Johnny Manziel hints he’ll enter the 2014 NFL draft


Johnny Manziel, the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback at Texas A&M, still has three more seasons of NCAA eligibility, which means he might not make it to the NFL until 2016. But he’s tweeting like a man who plans to enter the draft next year, the first year when he’ll be NFL-eligible.

Early Sunday morning, Manziel wrote on Twitter, “I can’t wait to leave College Station.” Manziel quickly deleted that tweet and replaced it with one that said he loves Texas A&M, but he also urged people to “walk a day in my shoes,” the latest in a series of public statements in which Manziel suggested that he finds college life rough.

If Manziel isn’t happy in college, he’s probably already planning his jump to the NFL. And when he does jump, he’ll be a fascinating prospect: Manziel isn’t the prototypical NFL pocket passer, but NFL teams are increasingly discovering ways to make the most of the talents of quarterbacks who aren’t prototypical NFL pocket passers. There will be questions about Manziel’s height and about how well his college accomplishments can translate to the next level. Those questions will resemble the questions about Russell Wilson heading into the 2012 draft, and there are surely plenty of NFL general managers now kicking themselves for passing on Wilson before the Seahawks grabbed him in the third round.

Opinions about Manziel entering the draft may be all over the map, but a year from now, we can probably expect Manziel to have left College Station, and be getting ready for an NFL training camp.

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  1. I hate it when the football industry uses the term “prototypical” to describe a standard, pocket passing QB. A prototype is an innovative product, and would better describe Russell Wilson’s skill set. “stereotypical” QB would better describe a pocket passer.

  2. Dude better stay in college as long as possible and build his legacy there because his NFL career is lasting 3 years max. I know smaller QB’s like Brees and Flute have made it the the NFL but does not that nearly as good of a skill set as these guys. If stays at A & M and wins another heisman or a national championship he will surely land a bunch of endorsements once he turn pro. That is his best chance at making some real cash after college

  3. I think we all saw this coming. Johnny football as his friends call him is going to be an amazing pro. You can’t teach leadership skills just like you can’t teach athletic ability and Johnny football has tons of both!

  4. But all those teams that didn’t want Russell Wilson, that was only because they had their QB situations all figured out. Right? Everybody has a QB now and nobody should be looking for one at this point correct?

    Oh and don’t most teams already have 2 or 3 QBs that they’re very happy with, how could they possibly fit more QBs into this league without many GMs admitting that their chosen QBs are a mistake?

    Future excuses are currently brewing. I love watching lousy GMs burn themselves alive, it’s fascinating to me to see such tolerance by these owners to watch their ships burn.

  5. He has a chance to make it in the NFL if he can get rid of the ball faster. That’s one thing the Russell Wilson and Drew Brees do extremely well. Manziel holds onto the ball way too long to be effective in a pro style passing game. That is the main thing he is going to have to change in order to transition to the NFL

  6. Must be rough to come from a well off family, get college paid for because you can throw a football, become a national star, be given the nickname “johny football,” and very likely be a high round draft pick going on to make millions very soon….he really does have it rough.

  7. Does anybody else find it strange that Manziel does not seem to get much media criticism with his public antics?

    We’ve seen all these crazy public party pictures and a number of tweets where he complains and is hostile toward fans. Just look at this most recent incident for example. Saying you can’t wait to leave your school before the season has started? Saying you haven’t “walked a day in my shoes”.

    If other quarterbacks said these things (or really any player), they probably would have gotten a lot more flack for it by media and fans.

    Maybe it’s the fact he’s still in college and hasn’t had to start dealing with NFL media who are pretty relentless with anything that could be interpreted as negative. I wonder if he’s going to get a Cam Newton/Geno Smith type of scouting report that questions his attitude.

  8. He needs to focus on this year right now, rather than planning for 2014. Taking things for granted leads to complacency, which leads to a Matt Barkley-like slide in one’s draft stock.

  9. There’s no evidence to suggest that the longer a player stays in college, the better he is. When a player is ready, he’s ready. An extra year of school isn’t going to make Manziel something that he’s not.

    I do have sympathy for the guy- any time he’s out, someone takes a picture of him. It winds up on the internet and the Athletic Director wants to lecture him.

    Must suck having to always deal with such extreme scrutiny.

  10. i dont care what anyone says about his size he can play football. he is highly accurate out of the pocket and will have success in the nfl for many years to come. i would draft him over everyone if i were in need of a qb. however yes clowney would be my choice if i had a qb just depends on the situation

  11. Has anyone lived in Bryan/College Station? No? Thought so, it sucks. Nothing there but a college. I’m sure if he wasn’t an aggie he’d spend his time in Austin but as it is, he’d probably get heckled out of town.

