Brian Banks’ accuser ordered to pay back lawsuit settlement

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Wanetta Gibson, the woman who falsely accused her then-high school classmate Brian Banks of rape, derailing his promising football career and sending him to prison, has been ordered to pay back the money she received when she sued the school where she claimed the rape took place.

A judge ordered Gibson to pay the Long Beach Unified School District $2.6 million, which includes the $750,000 settlement she received from the district as well as interest, legal fees and $1 million in punitive damages.

“The court recognizes that our school district was a victim in this case,” school Superintendent Christopher J. Steinhauser told the Long Beach Press-Telegram. “This judgment demonstrates that when people attempt to defraud our school system, they will feel the full force of the law.”

The judgment may turn out to be largely symbolic: Gibson didn’t show up in court and apparently has long since blown through the $750,000. Court records in other cases Gibson has been involved in indicate that she and her children have received public assistance.

After Banks was released from prison, Gibson contacted him, and he secretly recorded a conversation in which she acknowledged that her rape claim was false. Among the statements Gibson made on tape were, “I will go through with helping you, but all that money they gave us, I mean, gave me, I don’t want to have to pay it back.”

Banks is now hoping to jump-start his football career as a 27-year-old rookie for the Falcons.

41 responses to “Brian Banks’ accuser ordered to pay back lawsuit settlement

  1. It’s alright if she doesn’t have the money, she should just have to serve her time behind bars to make up for it like most people do if they can’t pay a fine. And it should be a long time considering her actions.

  2. The fact that this “woman” is still being allowed to receive public assistance other than a jail cell is a travesty.

  3. Brian Banks has moved on. So if the guy that this actually happened to has moved on can’t everyone else? All the hate…who cares so long as the victim doesn’t.

  4. It’s not about who moved on.. This lady tricked the school system into forking over a couple millions if you include the settlement and court fees. If she cannot pay, she deserves serious jail time. I say put her in jail for double Mr. Banks time served because she will never be ale to pay that money back. While I am a liberal and support government assistance to undeserving children. Our government has GOT to do a better job screening individuals like her. Her children should be removed from her custody while she spends the rest of her life paying her debt to society.

  5. Let’s see…she falsely accuses him of rape, sending him to prison for 10 years, keeping him from going to college and use his scholarship to play ball at USC so he had a shot at pro ball in just a few years, and then she pockets nearly $3.3 Million dollars on this lie, and now that he’s gotten out after these 10 long years and finally gotten his name cleared, everything should just be “okay”? BS.

    This wasn’t a simple case of accidental misidentification. She knew exactly what she was doing. Not only did she cause irrefutable “harm” to Brian Banks, because he lost 10 years of his life he’ll never get back, but she also fraudulently bilked over $3 Million dollars from the City in the process. That’s what you call taking a bite from the poisonous tree.

    In my opinion, not only should she have to repay the money she “stole,” but she needs to serve at least as much time in prison as Banks did, not one day less.

    Part of the reason for prison is “deterrent,” so if others see the potential risk for such “conduct,” perhaps they’ll think twice before this happens to someone else in the future.

  6. Why all the hate? Just bc banks is not publicly blasting this piece of garbage does not mean she should not face consequences for her actions. What she did is almost as bad as what she claimed he did to her.

  7. That woman should be thrown in jail. The entire country is pulling for Brian to win a roster spot. Would be one of the greatest stories ever if he can pull it off. Classy move by the Falcons! MUCH RESPECT!

  8. Its not about moving on. She should pay for what she did to this man in monetary damages and jail time. Let any others future devious liar know it will not be tolerated.

  9. Good for the justice system….but good luck on getting the money back. She should be arrested and prosecuted for false accusations that sent a man to jail as well as squeezing money from the school. What about the state funds she received while spending $750,000…..should have to pay those back as well.

  10. I’ll work my whole life paying taxes without ever seeing 750,000 in my bank account while the American judicial system sees to it that this lady was able to recieve that amount of cash to spend plus government assistance. If this lady does not go to jail for a very long time there is some serious explaining to do to the working middle class of america.

  11. Because if you dont punish her why would anyone not do the same thing? Sorry you just dont get it. Its wonderful that he has moved on but the rest of the community and society in general shouldnt have to suffer another Wanetta.

  12. Also last time I checked stealing, which is what she did, is a felony on that level. If you stole a million dollars and got caught, you go to jail. End of story.

  13. She should be in jail now. Im not a lawyer or judge but if there are laws to punish her she should be punished. If there are not laws where she can be punished we should create them. People have too many “rights” in this country. Stories like this make me sick.
    Best wishes to him. Hope he makes it.

  14. She should be in jail awaiting trial. What she did is inexcusable. She ruined a man’s life and then defrauded the system for money. Send the kid(s) to foster care and lock her up.

  15. Banks isn’t the only victim. All the students following her were deprived all of that money that could have been used to improve the school district and the lives of all the future students. Not to mention the horrible damage she did to Mr. Banks. She should be making license plates till the day she dies!!!

