Texans get their Mt. Rushmore on Tuesday

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Sure, they’ve only been around 11 years.  But every NFL franchise gets a Mt. Rushmore, and the Texans currently are in better shape than most NFL franchises.

This is the occasion to look at the full range of the team’s history, and to decide which four persons have had the biggest impact on the team.

The job is a bit easier, since the Texans get only 10 finalists, instead of the usual 12.  It’s up to you to cut them to four.

Have at it.

37 responses to “Texans get their Mt. Rushmore on Tuesday

  1. I found this more difficult than the Jags’ Rushmore. The Texans have had two successful years. I like Watt and Foster, but it seems really premature to carve them in stone.

  2. Andre 3000, Arian “Race” Foster, Mario Will.I.Ams and Matt Slaub

  3. Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub.

    For the 4th, I say Mario Williams.

    JJ Watt had 1 monster season and will probably be on this list in a couple years, but Mario Williams had 4 straight seasons of 9 or more sacks, then 5 sacks in 5 games the season he got hurt. I think that makes him the default #4 since no one else on the list is very impressive to me.

  4. Honestly I’m not sure any of them deserve to be carved into stone yet… Maybe Andre Johnson, but the others, I’m not so sure..

  5. I went Foster, Kubiak, Johnson, Schaub; but I don’t like it. Watt may very well end up deserving it, but who knows for now. Mario probably won’t end up playing half his career as a Texan. Daniels has been a good player and I respect him, but I give the nod to another player of his ilk that plays QB instead of TE. Kubiak hasn’t been out of this world, but he has playoff appearances in an expansion franchise. Andre Johnson is a man among boys, he is the obvious lock.

  6. It has to be Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, J.J. Watt, and Bob McNair.

    If not for Bob McNair, this franchise would likely be the Los Angeles Californians and Houston would still be without a team!

  7. david carr’s backing up Eli in New York these days, fell a long way from a first overall pick, although he did have the most permeable o line in nfl history

  8. Only Texans fans would even bother voting on this. I’m ashamed for even commenting!

  9. In my opinion, the Oilers are still a Houston team. I can assure you that no one in Tennessee gives a rats ass about Earl Campbell, George Blanda or Elvin Bethea.

    When that arrogant old fart moved the team, all those players didn’t move with him.

    Only Houston fans care about those guys and they should be honored here……not there….

  10. As a diehard fan since day one I think Andre is a definite lock, he’s been the best player on the team since it;s inception. Kubiak has not been stellar but has brought the team from a laughing stock to respectability with not always alot to work with. McNair is the reason the Texans are in Houston. He is well respected among the NFL owners and puts the needs of the team over anything else. There are contributors on the list beyond these guys but that is all they have been. Ask in another 10 years and Arian and JJ would be locks I’m sure but as for now I say the fourth spot is left untouched for now.

  11. According to the team history section of the Texans web site:

    Texans Team History

    The Texans didn’t hit the field until 2002, but there’s plenty of history before and after that point. Here’s a look at the franchise’s timeline from infancy through its 10th NFL season.

    The Houston Texans have not had enough players or wins for a Mt Rushmore. Maybe they should have more of a Mt Rushmore souvenir gift shop key chain franchise player award.

  12. DeMeco Ryans (no love, he was a beast with the Texans and still is), Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels (underrated tight end), and Mario Williams!!

  13. How did Jamie Sharper not make the list? He was pretty damn good while there. Then again, you also skipped Tony Boselli, as many Texans fans wish they could do as well.

  14. I have nothing against the Texans, but it’s too early to vote for this team. Their early years were just painful with no one deserving.

  15. This is very difficult. I have been a die-hard Texans fan since Day 1.

    1 – Andre Johnson obviously.

    2 – Owen Daniels. He has been around for a while and, although underrated (somehow), has always put up great numbers for a Tight End.

    3 – Mario Williams. Sure I hate him now. But he was the 2nd #1 pick we had to make (and hopefully the last) and he made up for the disappointment of David Carr. (I still rock the Carr Jersey though.) Mario was a beast for us and has the franchise sack record.

    4 – This was the hardest pick. It came down to Duane Brown and DeMeco Ryans for me. I have to give it to Duane Brown. When we first drafted him in the 1st round out of Virgina I had my doubts, but slowly and surely we groomed him into one of the top linemen in the league and now he is the anchor of our offensive line. He’s perfect for our system.

    Well that’s that. Watt and Foster haven’t done enough yet to get on this list. Not even close. Dominick Davis (Williams) deserves it more than him. He was a 4th round pick out of LSU for special teams purposes and became our starter. Even Steve Slaton!
    And don’t say we don’t deserve a Mount Rushmore. Every team gets one. That’s the whole point. And no…no Gary Kubiak.

  16. McNair (for bringing football back to Houston)
    Johnson (greatest player in their short history)
    Ryans (best leader team has ever had)
    Watt (current best player and face of franchise)

  17. I feel bad that I skipped over mcnair, He deserves to be up there.

    But I picked JJ over Mario. Nothing personal, just I’m watching Mario now as a Bills fan first (Texans are my team after the bills make their usual miss at the playoffs), and unless he picks it up this year….

  18. Carr Did All He Could With This Franchise. He Should On It, The Texans O-Line Practically Destroyed His Football Career.

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