Canty’s minicamp described as “dominant”


We’ve become numb to endless news from offseason workouts regarding how good a player looks.  In fact, it’s only really news when someone looks like crap in no-contact drills — since it doesn’t bode well for his performance when it’s time to put on the pads.

But one player is receiving very high praise for his work during the offseason.  The fact that he did a great job in a one-day role on Pro Football Talk on NBCSN makes us even more likely to point that out here.

So we will.

As described by Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, defensive lineman Chris Canty was “dominant” during the Ravens’ recent minicamp.  Perhaps more importantly, he’s also healthy.

“The knee is not a problem at all,” Canty said regarding an injury that caused him to miss seven games in 2012.  “The knee is fine. I feel great.”

The veteran, who has played for the Cowboys and Giants, says he’s in better shape.

“Physically, I slimmed down a little bit,” Canty said. “I wanted to focus on conditioning this offseason.  I’m excited about it.”

New defensive assistant Steve Spagnuolo, whose time with the Giants didn’t coincide with Canty’s, raves about the player’s size.

“He’s bigger than I thought,” Spagnuolo said.  “You can’t coach that height.  He puts his hands up, man.  There’s not a coach in the world that can take a six-foot guy and do that.  He’s been very impressive to me.”

Canty will play defensive tackle and defensive end for the Ravens, but not nose tackle.  If that knee stays healthy, he’ll contribute to a team that many still believe, based on a lingering (and flawed) mid-March narrative, will struggle in 2013.

15 responses to “Canty’s minicamp described as “dominant”

  1. “He’s bigger than I thought,” Spagnuolo said. “You can’t coach that height.”

    Spags honestly can’t coach much of anything. At least he can mark “height” off that list.

  2. The pick up of Camry, spears and Daryl smith really revamped our front 7 along with our drafting of brown and Williams. Last year our defense fell to 17th and we won a SB. Although the naysayers are out there I think our “d” is top 5 this year

  3. Canty is just one cog in the machine that is going to make offenses wish they stayed home.

  4. What about Calais Campbell? He’s listed as one inch taller at 6’8″ and he seems to be doing pretty well. Is he saying that Campbell is getting no coaching benefit because of his massive height (Canty is 6’7″)? What does he mean by a “6 foot guy” anyhow, aren’t they all 6 foot guys?

    What exactly is Spagnuolo saying that you “can’t do” with these guys, can somebody translate his quotes for me?

    Campbell also has 16 PDs in the last 2 years, so somehow his arms seem to be functional.

  5. Spagnuolo is just pointing out the difference being natural and learned talent. Canty’s ability to use his height is not something that can be learned or coached.

  6. Even I could dominate that O-line he’s going up against in camp, and I’m 40 and outta shape.

    If Canty is dominating, can’t wait to see what Ziggy Hood does to that porous gaggle.

  7. Ziggy Hood will be too busy admiring the immense talent of Joe Flacco, the person Hood recently called “the toughest quarterback he’s ever faced.”

  8. The “immense” talent will be exposed for the fraud that he is because “Bailout Boldin” is with the 49er’s.

  9. “The “immense” talent will be exposed for the fraud that he is because “Bailout Boldin” is with the 49er’s.”

    That’s certainly not what Ziggy said. Listen to your own players and stop living in that fantasy land where the Steelers are better than 8-8.

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