No extension talks for Ryan Clark, Steelers


Last month, safety Ryan Clark said that he didn’t want 2013 to be his final season with the Steelers.

There’s been no action since then to guarantee Clark will remain in Pittsburgh, however. Clark told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that there have been no talks about a new deal. Clark said that he hoped that talks would get going as the calendar moves closer to the start of training camp, but that he wouldn’t approach the season any differently should the Steelers remain silent.

“I still play, I still love this game, I want to be here and I want this team to do well,” Clark said.

Clark turns 34 in October, an age that usually doesn’t bring multi-year deals to the table even when you’ve been a longtime fixture on the defense. Clark’s play has remained strong enough to think he could continue playing well beyond 2013, but finite cap space and an organizational commitment to getting younger mean that he may need to do that playing somewhere else if the Steelers decide to see what rookie safety Shamarko Thomas can do before making any calls on Clark’s future in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Ryan Clark still has some good football left in him. He’s become one of the best FS in the league, but I think he has benefited from playing in Dick Lebeau’s defense. Therefore I don’t know if he’ll be as successful somewhere else. I would like the Steelers to get younger on defense and hoping that Shamarko Thomas plays well enough to get a starting job in 2014. If he does play well, then I wouldn’t be upset if Clark doesn’t get an extension, even though he’ll be greatly missed on the field and in the locker room. But i’m glad we get another year of Clark laying big hits on receivers.

  2. I believe that Ryan Clark is still an outstanding FS, but may need to renegotiate a lower salary cap to resign, and I believe that the Steelers would like to keep him under those circumstances.

  3. Clark is a leader of men, and despite his age – his play remains strong. And even with Shamarko on board, we are still very thin at Safety.

    And though Troy plays strongside as opposed to Free where Clark plays – Troy has lost big chunks of time to various injuries, including head injuries. Troy is also getting up there too — further enhancing Clark’s value.

    Moreover, we also need that leadership factor – as we’ve taken some key hits in that area.

    Still furthermore, Clark is a very physical presence – and we’ve taken a heavy departure in losing Debo this year.

    My take is we really need to get Clark under contract through 2014 – with an option beyond that. He is very valuable to the Steelers, and deeply respected in the locker room – as well he should be. He wants to play for Pittsburgh — don’t blow our cap, but let’s make a reasonable and goof faith effort keep the man in the Steel City.

  4. “Trade him to Denver if he won’t agree to terms”

    That’s a sick comment coming from any fan.

  5. He is the weak link in the defense. Too slow to cover anyone. They often took him out in the dime and used Mundy. All he is good for is the big hit and most of those result in penalties. If he played for any other team he would have been out of the league years ago.

  6. Heath is 31
    Ben is 31
    Polamalu is 32
    Ike is 33
    Clark is 33
    Burris is 35
    Not a lot of young talent on this team.
    Drafts have been mediocre.
    Oh, Ziggy Hood, when will you start playing well?!

  7. Dear Sbchamsagain,

    lets list a few more of the Steelers “mediocre” draft picks shall we

    Maurkice Pouncey, Lamarr Woodley, Antonio Brown, Lawrence Timmons. Cortez Allen, Emmanuel Sanders

    Burris is #4 on the depth chart and dropping.
    Ben at 31 is in his prime for a QB.
    Clark had his BEST year last season.
    Heath had statistically his best season.

    and Ziggy Hood, he really does need to step up

  8. Letting Clark stay because he ” deserves to retire a Steeler” is a big mistake. He makes too much money and the team suffers. Might be 8-8 again.

  9. People seem to forget that before the injuries to Ben (and more importantly, the O-line), PIT was being hailed as the best team in the AFC.

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