Richard Seymour says nothing doing with Falcons right now

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The Falcons and free agent defensive lineman Richard Seymour have been talking about Seymour coming aboard for the 2013 season, but the two sides remain unable to reach an agreement on a contract.

Seymour told Jason La Canfora of that he remains open to signing with Atlanta, where he makes his offseason home, but that the team hasn’t made him an offer that he’s willing to accept. Whether or not that remains the case, Seymour said that he’s grateful to the Falcons for their interest and their discussions about a contract.

“I thank them for their efforts,” Seymour said.

Signing Seymour seems like it would fit into the Falcons’ overall approach to this offseason, one that has seen them sign other veterans and convince tight end Tony Gonzalez to return as part of an effort that wide receiver Roddy White has described as “Super Bowl or nothing.” That hasn’t caused them to open up the purse strings as wide as Seymour would like, which could change as the team gets closer to training camp or even after training camp gets underway.

There hasn’t been much other interest in Seymour around the league, so a continued gap with the Falcons could mean the end of the line for the 33-year-old former Raider and Patriot.

17 responses to “Richard Seymour says nothing doing with Falcons right now

  1. Richard Seymour needs to see more teams and find out where his value is. He is still a dominant d-lineman and I wish him and his family the best

  2. I guess he doesn’t remember disappearing on the field the last two years with the Raiders.
    Even when he was relatively healthy. Which wasn’t often.

    He should be grateful that any team is even looking at him, regardless of how low their offer is.

  3. Raiders and Falcons, I guess after NE this guy is happy to give up any chance at another ring. No matter how much the Falcons add, their D won’t be able to make up for Matt Ryan disappearing in the second half in all his playoff games.

  4. I’m still not ruling out the possibility Seymour lands back with Raiders. I think he will end up playing for them for another season when all is said and done. They will need another D Line man and he wants to play, I think the Raiders will just end up giving him a decent 1 year deal to stay

  5. It’s too bad he shot his mouth off on the way out of NE. Had he not do e that I could see bill taking a chance on him. Choosing money over ring gets a lot easier when you already have a few rings I guess.

  6. Why would anyone sign with this loser franchise? These losers won a playoff game last year, finally, and treated it like it was a SB….what a joke…perennial losers….even the Saints and Bucs have a ring….FAILCANTS…laughable….

  7. The Niners are just biding their time with Seymour. He’s gonna end up in SF

  8. Big Sey’s knees are shot.. makes no sense for him to sign a deal now..

    Wait it out, sign with a championship caliber team halfway through camp and try to give them 10 solid games and contribute in the playoffs.

  9. Collusion or a ton of old unhealthy players. No reason why talents like he and Abraham should be out of work.

  10. Collusion? Hardly. They cost more for less production usually then an UDFA. The young kid will play special teams and contribute. Seymour would be injured by week 1 if he had to play special teams.

  11. Seymour, you don’t play like a Ferrari anymore. You play more like a 6 cylinder Camaro. You should expect to get paid like one.

  12. Wise move. Falcons are going no where fast. Matty Romo will always fail under pressure, Droppy White shrinks on the big stage, and their HC turns into Don Knotts in the 2nd half of any big games. Always a bridesmaid…

  13. Seymour is being greedy plain and simple. He wants big money, he earned a fortune in Oakland but still wants more.

    He could join any team he wants if he accepted a lower salary but no his big ego wont allow that.

    I hate seeing vets stay on the FA scrapheap in June but sometimes in this case they only have themselves to blame

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