790 The Zone fires Mayhem in the A.M. crew for Gleason “joke”

The now-former hosts of Mayhem in the A.M. probably suspected that, at some point, the name of their show would have literal meaning.

790 The Zone in Atlanta has announced that the “three individuals” involved in a bizarre and unfunny bit involving former Saints defensive back Steve Gleason have been fired.

The station has announced the move without naming the (former) hosts of the show:  Stephen “Steak” Shapiro, Nick Cellino, and Chris Dimino.

Here’s the full statement, posted the station’s website:  “We deeply regret the offensive programming that aired this morning on ‘Mayhem In The AM’ on 790 The Zone, related to former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason and his battle with ALS.  We suspended the three individuals involved immediately following their comments and have since terminated their employment.  790 The Zone, our owners, sponsors and partners in no way endorse or support this kind of content.  We sincerely apologize to Mr. Gleason, his family and all those touched by ALS.”

The audio of the gag, which featured a caller with a computerized voice pretending to be Gleason, has surfaced.  It’s not humorous, under any reasonably stretch of the subjective concept of what is and isn’t funny.

One of the hosts seems to realize while it’s all unfolding that it wasn’t a great idea, saying “I just don’t know if I want to play.”

He should have listened to his instincts, and they all should have realized that this was a huge mistake that would bring their careers at 790 The Zone to a swift and decisive conclusion.

115 responses to “790 The Zone fires Mayhem in the A.M. crew for Gleason “joke”

  1. Accountability is lacking in todays entertainment society. Im glad these nits were given the boot. I mean its ALS, how is that funny?

  2. What on earth were these idiots thinking? Apologizing after the fact is never going to right the wrong here…

  3. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of responsibility.

    And with all the buffoons in the sporting world (and otherwise) one could do a skit on, making fun of a person with ALS is about as low as it gets.

    Kudos to 790 The Zone for taking swift and decisive action, hopefully this will be a lesson to other sports radio shock jocks to tone it down and use their heads before something like this happens again.

  4. That bit is painful to listen to. Nothing about it is funny. Its awful. “Smother me”? Really guys? Im glad they are fired.

  5. Even if the joke was deeply offensive, I don’t think they should be fired. We can’t keep suppressing free speech like this. It’s already bad enough where locker room reporters have to watch everything they say and give us the same sanitized boring tripe so teams don’t pull their media credentials. Suspend them for 2 weeks and teach them a lesson. Heck, if I were Gleason I’d probably call the owner to hire them back.

  6. I don’t see why all of the outrage. People have made fun of celebrities with illnesses for years. Why is it now so bad that people should be fired? Tasteless? Absolutely. Fireable offense? It shouldn’t be, at least IMO.

    As George Carlin once said, you can joke about anything.

  7. Someone enlighten me on whether or not this group was very well known and/or talented. I live in the Bay Area and remember when Tony Bruno got axed for his racist and incendiary tweet about the Giants a few years ago.

    I think Bruno is talented but probably a racist as he’d made similar comments for years on a lighter scale that went undisciplined. Bruno also was nationally known and had power which was why it was so hard to get him fired.
    Unacceptable on all counts and they should be held accountable.

  8. I’m amazed that people still even listen to AM/FM. In another five years it will be all internet listening in your car. That having been said, seems like the punishment fits the crime.

  9. asimonetti88 says:
    Jun 17, 2013 6:57 PM
    The audio is actually painful to listen to.

    It’s beyond that. It’s appalling.

  10. Proper result for a disgusting act , hope the producer and anyone else that gave it a green light are fired as well.. Just a bit portraying him in a robot voice is bad enough but the two knock knock jokes are evil. I hope karma does it’s job and bite all involved in the asss

  11. Im guessing they didn’t have to submit a copy of what they were airing to the station manager prior?

  12. Joking about a great guy developing a terribly debilitating and terminal disease. How could that have missed?!?!

  13. Overkill, they’re allowed to make jokes regardless of how we feel about them, as vial as this may be. If it weren’t for the whiplash and outcry this wouldn’t have happened. One bad mistake, and they’re done, lets remember these guys may have families as well.

  14. I love low brow comedy. I am as difficult to offend as they come. This, however, was way out of line. And, on top of it being a disgracefully bad idea, it wasn’t one bit funny.

  15. Before I listened to the audio I thought maybe the situation was another over blown “people need to get a life type of thing”… after listening I was cringing the entire time and it was painful to listen to. In what world was that funny at all? There was no wit or humor just straight up picking on another human being. Disgusting…

  16. Unfortunately, they still get to vote and breed, so their capacity to cause long term damage is still high.

  17. If you wouldn’t have blown this way out of proportion a man who is now unemployed would probably still have a job.
    I hope you feel better about yourself for having exposed this “outrage”.
    I also hope that this man doesn’t have children and a family who he is responsible for supporting.

  18. It would be bad enough for one person to somehow think this was a good idea, but between the three of them not one stopped this before it started? Unreal.

  19. “BSPN’s” producers of First Take are most likely scrambling to hire these tools….

