Let’s build an Oilers-Titans Mt. Rushmore

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Folks in Baltimore and Indy aren’t alone.  There’s another franchise with a Mt. Rushmore that will create plenty of consternation in a pair of cities and states.

The Titans, once the Oilers, previously were in Houston.  Now (for those of you just emerging for a coma or returning from a desert island after your FedEx plane went down and you befriended a volleyball) they’re in Tennessee.  But they get one Mt. Rushmore.

And you get 12 names to narrow down to four winners.

The final four will be unveiled on Tuesday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN, when coincidentally former Titans great Frank Wycheck will join us in studio for the first of a two-day guest analyst stint.

Unless he ends up on a desert island and befriends a volleyball between now and then.

33 responses to “Let’s build an Oilers-Titans Mt. Rushmore

  1. Earl Campbell, Bruce Matthews and Mike Munchak (a trio of Hall Of Famers who made All-Decade teams) were definites for me.

    Went with Hall Of Famer Warren Moon with my final selection. But that easily could’ve been Steve McNair or Eddie George. Seeds of a good debate methinks.

  2. No Mt. Rushmore for the Oilers/Titans can be without Earl Campbell. Period.

    A good list with two notable players missing: Robert Brazile and Ray Childress.

  3. Lets start with the obvious, Earl Campbell.

    I’d then put both McNair and Moon. Moon for his obvious hall of fame career and McNair for the underrated career he had. That final drive in the Super Bowl still gives me goosebumps when I see it. The final spot would be for either Bruce Matthews or Munchak and I think they are synomous. If I had to pick one, it would be Bruce Matthews

    Moon, Campbell, McNair, Matthews

  4. Earl Campbell, Warren Moon, Bruce Matthews should be locks. I went with Eddie George, but the argument could be made for Bum Phillips, Jeff Fisher, or McNair.

  5. I voted for Fisher, McNair, George, and Munchak. I know Earl Campbell deserves a spot, but for me being a fan since I was 8 years old and watching them the past 14 years I had to go with the four who had the most impact on me as a fan.

    All of the guys on this list are very deserving though.

  6. I voted for Campbell, Matthews, Munchak, and Phillips.

    I know that Moon had a lot of success, but when I think of Moon, I don’t even think of the Oilers/Titans first, so don’t really identify him as being from only that team and don’t think he belongs on their Mt Rushmore.

  7. If there was a Browns/Ravens combo Mt. Rushmore, it would still be all Browns, no Ravens worthy enough to eclipse Paul Brown, Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Marion Motley

    But anyway, here’s the Oiler/Titan Mt. Rushmore:

    Warren Moon
    Bruce Matthews
    Earl Campbell
    Steve McNair

  8. Campbell, Moon, and McNair were the easy ones. It came down to Munchak or Matthews for me. Both are hall of famers, so to me the tie breaker is that Munchak is now the head coach.

  9. Sorry Titans fans, Bud Adams fought tooth and nail to keep the Oiler name and history away from us. You reap what you sow.


    You could argue Munchak over Bethea. No Titans on this list, and suggesting otherwise illustrates your lack of knowledge of your teams history which was so important to Bud. Deal with it.

  10. Pound for pound, Earl Campbell is probably the very best football I’ve ever watched. I’m not old enough to have seen guys like Jim Brown, but Campbell was dominant in his first three seasons like I’ve never seen anyone since. I loved Phillips as a coach back then, but he ran Campbell into the ground and didn’t do him any favors trading away Pastorini for Stabler. Pastorini’s deep balls kept defenses from stacking the box and keeping the running lanes open for Campbell when Stabler couldn’t three deep anymore. Maybe in 1980 the Oilers win it all if Phillips hadn’t traded Pastorini away. He wasn’t a great QB, but he was a gutsy guy with a great arm that defenses had to respect. Unfortunately, I’m not sure Phillips understood that.

  11. I’ll take the guts and charisma of a guy like Dan Pastorini any day……

    That was one tough and cagey dude…….and one of my favorite NFL QB’s in the 1970’s, by far….

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