Spokesman for Putin denies he stole Kraft’s Super Bowl ring


The subject is too frivolous to turn into World War III, but the war of words is escalating between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kraft said last week that in 2005, he visited Russia and left without his Super Bowl ring, as Putin admiringly said, “I can kill someone with this” and walked off with it. At the time, Kraft released a statement saying he had given it as a gift to show the friendship between the American people and the Russian people, but Kraft now says he was pressured by the White House to make that statement to avoid an international incident.

Asked about Kraft’s comments, Putin’s spokesman told CNN that he was personally with Putin at the time that the ring changed hands and that the story is totally false.

What Mr. Kraft is saying now is weird,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “I was standing 20 centimeters away from him and Mr. Putin and saw and heard how Mr. Kraft gave this ring as a gift.”

The Russians say the ring is on display with other state gifts at the Kremlin.

51 responses to “Spokesman for Putin denies he stole Kraft’s Super Bowl ring

  1. Bob Kraft needs to step out of the spotlight with all this weird stuff he’s been saying about Putin taking a ring that didn’t belong to him while publicly gushing about Tebow’s spirituality.

    Good God, can you imagine another Cold War starting over a SuperBowl ring? Actually, things may have gotten nutty enough in this country for that to happen.

  2. Am I the only one that reads quotes from Russians with a Russian accent? I don’t do this for any other nationality….

  3. By the way, this board is on FIRE on this one.

    “Super Bowl ring steals YOU. Next Michael Bay movie.” Priceless!

  4. I’m going to wait until Gollum gives his two cents on this issue before deciding who to believe.

  5. All I have to say is you are a real sick person if you are a billionaire yet you also want to score sentimental value from material objects as well to the point that you will throw the WH under the bus despite volunteering to go under the bus in the first place.

    His greed is a disease. He may be rich, have a family and own an NFL team, but to me he’s just a well dressed loser.

    Or maybe he’s just trying to stir up some bad relations with Russia so the next Republican presidential candidate has a talking point to score with.

  6. Really? Standing 20 centimeters away? Hmm… that’s roughly 2 iPhones laid end to end. At that distance he must have used a listening device.

  7. Kraft better watch out as Putin will send a FSB (the new version of the KGB) wet (hit) team after him. Do not be surprise that Kraft suddenly has health problems or passes on; such are the methodology Putin is operating by in Russia where those who annoy Putin suddenly end up missing or dead.

  8. Putin also stole Tom Brady’s original VS model gf. That’s why Brady is with Giselle now. 😉

  9. All the jet/ dolphin trolls crack me up! I d hate life too if I had to cheer for any of those putrid organizations

  10. “bob” kraft is an effeminate little dough boy.

    I have a place I’d suggest he put his “rings”.

    Maybe it’s Karma for cheating? Cutting a guy because he has diabetes? Supporting a guy who wouldn’t shake his opposing coaches hand when he lost the championship game to him? Or mumbles one word answers and looks at the ground like a whiny spoiled brat after he loses?

    Maybe it has to do with that?

  11. There’s no way Putin said that. He might have said, “…someone could get killed for this”, but there’s a problem with any common sense that he’s quoted as saying, “I could kill someone w/ this”. Right? Anyone?

  12. This really shows what a punk bush was. Cldnt even get a ring back from a 2nd rate so-called superpower. However i love this story. More more more! Also i lost respect for kraft. The dude took it right in front of u. 20 centimeters away!!!! How hard is it to say, excuse me… My man killing ring back pls. Bwahahahahahhanahahahahhahahha. Starstruck by a leader thats a 1 drought away from being a banana republic!

  13. Putin also stated that the ring didn’t belong to the Patriots owner anyway, saying that spygate in Russia would have gotten your fingers removed and therefore you would need no ring.


  14. You have to askk: Why bring this up now?
    Is Jerry J and Irksay gettin too much media attention?

  15. from Russia with love…..why is kraft saying this now if it happened 7 years ago??

  16. Putin’s going to take it on a mystical joirney to mordor to through it into the crack of doom on the volcano mt doom.

  17. “I can kill someone with this, now go fetch me some serfs to try it out on.”

  18. So the spokesman is saying that Kraft liked it so he put a ring on it???

    To an extent, I agree with NFL oracle that it is a bit weird Kraft would say this now so many years later. I’d love to know what prompted it.

    As tot he spirituality thing, Kraft has made similar type comments before the Pats even got Tebow. He’s long been a proponent of more human contact vs electronic. Not an uncommon thing for someone of his generation. But he’s right, there’s a balance between the two that’s beneficial.

  19. Old Robert should have never showed off the ring in the first place, in doing so, he should have promised to have one made for Vladdy with his own name inside the SBR & not Krafts name, before he ever exposed it, personalized rings are usually given to family & very close friends not the silent enemy & leader of the Soviet Union HELLLO !!!!

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