12th man finishes fifth for Seahawks’ Mt. Rushmore

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The Seahawks have retired No. 12, in honor of the team’s fans — the 12th man.

And the 12th man nearly put itself onto the Seattle Mt. Rushmore.

The fans narrowly missed inclusion in both the Pro Football Talk on NBCSN and the PFT Planet version’s of the team’s Mt. Rushmore.

For both, the 12th man came in at No. 5 (which is better than 12th).  We also agreed on the four who merited the slots:  Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy, Walter Jones, and Shaun Alexander.

The discussion, justification, and voting results appear in the clip from Friday’s show.

50 responses to “12th man finishes fifth for Seahawks’ Mt. Rushmore

  1. If the fans got in it would have been a disgrace,alot of teams have great fans but how can the fans be one of the 4 most influential people in the history of the organization? Makes no sense

  2. Alexander is the biggest sissy in recent NFL history. There were many more Seahawks deserving a spot over the only running back who would take a knee on third and shorts to avoid getting hit.

  3. I had Matthew H over 37 since Shawn wasn’t quite the same after he lost some o lineman. And with Matthew holding a lot of the franchise records (wins, yds, backwards hats) I thought he deserved it.

  4. It’s a shame Curt Warner had that nasty knee injury his second year, was crazy good as a rookie (I think he was AFC offensive rookie of year) and still made a few pro bowls and rushed for 1,000 yards again once or twice, but was never the same.

  5. Dave Krieg is top 20 in just about every passing stat. Played for a bad team. Waaaay better than Alexander who benefitted by running behind Jones and Hutchinson

  6. Cortez Kennedy and Walter Jones were also no brainers, both among the best – if not the best – at their respective positions throughout their lengthy careers.

    Would have liked to have seen Kenny Easley at the fourth slot. Alexander had a couple brilliant years but even now his reputation in Seattle is pretty mixed.

  7. Shaun Alexander is kind of watered down to be up there with seeing all of the great RBs on other teams’ lists, as well as a lot of great RBs that couldn’t even come close to making it for some teams. I would have personally rather seen the “12th man” as a more original and neat representation than some player who is quite nondescript from a historical perspective. Or find another player or icon that might fit.

    I mean he had only FOUR seasons of over 300 carries. Big whoop. This guy barely had 2/3 of the number of attempts as Barry despite Barry retiring more shockingly earlier than any other RB.

    I find Alexander’s inclusion on this to be really disappointing because it embarrasses the Seahawk’s franchise and dilutes the prestige level of other RBs that both did and didn’t get this honor. His biggest mark on the game was that he was a good fantasy player when fantasy football started to get big.

  8. Not surprising. Marshawn lynch and Pete Carroll were probably real close to making it too.

  9. craigmaitland says:
    Jun 16, 2013 3:16 PM
    The 12th man is pumpd stadium noise and building design.
    Does that include an earthquake machine?

  10. Anyone who actually saw Kenny Easley play, voted for Kenny Easley…who along with Ronnie Lott is the best safety I ever saw.

  11. Wow. Such a sad franchise. I could see if they were a newer team, but they do have a lot of years under their belt and that’s the best they can do.

  12. That Shaun Alexander is even mentioned makes me think this is not a real sample. Alexander was a product of the left tackle and guard. He was mediocre at best.

  13. Alexander should not even sniff that honor. He had a few good years, but was always a dance, duck and dive RB except when near the goal line. Rarely fought for extra yards and would rather not get a first down then get hit. Easley, Hass, or Kreig would have been better choices…but being in WV, you probably rarely saw Alexander actually play.

  14. That is not funny, but rather sad. A slogan stolen from a college to represent fans helped by stadium design which keeps the noise on the field. Do you see Seahawk fans invading opposing stadiums? Never. The Seahawk fan base is definitely good, but think way too much of themselves. Other teams raise championship flags, they raise 12th man flags. Oh well. Happy Fathers Day.

  15. There are far too many 20 yr olds voting here. Hello, fellow Hawk brethren. Kenny Easley’s omission is a travesty. Easley was voted in the 1980’s All NFl team & only member not in the HOF bcuz of kidney issues shortening career. Arguably the best safety of all time who was as fierce a hitter as Rinnie Lott with better ball interception skills. Hawks have never had a safety this dynamic and doubt we ever will. He was a combination of EThomas & KChancellor. Desires the honor over Shaun and it shouldnt have been close uf not for all our 20yr old fans voting. A travesty our fans dont know our History.

  16. If all the trolls here made half as much noise at their stadium for their teams as they do here about the seahawks they’d be almost but not quite half as effective as the 12th man. I’m talking to you whiner fans.

