Chad Johnson is $45,000 in the red every month

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If nothing else, Chad Johnson’s 30 days in jail will result in less damage being done to his savings.

According to TMZ, the former NFL player’s expenses outpace his income by more than $45,000.  Per month.

The information apparently comes from efforts by Johnson to reduce his monthly child support obligation, which would entail Johnson submitting evidence to the court regarding his full financial picture.  Johnson supposedly earns only $3,000 per month, with more than $16,000 per month in support payments.

His other expenses total more than $30,000 per month, including $2,500 for food (doesn’t he eat McDonald’s?), $3,500 on clothing (child, please), $5,000 on entertainment (does he fly to Spain for bullfights every other week or something?), and $1,000 for pet expenses (there’s a very easy solution to that).

Working in Chad’s favor are assets of $4.7 million.  But after playing in the NFL for a decade, he should have more than that in the bank.

At the current rate, Chad can make it another 104 months (roughly 8.5 years) before his expenses will eat away his assets.  He’d still be in his early 40s if/when that happens.

Ideally, he’ll both adjust his lifestyle to his current income and find ways to leverage his fame, his Twitter followers, and whatever marketable skills he possesses to generate more income.

If nothing else, every other NFL player should learn from Johnson’s predicament.  At some point, the NFL salary will stop coming in.  Save as much as you can for now, make good decisions based on trusted advisors for investing it, have a plan for your post-NFL career, and assume your post-NFL career will start tomorrow.

77 responses to “Chad Johnson is $45,000 in the red every month

  1. I will never understand how guys who made more money than the average man can ever dream of can be broke literally 2 years after retirement.

  2. His “pet” expenses feed my family of four for a month.
    He had his time, now get back in line.

  3. Obviously it depends on the state, but very often someone who has suffered a reduction in income and is looking to have child support payment adjusted accordingly will be told to use their savings to make payments.

    Then when the savings are gone their told to liquidate their assets- cars, property, whatever.

    Then when that’s all gone a reduction is a possibility- nothing more than that.

    So if you’re a male between the ages of 14 and 40 I wouldn’t laugh too hard at Chad Johnson’s child support issues. Some day they may be your own.

  4. This happened rather quickly, however, given his long-term, loose-cannon kinds of behaviors and outlooks, the only word that comes to mind is: INEVITABLE.

  5. 4.7 mil would set just about all of us for life…and it would be a pretty good life at that…what are these dudes thinking?

  6. well, there are options Chad can pursue, he needs to retire 1st and get a job in broadcasting>ESPN, Nfl Network etc. or find a job in coaching football on any level…if Warren Sapp can get and keep a job, Chad should easily find work..

  7. Wasting money to lower his child support? It would be cheaper to hire a lawyer and gain legal custody.

  8. How does TMZ know what a person spends a month and what they spend it on? I doubt the accuracy of TMZ because they are known to fabricate stories.

  9. For a guy who has made as much as he has.. A 30+mil contract at one point,

    How does he only have 4.7 mil in assets?

    Puts all his money into checking I guess :/

  10. Not smacking the wife around has also been known to assist one in retaining more of their assets.

  11. I see Chad’s future involving pathetic attempts at the entertainment business, endorsing questionable products, and reality TV(I’m seeing Ochocinco takin Flavor-Flav’s spot in a search for true love).

    He almost had a 2-ton raging bull stomp on his head…maybe he should just stick with bullfighting.

  12. Hopefully 30 days will hit him in the head like Leigh Boden and knock some sense into him. Life is not all fun and games, Be a man, step up and live with in your means, Many of us could live our lives out comfortably with $4.7 million in assets, and leave a fair amount to our children and a charity or 2.

  13. Before you guys rush to judgement, im pretty sure chad has plenty of money left. We all know when dealing with child support and women you really need to lie about your total income, so that you don’t bent over. If he doesnt lie he will become another statistic and broke.

