In the end, cost to hire Bill Belichick was small for Patriots

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Now here’s an interesting sports story: Per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the NBA’s Boston Celtics are in negotiations to trade coach Doc Rivers and star forward Kevin Garnett to the Los Angeles Clippers.

How does this relate to the NFL?

Well, it’s hard not to think of the NFL when it comes to coaching trades. Here is a league where some teams have made bold moves for coaches. Think of all the Buccaneers gave up for Jon Gruden in 2002 –$8 million, two first-round picks and two second-round picks.

Gruden, of course, helped lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl title in his first season on the job.

But was that the best coaching trade in recent NFL history?

Not quite.

In 2000, the Patriots surrendered the No. 16 overall selection to hire Bill Belichick from the Jets, with both teams exchanging some lower-round picks, too. The No. 16 pick ended up traded to San Francisco in a deal that allowed the Jets to take Shaun Ellis — a productive player for many years for New York.

But the Patriots have had nary a regret about making the move for Belichick. In his second season with New England, the Patriots won the Super Bowl, and he’s led the club to three NFL titles in his tenure.

Celtics fans who also happen to root for the Patriots may well lament the departure of Rivers, who has helped guide Boston to an NBA title.

But they can also rest easy knowing Belichick remains with Boston’s professional football team.

20 responses to “In the end, cost to hire Bill Belichick was small for Patriots

  1. Everyone knows the only reason Belicheat won 3 Superbowls was Spygate.He hasnt won anything since even though the pats get the easiest schedule due to Kraft and Goodell being best friends.

  2. He might be the best coach in the game today. And I really feel terrible having said that. The thing is he never compromised and won early. Players flock to success (Randy Moss and Aqib Talib for example) and they know that he won’t hesitate to lay down the law if they don’t do things his way (Wes Welker for example). It’s a pretty basic formula but it seems like too many coaches try to go on their own agenda and be buddies with the players or know-it-alls without results.

  3. The Celtics shrewdly made the contract with Rivers and they should get all they can in a trade…

    This is the NBA where the players run things and not the coaches so the Celts won’t regret letting Rivers and his Ubuntu Krewe geaux for a fresh start to a stale franchise…

    The New York Jets – well, the Jets will always suck it as long as they have a baby powder owner…

  4. I’m sure Jets fans look at this as a great trade – after all, while the Patriots have Belichick the Jets lucked out and got Rex Ryan.

  5. Yes, the Celtics may lament the loss of Rivers, Garnet, and Pierce but Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe, and draft picks will help soothe the pain.

    Seriously, there is no comparison between what NFL coach needs to do, and what an NBA coach does. A million coaches could have won NBA titles with Michael Jordan at his peak yet, Don Shula one of the all-time great NFL coaches was never able to win a super bowl with one of the most dominate QBs of all time. One dominate player in the NBA can give you a chance at a title. One Dominate player in the NFL could still mean your team goes 8-8 or less.

  6. Nice rewriting of history. Belichick’s hiring by the Patriots wasn’t a “trade” like the other examples you cited — in which the two teams agreed on the parameters of a deal beforehand. The Patriots hired him outright after he resigned from the Jets after one day as head coach. (He obviously already had a deal in place with New England.) The Jets complained that Belichick was still under contract and demanded compensation, and the NFL forced the Pats to give up the first-round pick in return.

    That’s not a trade.

  7. Actually Shanny got popped for cheating, the Donkeys were fined due to screwing with the salary cap in the seasons they won the Super Bowl, so try again Logicaldoofus. Try to get your facts straight before looking like the daily dolt you have shown us all to be.

  8. for “Mr. I love Shanahan” lets see whose to blame in December when Redskins go home to watch Patriots in playoffs for… how may consecutive years?

  9. So if you do a crap job with your finances, go bankrupt, then years later win the lottery, are you a savvy investor?

    take away a miracle 6th rd draft pick and Spygate and this guy is Wade Phillips or Gregg Williams. He’ll retire with Brady to perpetuate the false legend.

  10. And he’s won how many since his cheating was discovered?

    SPYgate was far, FAR worse than anything Gregg Williams and Sean Payton ever did.

    And why his arrogance and pathetic attitude towards the media is an indictment on them.

    Screwed the Rams out of the 01 SB, who knows how many more?

  11. yeah shannihan is a great coach, putting the deadskins franchise QB out on the field with a busted knee just to lose in the first round of the playoffs, first appearance in about 20 years, congrats, great coach and even better owner. i d rather play for rex ryan

  12. I think the Dolphins also got Don Shula for a 1st round pick (Don McCauley). Like Belichick, the compensation was league-imposed, not a trade. One could argue that that was a better deal.

  13. Belicheat deserves NO respect.He is a pathetic coach who cheated his way to 3 titles.And Brady really has shown he is not who we thought he was-choking since Spygate.Bite it pat fans.

  14. RG3’s was just the latest in a long line of knee injuries on Shanahan’s shoulders…ask any defensive player how his knees feel after 60 minutes of having O-Linemen dive at them in his running scheme. He should have been run out of the league long ago.

  15. I have no idea why my earlier post – explaining this story from Bill Parcells’ book – was deleted.

    Totally relevant, and not the least bit offensive.

    The censors on this site blow.

  16. More than anything, Doc Rivers is a first-rate guy and an asset to your community. He’s also a good coach, nothing more. Any hoops fan paying attention knows it was Ass’t Coach Tom Thibodeau and his defense that led Boston to their title in ’08.

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