Greg Childs: I’m the kind of guy who is going to make this believable


Last week, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier left open the possibility that wide receiver Greg Childs would get medical clearance to resume football activities sometime early in camp.

That would be about a year after he tore the patellar tendons in both knees during a Vikings practice while trying to make a catch on a play when he wasn’t ever touched. There were doubts about whether Childs would ever play again — there’s no record of anyone coming back from that injury to play in another NFL game — especially since Childs had suffered the same injury to one of his knees at Arkansas.

By all accounts, though, Childs has worked incredibly hard during rehab and remains committed to becoming the first player to play in a game after such a devastating injury. Trainer Eric Sugarman said Childs never blinked when he heard the long odds against a comeback and Childs hopes he winds up as an inspiration to future players recovering from career-altering injuries.

“I’m the kind of guy who is going to make this believable. People are going to be like, ‘OK, we believe now,'” Childs said, via Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “One day, when this happens to other guys, they’ll have a guideline to go by. They’ll be able to say, ‘OK, just because I tore both of mine, look at that guy Greg Childs. He worked his butt off and did what they said couldn’t be done.'”

The team is putting no timeline on Childs’ recovery and they’ve consistently pledged patience with his comeback effort. They’re under no obligation to do that, but the kind of work that Childs has been putting in is certainly deserving of as much rope as the Vikings can give him in his effort to blaze a new trail back from such a devastating injury.

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  1. I highly recommend everyone read this Star Tribune article on him that came out today, great read. You can’t help but love this kid and hope like hell he makes it back. Godspeed Greg Child’s.

  2. really sad, hope he makes it the guy was super talented but injuries have derailed what would have been a great career…

    I believe he has torn an ACL as well, one of those cases where i hope he makes it but i would be worried about his long term health.

  3. I am happy to see the difference the Wilfs, Spielman, and Frazier have made to the locker room integrity. This is an example of a high character kid that refuses to give up. They have rid themselves of guys that don’t want to buy in or give less due to money or ego. 100% participation in 2nd OTA’s I think may be a first, which included J. Allen in the last year of his contract. I hope they can keep Childs as another inspiration and asset.

  4. Terry Allen had both knees repaired, i think ACL’s, and came back & had a wonderful career for Minn. and Washington… I’m pretty sure he was the first to do that. But patellar tendons are different, Im not qualified to say how much more difficult, but it’s a great story, hopefully he succeeds!

  5. I really hope it works out for him.

    I have to wonder if his knee tendons are just naturally weak or something though, three torn patella tendons is worrisome. The double knee torn patella tendon tears in one play while untouched was freakishly “unlucky”, that shouldn’t happen to normally constructed knees.

    Again I hope he makes a full recovery, not just for football but for an enjoyable life free of debilitating pain.

  6. All the best to the guy, but I still think it is both parties’ best interest to put him on IR towards the end of camp, unless he is absolutely stand out.

  7. I think he’ll likely miss the whole year on IR but he’ll practice with the team and maybe next year he’ll be able to contribute. He’s earning his keep by being an inspiration to the team. Meanwhile, Percy Harvin just threw a dumbbell at Pete Carroll.

  8. When this injury happened last year, he stated that it was because he came back too soon from the previous one and that the recovery time for this injury was 18 months. Now, it hasn’t even been a year since he tore BOTH KNEES and they’re talking about him being back?!?! Why the rush?

  9. filthymcnasty1 says:
    Jun 17, 2013 12:56 PM
    So this kid is going to bust his butt to get back on the field only to find out that Ponder can’t throw it all the way to him anyway?

    Life isn’t fair.
    I’m a Viking fan but this is funny. I don’t care who you like as a team.

  10. “during a Vikings practice while trying to make a catch on a play when he wasn’t ever touched.” This partial sentence is why I visit this website less. Does Florio/staff know anything about playing football..not just stats, PR, politics, etc? Yes injuries happen in camp..they happen at home when a player falls down the stairs…injuries happen. Why the constant cheap shots? Is PFT really just the TMZ of football? I expected and have seen so much better than what it has become over the last 2 years.

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