  12. Russell Wilson fit the system.

    There are numerous reports of Seattle having PED problems.

    They had an extra win that everyone knew was really a loss.

    Let’s calm down on just how great Seattle is, can we try and be realistic?

  13. This young man is operating in a single read offense and will have a very tough time going from Sumlin’s QB friendliest system to the NFL. He should consult with Case Keenum before making a final decision.

  14. Can we wait until he gets to the NFL before he is written off or written about I thought this was PFT(Pro) he isn’t even eligible and there are better players than him in college. By the way he might want stay instead of get out of College Station he might learn something.

  15. Ha ha. “Early ” Sunday morning (1:38 am) as in Saturday night at college? I did some of my best thinking at those hours, about what, I don’t know. But it was good.

  16. “Walk a day in my shoes.” Really Johnny??
    This is the same guy who sits court side at NBA games, takes Batting Practice wuth MLB teams, dates models, parties at casinos, goes on late night TV and is revered by a whole college community.
    He sounds like an entitled, ungrateful kid who doesn’t have a clue on how great his life is and how many people would relish the opportunity to “walk a day in his shoes.” He should save those comments for the people in Oklahoma dealing with disaster or the people in Boston dealing with an unthinkable tragedy or the people in Newton, Conn.
    He should spend a day with one person from each of those cities who was affected by tragedy and ask them to “walk a day in his shoes.”

  17. I know I’ll get flamed for this, but this behavior sounds like he’s crying out for help. He has a ton of pressure on him in College Station. I hope he’s ok, as a young man. He seems to have the world at his fingertips, but he’s sounding like the pressure has gotten to him.

    Maybe he’s not talking about turning to the draft; maybe he needs to transfer somewhere with less pressure, and lose the “Johnny Football” moniker.

  18. I really like this dude. But as far as NFL goes, I’m not feeling it. I think he’ll have limited success if any.

    But if he proves me wrong, I’m cool with that. I hope he does.

  19. Tim Tebow part II. This time the kid has a little fun instead. He is loved by his fans but isn’t a great passer.

  20. “Please walk a day in my shoes”

    Has a girlfriend who is a model, millions of dollars of endorsements coming his way even if he becomes an NFL bust thanks to the heisman, no real 40-hour week job for the rest of his life.

    Must really suck. You can quit football at any time you want you a** hole, nobody is forcing you to play. Btw, it might help getting off twitter, not sitting courtside at the NBA Finals, and keeping a low profile overall.

  21. If small guys get blasted by linebackers and have very short careers which a lot of people here claim over and over again.How do you explain Chris Johnson? 5’11 190 starting his 6th season,missed 1 game,close to 1500 carries.And wasn’t even 190 when he came into the league.

  22. It feels weird to say this about a QB but he really needs to bulk up to make it in the NFL. If he could get to the 215-220lbs range (actual weight not listed wieght), it would make him better prepared for NFL wear and tear. Its one thing to be shorter, but to be short and really skinny is a death wish for his style of football. He has all the other physical tools to be succesful.

    Of course this post will probably be deleted liek every other post I’ve made, so what the heck do I know.

  23. Seems likable enough, but honestly from what I’ve have seen thus far he is nothing special. More years in college would serve him well.

  24. wow!
    I’m wondering if some agent type got in his ear.
    No doubt the kid gets drafted somewhere but I’m thinking he’s short changing himself if he leaves TOO early.
    Enjoy being BMOC.
    But maybe that agent-type thinks you peaked and have to cash in while the coals are hot.
    Good Luck Johnny!

  25. A lot can happen before this kid should even be thinking about going pro. He has had some success early now lets see how he handles a season of SEC defenses keying on him.

  26. “…I know smaller QB’s like Brees and Flute have made it the the NFL…”

    No, the regular size is a “Flute.”

    The travel size (who played for 4 NFL teams) is a “Flutie”

  27. The only question I have is, is the NFL big enough for both Manziel and Luck?

    Manziel, who is a great runner, but lacks the passin ability of Wilson, Rg# or Luck. He’s better than Tebow, but is not gonna be a starter for a team expecting to win.

    Slot receiver, maybe. QB as a wildcat type only.

  28. Cue up all of the cutesy little “Johnny Football” crap. It’ll be as constant and non-stop as the Tim Tebow coverage, and he’ll probably suck just as bad as Tebow

  29. Too bad he is White- otherwise these lemmings would love him and proclaim him as the “second coming” Now back to Bob Griffen coverage.