  14. we keep hearing about players who do invest with trusted approved advisors who then steal and or mismanage the money. then when the player sues the financial advisor the player gets called greedy

  15. Here’s an idea… Talk about the guys who actually give a crap and quit building this d-bag up by keeping his name in the media, and y’all wonder why kids want to be like this.

  16. Universities are putting out uneducated buffoons through their sports programs. How can you expect an uneducated buffoon like Johnson to understand what it means to save for the future?

  17. So I’m assuming this means his financial planner won’t be getting a pat on the backside?

  18. Honestly ..we read stories about this all the time with athletes..but I’m never ever quick to judge…it’s easy for us to sit here and call him stupid for wasting his money and how that would never happen to us or whatever because we’re not in the situation…when ppl come from nothing and start making big money,things like this happens sometimes…it could happen to anyone of us regardless of how good u think u r with money..AND on top of that is the fact that it’s his money..he’s entitled to do whatever he wants with it..he’s entitled to live whatever life he wants..

  19. Sad he seemed to pride himself on being out of trouble and being responsible with his money. Now he’s just another…

  20. Jimmy Smith and Chad best of friends. How is the Hall of fame jacket working out Chad?

  21. After seeing the pic of “OchoZero’s” grill from this article, the solution is simple. Go buy a pair of pliers pull out those golden chicklets and get to a pawn shop STAT. That should keep him financially afloat for at least a few more months.

  22. LOL … it’s apparent his biggest financial woes are directly related to child support expenditures. How do you manage to ignore that fact during your “lessons in life” sermon. Having kids you shouldn’t be having can sink your boat for good. It should also be mentioned on this day that some of the best champions of fatherhood are those who choose NOT to be fathers, and are responsible enough to carry it out.

  23. I like how people like to prejudge these guys because they have money. Why don’t you think about how much money you’d have if your relationship fell through and a judge ordered you to pay $5000+ for every kid you have. These guys become millionaires at a young age and unfortunately for a lot of them the first lesson they learn is people will tell you anything if they think it’ll result in an easy paycheck. Especially women.

    On top of that, NFL salaries are paid weekly and not in lump sums so to live the high life means taking out the NFL equivalent of payday loans.

    If anything someone needs to look into the blatent abuse of what is defined as “child support”. There are entire households living fine making nowhere near $5300 a month so you can’t tell me a single childs expenses are that much.

  24. For someone whose ego is big enough that he legally changed his last name to his uniform number, there is little hope of common sense.

    Many of these star athletes show the talent in high school, get the fame in college, then the money in the pros. No one sits them down to explain life. And this is the result for many of them as well – poor decisions in money, relationships, and behavior lead them to stand in front of a judge fo0r some reason. Ironically, you see in contrast guys like the Manning brothers – you never hear about Peyton or Eli off the field, nothing about their personal lives, they come across as well-grounded and set for life. Why? Probably because their dad already went through all this and told them exactly what to expect and how to handle it. But most of these players don’t have a dad who walked the walk ahead of them – and it’s up to somebody – college coach, pro team adviser – to sit these guys down and tell them what they’re REALLY in for.

  25. I think all you people talking about how he’s blown through 30 mil forget how much comes out of that taxes, agent, child support just to get started. And as a man who has dealt with child support being paid far above what should be I understand. My son spent an average of 200 nights a year with me yet I still had to pay his mother of $500 a month. These child support deals can be a mess.

  26. He’ll be he next one on 30 for 30 broke series. I just don’t understand the lack of judgment when it come to $ and athletes..especially NFL players

  27. People can laugh at Ochoa…but how much you want to bet the majority of $16k/mos. to the baby momma is blown irresponsibly?

  28. Hoes look at being a baby mama as their lottery ticket. Don’t trust those women when they say they’re on protection.

  29. All in all Ochocinco is a good dude. His punishment is he should have to wait until 2100 to get in to the HoF.

  30. So much potential only to be wasted feeding his own ego. “LOOK AT ME” I’m in jail for slapping my attorneys ass. Thats his legacy for ya lol.

