone/something I despise more than the Patriots.

    Putin’s bullying is probably trying to make up for having a small package.

  42. We always knew that this Kraft guy was insane, but now we know for a fact. This is just a insane accusation ! What was Kraft doing in Russia in the first place? He certinally was not starting a new NFL franchise in Moscow. This is just a campaign by the bunch of whackos to discredit Putin and Russia. Russia drew a line in the sand over Syria and now will defend them with all they got!!!So now we are just flailing away.

  43. I’d expect nothing less from an administration that was soft on terror, soft on corporate entitlements, and only took things back from the middle class.

  44. Aloowing Putin keep the ring was the PC thing to do, according to the Bush White House?

    Now that is funny.

  45. Kraft is bitching here. He gave it to Putin but got scared of negative reaction from some Americans and created this drama. I am ashamed of him.

  46. You can take the man out of the KGB, but you can’t take the KGB out of the man.

  47. Now we know why they signed Tebow.

    Tim, you are the backup QB. The first thing we want you to do is get on an airplane to Russia.

  48. Lets set up a hockey game between USA and Russia with the best players from each. If the USA wins they get the ring back, if Russia wins they get the Patriots to play in Moscow for a year or 3!

  49. D bags all around. Kraft should have had his own security step in. He has access to all the d tackles he cut over the years as security guards. Punk out those KGB punks. This is America damn it!

  50. Respect for the Russian people?

    I know Kraft is losing his marbles (listen to his speech pattern), but does he have any clue that Putin is a dictator and he has no respect for his own people?

  51. So let me get this straight…A ring that was dishonestly won, was swiped by Putin (good for him), Ronald Reagan would have slapped him…,(ah revisionism, the fool would have been asleep), the Cowboys are America’s team (lol), Obama bad (true), being an ignorant redneck American good (dur ‘merica?!?!), ah I love PFT’s comments!

  52. LOL. Wow. Reading this article pretty much made my day. You can’t make this stuff up.

  53. It’s pretty much common sense that Putin stole it. When it happened that’s exactly what most of us Pats fans thought. Kraft’s trying to smooth things over then was just that.

  54. I like the part about how three KGB surrounded Putin (in the White House) after he put Kraft’s SB ring in his pocket. This story has everything.

  55. raiderlyfe510 says: Jun 15, 2013 8:52 AM

    If its the 2001 Superbowl ring then Kraft didnt deserve it anyway. They robbed the Raiders of it.
    I didn’t know they gave Super Bowl rings for winning an AFC Championship. The Raiduhs would have still had to beat the Rams to get that ring.

    You don’t honestly believe that your Raiduhs could have beaten the Rams, the way the Patriots did …. do you???

  56. I know our relationship with Russia has been a little shaky lately. But if Kraft asks the Commissioner to go to Moscow to get the ring thing sorted out, do you think Vlad would be willing to do us a solid and keep Goodell?

  57. Try to do something nice for the gop and bush administration and you get screwed over. Yeh, if this were 2009, you rubes would be all over Obama, claiming weakness and capitulation.

    Putin does not consider himself a “commie”, read a book morons.

    Someday you will get your ring back Mr. Kraft, someday…. And it will be that much sweeter.

  58. If the Soviets can start cheering for Rocky because Drago cheated then anything is possible!

    “If I can change, then you can change, everybody can change!” – Rocky Balboa Rocky IV

    (Yes, it is the best most ridiculous movie ever)

  59. It could have been a simple mistake. Putin may have thought Kraft was giving it to him to keep. Why the heck would Kraft make an issue now?…whatever generosity Putin had for Kraft over the gift is now gone – and Kraft still won’t get his ring.

    The tale was a better reality than Kraft saying this now. Dumb.

  60. So let me get this straight .he just plunked Kraft in front of his neocon friends in the white house at the hight of two wars (2005)wow !!! I bet he stole the necronomicon from Rupert merdock on his way out too.

  61. This is a seriously crazy story. And the George Dumbya White House didn’t want to jeopardize relations between Russia and the U.S.? Yet another example of George Dumbya not having the cajones to do the right thing for the U.S. citizens. Putin should have been told to f*** off and give Kraft his ring back or deal with the consequences of being a piece of $**t while visiting the U.S.

    Who the H E L L does Putin think he is pulling that kind of crap? “I can kill somebody with this ring”? What a sociopath.

  62. Everyone can calm down…Seal-team six is on the tarmac awaiting the green light to start “Operation Mac & Cheese” which will include a night op into Vlad’s compound to recover the ring.

  63. Yeah, i feel TERRIBLE for a guy who could buy heaven, purgatory and hell if he wanted and still be worth billion when all was said and done. WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Anyone with any brains knows Russians haven’t progressed much further from their barbarian tribe days

  64. I’m sure this will be the funniest thing i’ll hear all day. Instant classic!

    Also, Putin wasn’t exaggerating – i’ve heard he’s ex-spetznaz so he probly wouldn’t even need the ring to kill with his bare hands.

