Jets paying more for Tebow than Pats


As we close in on the one-week anniversary of the unexpected news that the Patriots have signed Tim Tebow, everything to be said about the move has been said.

And then some.

Except one thing:  The Jets will pay more for Tebow in 2013 than the Patriots will in 2013 and 2014 combined.

Connecting the dots was Rich Cimini of  The Jets owe the Broncos $1.53 million in salary that was advanced to Tebow in 2011.  The Patriots owe Tebow $1.36 million, if they keep him for two full years.

That disparity alone is reason enough for the Patriots to give Tebow the last spot on the 53-man roster — and to find a way to use him in meaningful fashion against the Jets twice this year, and twice next year.

31 responses to “Jets paying more for Tebow than Pats

  1. Brilliant move by Patriots. Even if he doesn’t play a down all year he will help them as the practice QB to prepare for teams like Niners and Seahawks. Two top teams in nfc that have a good chance of meeting them in the Super Bowl.

  2. Another great example of why Woodie stinks as an owner. And why the team stinks as well.

  3. wait every team has dead money players but are those players last name TEBOW?!?






  4. It would be amazing if their trip to NJ, the Jets get blown out by the half. Second half, in trots tebow..and they just run the score up. Won’t happen, because it’ll most likely be Mallet running up the score, but one can wish!

  5. I don’t think I’m going out too far on the proverbial limb in predicting that Tebow will make the Patriots roster AND score a touchdown against the Jets during their September 12 matchup against the Patriots in Foxboro.

  6. Oh Tannenbaum, Oh TannenBOMB, You hand out contracts that killed me.

    Dude’s name should be Mike Tickingbomb.

    $8 mil to Sanchez. $50 mil to Santonio and another $1.5 mil they still owe for Tebow to bring his playbook to Belichick.

    Mr. T (As Francesa calles him) “I pity the fool.

  7. It’s still a net gain for the jets. The only thing better than no tebow is tebow on a division rivals roster.
    On the other hand, knowing the jets and their luck, tebow will probably be flexed into the lineup in a way that adds yet another wrinkle to the pats offense. Kinda starting to feel for non Yankee/ jets fans

  8. Bring his playbook with him lol umm some one doesnt know football but loves drama. Jets have a new oc , nice try tho its now a west coast offense ppl wake up i like tebow but he could never run a west coast Offense

  9. Who cares if their paying more than the Pats, at least he’s gone, now if they can find a way to ditch Sanchez, that would be something to celebrate.

  10. Yeah…you hit it on the head KD75…Patriots Offense needs some pointers on the Jets Offense that ranked #1 last year….thanks for that intelligent input. LMAO (I hope you see the sarcasm in this response)

  11. This is nothing more than the Jets continuing saga of how not to run a football team. Sadly, the Jets have not done much since Broadway Joe left.

  12. The fact that the Jets are paying more dollars not to have him on the 53, clearly makes them the winner. As far as i’m concerned the Jets can’t pay enough to keep him on the Pats 53.

  13. and this is why Belichick and the Pats organization are always in the playoffs…smart investing

    The move is a total deja vu for me after the Eagles/Lurie hired Pat Shroomer as OC…the Browns paying just about every cent of his salary…just to piss off Joey Nickles/Banner…and maybe get something out of Shurmer…God only knows what

  14. Sad thing is that judging by the Jets current roster they probably should be using him as well as paying him.

    Never once saw him run into the ass of another player…not once

  15. I have no idea how Tebow’s time in NE will play out and the speculation of both sides of the spectrum make sense.

    What I do know is that Belichick does not like the Jets and while all these reports came out suggesting him signing Tebow was a favor to Meyer, I think if it was anything other than his typical “whatever is best for the team” response to personnel additions it was the idea that he would use a player against his division rival who are basically paying to get beaten by that player. That is a hilarious scenario and if Tebow only sees action in 3 games this year you can be sure 2 of them will be against the Jets.

  16. just remember: somebody in the Jets office actually said something along the lines of:

    “I know this guy can’t throw,
    and he’s got the worst yards per game in the NFL,
    and the worst TDs per game in the NFL
    and he couldn’t remember the plays in Denver and wasn’t able to audible ever….
    but we gotta spend $4M on this guy…. we gotta have him!”

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