  30. Manziel represents the up-and-coming generation of young people feeling entitled to everything. Get used to it!

  31. I remember how immature I was at 20 years old, and I’m glad Twitter didn’t exist then, so I can’t bash Manziel too much. However, he’s fast becoming a diva who needs to take some Communications classes like RG3 did. He also needs guidance on how to handle the fame.

  32. Last I checked his home wasn’t wiped away by a tornado like many in Oklahoma. Walk a day in their shoes Johnny.

  33. Ummmm… have any of you been to College Station, TX? You’d be ready to get the hell out of there also.

  34. Oh, ohhh! It sounds like Johnny Football will be the 2nd Coming~of Tim Tebow. Awesome college football player who begins to think he can walk on water~mainly because the media builds him up! The same one who will eventually tear you down: (See also Tebow).

    Word to Manziel: Enjoy the college football journey, Dude! The NFL is a job and the fans aren’t nearly as enthusiastic as those in college. THESE, are the good ol’ days.

    So, humble thy self and enjoy the ride. It’s a blessing when people want your autograph. One day, they won’t want it. There are untold numbers of athletes and entertainers who USED TO BE FAMOUS.

    Again, humble yourself.

  35. Jets, Jags, Vikings and Titans all will need a QB by then, if current guys don’t work out. I see those teams as the most needy I have serious doubts about Sanchez/Smith, Gabbert, Ponder and Locker. Peyton is gonna retire at some point right? I think Vikings would be a great fit brings back memories of Fran Tarkenton scrambling around and give Peterson a real shot at a championship.

  36. You never know what you have until its gone young man, one day when there are no more lights, crowds and 1M twitter followers, you’ll look back and say, I had it pretty good down there in College Station. Which is easily one of the warmest little college towns I’ve ever visited, those folks are loyal down there. I’d be careful about what I put on Twitter Johnny. Enjoy your time and be gracious.

  37. Who came up with the “Johnny Football” nickname? It’s the kiss of death.
    Mr. Football was on ESPN’s “First Take” the other day, and he’s no bigger than Skip Bayless. Perhaps a more appropriate nickname should be “Johnny Midget Football.”

  38. Stay in college, Johnny. Take your time and enjoy it, get your degree. It’ll be over before you know it and you’ll look back on it as the best time of your life.
    Ask ol’ M0 Clarette!

  39. The bottom line with QB’s is that it doesn’t matter how much talent they have if they lack the maturity needed to maintain a poker face and be a leader once they hit the NFL.

    Guys like Geno Smith were not getting crap for no reason. It can be pretty easy to overlook someone on talent alone and look back years later knowing you misfired on a player but that is a completely different conversation when you are talking purely about the demeanor of a person and the intangibles they bring to the field. Every QB has intangibles. The difference is a guy like Tebow rallies everyone around him with his leadership ability which has allowed him to triumph in many instances despite lacking the natural talent to be a QB. This guy is a child and if he was a wide receiver it wouldnt matter. Guys like Jerry Rice stand above the rest not just because of stats but because they were leaders even as role players. The one position you cannot have a diva in is the QB. That mentality trickles down to the rest of the team.

  40. If some team is willing to pay you a boat load of money for your college accomplishments, get out and worry about that degree when you fail at the NFL level or when you retire at 35.

  41. If he has a good year this year, he will go pro as he should. He seems to be a mature kid. He has had a privileged life, it’s not his fault. He is not given anything on that football field, he is ding the work. He has earned the accolades. Don’t blame him for being successful. He will be the next QB of THE DALLAS COWBOYS!

  42. This guy’s ego is way too big. I don’t understand who he thinks he is. I understand he’s the first freshman Heisman winner, but I think that’s what got to his head. Now he thinks he’s better than everyone. It seems obvious that he has a “me first” mentality over “team first” and that’s a problem. Seriously, who says they can’t wait to leave their team before the year has even started? Also, in my opinion, I think the fact that he can’t handle the attention or pressure or whatever of taking classes on campus shows mental weakness. You’re gonna have a hell of a lot brighter lights on you in the NFL at all times. I just don’t even wanna get started on the whole “walk a day in my shoes” thing. His maturity level is astonishingly low.

  43. He would be great in NY. Jets and Johnny Football are two stars about to collide into the media’s wet dream.

  44. good thing the idiots deciding what a prototypical qb is weren’t around when the best quarter back ever, john unitas, came up….they would have never drafted him……

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