    Worth mentioning that from a russian point of view he didn’t steal it if Kraft didn’t ask for it back.

  65. MY owner would have readily fired the first shot of World War 3 before he let his championship ring leave without him.

    Just one more piece of evidence that the Colts are much better than the Pats in EVERY aspect.

    But maybe Kraft would have fought harder for it if it was something EARNED. ; )

    GO COLTS!!!

  66. roman abramovich, billionaire businessman and owner of chelsea football club, got his start hijacking freight shipments and reselling toys and other assorted goods from his apartment in moscow.

  67. I find this absolutely hilarious but unfortunately I don’t honestly believe it. “I can kill somebody with this”, are we seriously going to say that he said that?

    It sounds completely stereotypical and something you’d expect to hear from some propaganda during the Cold War.

  68. Im wondering how many people did Putin kill in his life. To climb the lather like this from KGB and in a violent and repressive country I think he has a lot of blood on his hands…

  69. Ring is currently up to 1,500 Rubles on Ebay Russia with 2 days and 11 hours left, along with Putins signed bar and sickle metallic man thong.

  70. If that’s me…I pay anyone a hundred mill to whoever delivers me putins balls on a platter. That’ll teach that dbag

  71. We have a winner:

    “So let me get this straight…A ring that was dishonestly won, was swiped by Putin (good for him), Ronald Reagan would have slapped him…,(ah revisionism, the fool would have been asleep), the Cowboys are America’s team (lol), Obama bad (true), being an ignorant redneck American good (dur ‘merica?!?!), ah I love PFT’s comments!”

  72. I understand Kraft being pissed off but probably Putin saw it as a gift. Oh and being afraid that he might watch it being sold on eBay? Really? That’s low.

  73. Putin went all Pedro Cerano on Kraft.
    “Hats for bats, keep bats warm”
    “Wow Amigo…you can’t just…you’re welcome.”

  74. you missed the rest of the story where one of the KGB goons said that “Putin would like us to express his gratitude for returning HIS ring”

  75. Oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain
    For purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain
    America, America, God shed his grace on thee
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea.

    Thank God we do not live in Russia. Pity the poor people of Russia.

  76. Three observations here…. 1.) Kraft you were not wise to let the man handle your ring. 2.) Have always thought that Putin was a DICK! 3.) anyone in this country who stole something that cost as much as that ring woulda served jail time

    Oh & BTW Kraft….your razor blades aren’t made of gold….why do you put the screws to the blade buying public? I am certain by selling a couple packs of blades you can buy a new ring.

  77. Interesting to see Rasputin alive and well…

    Guess he had the same effect on our President…

  78. It’s been too long since we’ve had a president with actual balls. Clinton would’ve had the ring stolen back and would’ve proceeded to have a menage e trois with Putin’s sister and girlfriend.

  79. “Man do I miss the Cold War. Ronnie Reagan would have b slapped Putin and got the ring back”

    Not likely.

  80. I love how Reagan is remembered as a tough guy. That sleaze Putin would have judo thrown him, face-first, onto the floor and broken his old, fragile neck.

  81. Too bad Kraft wasn’t smart enough to wear a replica – now THAT would be funny!

  82. The Patriots cheated anyway; Putin recognized that and took corrective action.

  83. I don’t think that anyone would be going out on a limb to say that he probably HAS killed someone with that ring – just sayin’…

  84. harrisonhits2 says: Jun 15, 2013 11:34 AM

    Lol at the bitter pathetic Raiders fans and spy gate comments


    No, it’s more like “look at the offended idiot that is blaming Raiders fans for the actions of other NFL fans”. Spy Gate had nothing to do with the Raiders.

    Hate to tell you this, but the boring vanilla Patsies are hated by pretty much everyone, not just Raiders fans.

    …and karma is indeed a bitch, IF Kraft’s version is true.

  85. From what I heard of this story, after the KGB and the White House reviewed the the tapes of the whole incident, it was ruled a fumble of the ring into Putin’s hand and not a forward pass of kindness for the people of Russia. I guess it was just some vague stupid rule that Russia passed and never applied until this important moment.

    Oh, it was the Politburo Competition Committee. See, the U.S. and Russia do have a lot in common.

    Good job Vladimir, you are my hero proving that the NFL is a communist country too.

  86. In contrast to the Russians, the Chinese government would have had the decency to simply manufactor a counterfeit ring.

  87. Kraft showed arrogance and cowardice in the same fell swoop. Arrogance in showing off his ring and cowardice in not having the stones to tell him it wasn’t a gift and ask for it back. And do people take off their wedding rings to show them off? He got what he deserved in my opinion. Poor little rich guy!!

  88. Maybe the Wilfs should ask the Russians to help fund their new taxpayer funded stadium..then Putin could give them that ring they always cry about.

  89. Kraft used many of his shiny stones to get that ring. One can understand his upsetedness that someone of a lower social status (and less shiny stones) would just take it!

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