  16. It’s called accountability and breaking the law. Brian Banks had to pay for something he didn’t do with years out of his life and his life short circuited, the school distrist had to pay, and now taxpayers are having to pay this woman. We teach through example and what kind of lessons could her children be learning from their mother’s way of life. This is the reason why we have an overcrowding of prisons today, people just have kids without ever teaching them values and how to treat others; they expect everyone else to do that for them too! Good luck to Brian Banks with his football career, there should be a lesson in this somewhere!

  17. You can tell the people who have never been to jail by how eager they are to send someone else there.

    Mr. Banks has publicly said he bears her no ill will, and doesn’t wish her to be subjected to things like that. That right there is a man.

  18. I don’t get people who say, oh well jail stinks as a deterrent, just forget it. To me, jail is a punishment and makes sure it’s a deterrent for that person. In other words, they aren’t out there committing crimes while they are in jail.

  19. Our justice system is very selectively weird!!! She should be in prison for her all her perjury!

    After doing some searching on people jailed for misdemeanor type perjury offenses what she did is grossly underpersued by those prosecutors. Just don’t get it?!!

  20. I do not know how Banks will do in the NFL but I wish him luck. I wonder if USC could step up and offer him a scholarship to enable him to achieve the college degree he had an opportunity to earn had he not been jailed for a crime he didn’t commit. It is not that i believe USC owes it to him, but it would be a classy move on the part of the university.

  21. I have said this before, but it is a terrible mistake to lock her up. She certainly deserves it, but it will prevent the next false accuser from coming clean. Eventually, there will be some poor guy rotting in prison, who might have gotten out, but his accuser will think twice because someone like this woman got prison. Again, I do not condone what she did, it is just a matter of practicality: Would I rather see a guilty party punished, or an innocent person freed. I want the innocent person freed.

  22. What a great country that we live in. If nothing is done then all we are doing is encouraging this type of behavior. Just think she’s still in her prime breeding age. More taxpayer dollars to support her and her current and future children. Does anyone think that her children will be much different than her?

  23. Im pretty sure the Seahawks gave him a chance last offseason. This is just a really sad story and you cant help but feel bad for him. 10 years is a long time especially when your not guilty of the crime in the first place. Unfortunately Brian Banks story isnt uncommon and there are many others in bars going through the same thing right now. Our legal system really needs to start backround checking these so called “victims” so they can get a better idea of whose in it for justice and who is in it to gain something financially. Im not saying that all people that recieve compensation shouldn’t, but if money seems to be the plaintiff’s primary goal over justice then usually something isn’t right to begin with. This women should have to serve double what Banks did imo and even that wont make it justice but it will atleast show people they will be held accountable for taking advantage of the justice system and for ruining innocent people’s lives.

  24. Rumor from TMZ is that she is applying to be a Reality Star as a green bay cheesefan.
    She’ll cover the entire $2 million within one season of the show. Losers.

  25. “I will go through with helping you, but all that money they gave US, I mean, gave me, I don’t want to have to pay it back.”

    Anyone else think that sounds like they were in on this together? Perhaps that explains the ease with which he ‘forgave’ her.

  26. This story was well documented on 60 Minutes – except for the latest part about her conviction. So, I can tell you the “they gave us, I mean, me the money” part is in reference to her willingness, 10 years later, to admit that she lied about her rape accusation (in a conversation that was secretly recorded), as long as she didn’t have to return any of the money she received in court. It was clear this guy wants nothing to do with her – good, bad, or other. He has moved past this event so that it doesn’t ruin any more of his life, which in my mind, makes this guy a true hero that I am proud for my kids to know about even though I have to explain such an ugly story to them. He IS a hero. As a serious fan of another NFL team, I will have a hard time cheering for them when they play the Falcons – an absolute class move!
    Of course she still deserves lots of jail time and criminal prosecution. She defrauded 1000’s of taxpayers; the school system; & most obviously Brian Banks. Hate is not the reason. The reason is that she is a liar under oath and a thief of a crazy larcenous sum. Her actions had dire consequences for many people. Their lives were irreparably harmed. The court’s need to deter future behavior like hers, which is hard to do after a 10-year spending spree. Hopefully there is something significant for which the statue of limitations has not run out. This should also be an important lesson on frivolous cash court awards for nothing more than a word-of-mouth accusation that could not be substantiated in any way. The way 60 Minutes presented this case, it seemed likely that his race hurt his assumption of innocence. I am not of his race, but was outraged by what seemed to be a flimsy conviction. This whole story is outrageous and many things should be learned. The best thing about this story is that a 17-year-old boy, with the whole world against him (except for his mother), emerged as a kind, wise, & wonderful man, deserving of all the respect and praise that can be heaped upon his shoulders!

  27. State should of took her kids and told her go live on the streets your not getting a dime on us for blowing that much cash. Probably spent it all on crack.

  28. I don’t care how broke she is. Justice has finally been served, but her jailing will only happen if she avoids paying taxes or solicits in illegal entrepreneurial activities to make ends meet.

  29. She should go to Prison for 30 years. Make her the poster girl for making up Rape Stories and what it gets you when you knowingly accuse someone of something they didn’t do.

  30. Who are the idiots that are actually giving thumbs down to the comments about sending her to jail? If you are thumbs down because you feel that she should be executed, then I understand your thumbs down

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