    And just to show the sophistication, intellect and brutal cuting nature of the 12th man I’m making an amendment to include Leonard “The Montana Destroyer” Marshell as an honorary member of our Rushmore.

  17. The 12 man . What a joke really I guess when you have never WON anything this is all you have PATHETIC. If and thank God I am not a fan of the seagulls is just SAD VERY SAD.!!!!! Your fan base will never see a SB championship in their kids kids kids life time enjoy being LOSERS.!!!!!!

  18. There is only one 12th man and it’s at Texas A&M. We actually have a story behind the 12th man, didn’t just call the fans that so they can feel special.

  19. The 12th man caused an earthquake, when their team won a wild card game. You can point at the rafters of your stadium for a Super Bowl, but at no time even winning those, did the fans ever react so loudly as to cause an earthquake. You are not unique in having a team that is so good that they win it all. The 12th man is unique in being so riled up for their team, that they caused an earthquake.

    Want to talk bandwagon fans? This earthquake was a reaction to a team with a losing record. A team that was playing the nearly unanimously heralded favorites to win it all.

    There have been a few new stadiums, a lot more expensive ones like cowboys, built after qwest field. To say that the fan noise is the result of how stadium is build, is to claim folks like Jerry Jones don’t care enough about winning to do the same for their team.

  20. Really just shows how pathetic this franchise has been since its inception. Only Cortez and Jones should even be up there. The other players wouldn’t even be considered had they played for another team. The near inclusion of the 12th man solidifies how utterly stupid the Seattle fan base is.

  21. The only ref the twelves “care about” is Bill Leavy. And by care i mean we would like to see his on a stick mounted on the Rizall bridge off twelth ave overlooking the sound and whatever their calling our stadium now.
    As for all the” you guys suck cause you haven’t won anything” that whole mentality is what seperates us from the rest of you. I have been rooting for the Seahawks since uncle Rico was tearing it up back in ’82. Decades of up and down and yes often sub par play in the outskirts of obscurity have only strengthened my resolve, love for this team and my fellow twelves. the rest of you are not fans of your team, you just like to make noise if and when but usually not until (even decades) after you win.

  22. I’d like to vote for the 9er coach that called the play during OTAs that ruptured Crabtree’s achilles…thereby handing the division…home field for the playoffs…and the Superbowl to Seattle. Well done sir, you are far more deserving than Shawn Alexander.

  23. Shaun Alexander?!?!

    How does Shaun Alexander get in over Kenny Easley? That just makes me sad.

    Kenny Easley gave up a kidney and his career for this team. Kenny Easley was the most dominant Safety in the history of the game according to Ronnie Lott. Dude didn’t even take painkillers, he lost his kidney because he took handfuls of ibuprofen and kept playing. Kenny Easley is the epitome of the true hard-nosed gladiator that the old-school NFL was all about.

    Shaun Alexander was soft. The second Steve Hutchinson left town, his career ended. In the team’s first playoff win in 2005, Shaun Alexander went down with a concussion and Hasselbeck saved the day. Shaun Alexander didn’t do jack in SuperBowl XL, when we needed him most.

    How does any Seattle fan vote Alexander over Easley? Guess most of these voters are under 35 and just don’t remember Easley.

  24. As a Seahawks fan, Alexander being on here ahead of Easley or Hasselbeck is just embarrassing! But he was always popular with the casual fan, so I’m not totally shocked by it.

    The 12th man being 5th is also embarrassing.

  25. This is hilarious. What a joke of a franchise. Can’t say I’m shocked though with the dilusional fanbase that follows these scrubs.

  26. If anyone reading this doubts the 12th man, come to Seattle and experience it for yourself.

    There are great fans everywhere… great stadiums, great crowds, great stadiums, etc, and the Clink is something you have to experience to understand. And until you do, best to clam up. A little experience goes a long way.

  27. I’m glad Alexander got his credit. He was the most successful running back in franchise history and he had an historic run with us. There is a lot of revisionist history on him when our team was eroding and especially our offensive line fell apart, and then he got injured. But Shaun was just a different type of runner; he was never the grinder, but he was brilliant in the open field, and had the best vision I’ve ever seen. People here chanted his name when things were going good, and then somehow we turned on him like an angry mob when things weren’t going good, but the fact was he was celebrated for a reason when he was here, and people who don’t understand that are probably band-wagon fans who don’t understand the run of success he had.

  28. reason why so many people don’t like the idea of the 12th Man is cause they know they are the opposite of what other people may be-all bandwagon fairweather fans

  29. Paul Allen should’ve been the top of the list. Without his intervention and eventual purchase of the team, there would be no SEATTLE SEAHAWKS.

    1. Stee Largent
    2. Cortez Kennedy
    3. Paul Allen
    4. Walter Jones

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