  31. For those that don’t know, find a divorced friend who pays child support. Give the state OAG a call. Wait until you see the attitudes of the staff. Child support when your income drops sustainably does not go away. Why? Research the issue. There is a thing called Title IV funding. The federal govt is giving a 1.50 to each state for every dollar collected on CS. What do you think the modus operandi is ? I feel bad for this man.

  32. The NFL needs to provide some estate planning and financial discipline courses – and make it mandatory. Ultimately, this leads to crime – ie Titus Young – and most these guys lose their money in crazy “I got a friend whos got a business he needs investment funds”.

    I once bought a development from an ex-tight end NFL player who was losing it in bankruptcy since he signed the personal guarantee. No one in the group knew ANYTHING about development…I saved him, but he ended up with nothing.

  33. TMZ is so not credible. Anyone who’s been around Chad Johnson even peripherally would attest that he’s one of the most frugal athletes to reach his level that there’s been in recent years.

  34. 30 mill before taxes people. Taxed in 8 to 10 states plus federal
    Then the child support payments

    Yes he overspends as well but how could anyone over spend in Ohio all those yrs playing for bengals u can get a whole block for a million

  35. The interest alone on $4.7M should give him more than $3k a month. His accountant should be in the dock too.

  36. Those gold-plated Dr. Dre “Beats” headphones are at least $500. A regular pair is $300.

  37. $3500 per month on clothes and $5000 on “entertainment”?
    Holy crapola!!!!
    Clubbing and ho’s like that means Chaddy needs a 12 Step support group…
    My name is Chaddy and I’m a total dumbass

  38. Child support should be a flat rate across the board. No on should be ENTITLED to a certain lifestyle. Circumstances change and you have to adapt to them. If a married couple goes through a financial situation change, the whole family adapts to their new reality. The kids don’t get to still live a life of luxury. The same should be said for divorced families. No child is ENTITLED to live any certain lifestyle. No wife/husband is ENTITLED to live any certain lifestyle(same problem with alimony) even though our back asswards courts say the opposite. Our legal system has to stop screwing the people of this country.

  39. Making the salary that he did for as many years as he did he didn’t need to invest anything…. Lots of players become broke due to stupid investments that don’t pan out. Just put your money away and don’t touch it…… And your set for life

  40. I don’t know why things like this are such a mystery to everyone. Generally, when people get used to a certain lifestyle, they don’t enjoy going back.

    I feel like none of us are any different, we just work on a scale far smaller and have no one to scrutinize our every financial decision.

  41. Geeze I have 11 cats inside and 2 ferals outside I feed and even with vet expenses I average about 300 a month.

    That’s one pampered set of pets.

  42. Here’s my take on Child support. If one parent asks for sole custody, then this is the way it should work for the other parent… If the parent supporting the child can work, or already has a job, then the other parent should be responsible for the expenses that come from day-care, medical visits, and the posibilty of lost wages due to conflicting schedlues with the other parnets job, all based on THAT parents income. So if Chad’s sons baby momma is workin 40 hrs a week at timmy ho’s, let’s say a manager, she’ easily making atleast 28K. She’s not going to be driving an escalde on that income, nor living in a 4 bedroom house on 60 acres, with or without a child. So WTH does she need $16,000 a month for? However, Chad should be required to put a portion of his earnings, say 2-3% away for his child, kind of like an allowance. This should be money that nobody but the child can access, and if he spends it frivilosly? Oh well, he’s a kid, he’ll have to learn from those mistakes so he doesn’t pull the same crap his Dad did. Child support is a load of crock, usually shunning the male, however, last time I checked, it takes 2 to Tango, and I can recall more then a handful of ladies asking me to ply in the rain without my rain coat, if you know what I mean. Shouldn’t be a profession collcecting CS payments…

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