Nate Washington has no worries about his job


As the Titans add receivers, the speculation grows that soon-to-be-30-year-old Nate Washington isn’t long for a job.

And yet he still has one.

To Washington’s credit, he doesn’t care.  Which could be one of the reasons why he has been able to keep going.

“I am not worried about it, and never was worried about it, to tell you the truth,” Washington recently said, via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “At the end of the day, I am here, and I am here to do a job.  I have no problem with who they brought in or didn’t bring in.  It doesn’t matter to me.’’

Still, Washington knows that, as he ages, he needs to find other ways to force the team to keep him around.

“If all these other guys are going to get younger, faster and bigger, then I have to get older, wiser, bigger and stronger,” Washington said.  “It is about me giving my all.  If I do that, I know I can look myself in the mirror.  At this point, I have nothing to prove.  I just need to make sure the guys believe in me and know I am going to work and do everything I can to help us win.”

His effort this year includes gaining five pounds of muscle.  He now feels stronger and faster than ever, and he understands the game in ways young players don’t.

Washington has been a solid, but not spectacular, performer during his eight-year career.  He has one 1,000-yard season, in 2011.  Last year, he caught 46 passes for 746 yards and four touchdowns.

That was still good enough to lead the team in receiving yards.

This year, he’s dealing with a depth chart that includes two first-round picks (Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright) and a second-rounder (Justin Hunter). He’s also dealing with guys like Britt calling him old.

While Washington seems to be taking the high road, we suggest that he consider taking a page out of the Cris Carter playbook, who had this to say when a young Bears defender called Carter “old man” in 1998:  You should get on your knees and pray that you can play this game as long as me.

While there aren’t many things of which I’m sure, I’m sure Britt won’t play pro football as long as Washington.

8 responses to “Nate Washington has no worries about his job

  1. But how are you going to get older and bigger than you already are? If you can do that, why didn’t you choose to do that earlier in your career to get an extra advantage? Is this an admission of being lazy earlier in your career, or are you about to start taking some PEDs?

    Well I guess it really doesn’t matter.

  2. I’ve always thought Nate Washington averaged about 60 yards per catch and that his career low reception went for about 56 yards.

    As a fan who doesn’t see a lot of Steelers or Titans games, the only times I’ve heard about Washington were because he was good for a long reception just about every week.

  3. That over the back btwn a defender catch marvelous. Anyhow, if u have guys like Jake L throwing u the ball need I say more. He is a
    Serviceable wr

  4. britt won’t be around much longer – he’ll surely finish the season watching games (on us) in jail like titus young…

  5. “As the Titans add receivers, the speculation grows that soon-to-be-30-year-old Nate Washington isn’t long for a job.”

    Speculation by whom? Not hearing it in Nashville these days. Would be extremely surprised if Washington is not on the opening day roster this year. (Seeing the last year of his contract next year? Different story.)

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