  20. just listened to it, and this is horrible, dont they usually have producers or directors that they have to go through to get stuff aprroved to put on the air, good luck trying to find another job, yr names are poison in this industry now

  21. That made me cringe listening to that.
    What the hell brought them to say that Steve Gleason is going to hell?
    The man did nothing to deserve this disease.


    Yet he’s given his life to serve others in the short time he has left.

    The “No white flags” that Gleason’s organization proclaims is stark contrast to the imagery they painted by these idiots where they portray Gleason asking for someone to smother him.

    Just heart wrenching.

  22. where can I hear this “790” you speak of?
    I thought the numbers started at around 88 and went to around 107.
    this must have been on some wavelength that no one listened to anyway so who cares…

  23. Alex Marvez is boycotting the 790 am station. Hopefully others will follow. Think the station will take a huge, monstrous financial hit for this both in advertisers and credible sports people in the profession. And they deserve it. This was no spontaneous act. It was a planned skit that had to be approved by many people.

  24. Kevin and Bean do this on KROQ in LA. They use a “Stephen Hawking” voice to talk about issues, but in a joking way. They’re pretty careful about not making fun of him or his ALS. They did get busted for imitating Jerry Lewis and calling then French President Jacques Chirac, who actually answered the phone.

    There’s a line to cross and it isn’t always clear.

  25. Looneydabo…….would it be tolerable if they were talking about someone in your family? I think not!!!

  26. Risky business, that radio. They’ll be fine careerwise. It’s not an industry that kicks out long term vets like this because they’re all well connected.

    Cellini’s got family to look out for him….wherever Vince is.

  27. Yeah, they may well have families. They get to go home and tell them their father/husband got fired for trying to make a joke about a guy w/ALS. Karma.

  28. Ultimately the people determining when the line is crossed is the listeners of the station. When they are upset, it scares away potential advertisers which affects the stations $$. Radio stations are a business and like any employee of a business, when you are hurting that business, you are ultimately going to be let go. If you are going to cry about freedom of speech, then feel free to make fun of ALS all you want on your own personal webcast… Not at your place if business.

    George carlin could make fun of anyone he wanted, if you don’t want to hear it, don’t pay to see him, but he wasn’t working for anyone except himself. He would only hurt himself. Not every other employee of a radio station.

    The station made the right call by letting them go.

  29. I haven’t listened to the but nor shall I. Yes there is freedom of speech there is also the freedom the owners of the station have to fire people for making such terrible humor. This is in no way impugning their free speech they were allowed to do the bit and now they are allowed to search for a new job. Freedom of speech means you can stand on a corner and say whatever you want. No ones freedom of speech was ever harmed here

  30. Thanks for linking the audio, PFT.

    After listening to it, at least it seems the one guy didn’t “want to play” and by the end of the schtick, the one mocking Gleason saying “I’m going to hell” is actually referring to himself for playing out this sick joke indicating that at least two of the guys were not without conscience. But. Too little and too late.

  31. Clear line If you aren’t a piece of trash. If its your job and you have to think what’s right vs wrong the decision should be even easier

  32. Well what else is to be expected everyone wants to be the next king of all media so they have to keep pushing the envelope, what ever happened to true comedic talent.

  33. The crew could have used their mistake as an opportunity to do a fundraiser for ALS…I wish this effort would have been tried first.

  34. This so-called humorous skit was inexcusable and I applaud 790 for handling their terminations with immediacy.

  35. True, you do have freedom of speech. But also, your employer has freedom to fire your ass. At no point was that remotely entertaining. Classless and disrespectful.

  36. Am I the only one that thinks a real-life pay-per view celebrity deathmatch between these guys and Wanetta Gibson, with the proceeds going to charity, would be a great idea?

  37. Cellini didn’t mean Gleason was going to hell. He meant himself.

    If you actually listen, I’m not sure why you would be advocating for Dimino to be fired. He even says, “I’m not sure I want to play along”.

    I’m biased because I’m from ATL but Dimino is a pretty down-to-earth guy and he’s probably the best baseball guy you’ve never heard of. He’s a baseball nerd (use to do a baseball show in the evening and in St. Louis, in addition to Mayhem in the AM) and really isn’t a shock jock kind of guy.

    Steak is the reason I stopped listening to them. He’s a tough listen. He did mention one thing in a comment to the local newspaper that I have to agree with – he has strong ties to New Orleans and loves the area. In fact, he named his daughter after the town. To insinuate that his role was due Gleason being a New Orleans guy is silly if you actually listen to him, and I have to agree.

    I love Cellini (the guy doing Gleason) but I know he’s not for everyone. Having said that, I thought this stunt was over the top, but definitely not fireable.

    If you actually care, all 3 of them have kids and all seem to be pretty decent people. All 3 are very involved in charities related to children with severe illnesses.

    If I only had the morality of those on the internet……

  38. What an overreaction. I see worse on TV everyday and nobody is calling for those people to be fired. So many sensitive Stephanie’s today.

  39. Here’s the issue…if you make fun of someone the media loves then you’re in trouble. If you make fun of those people the media despises, they will say it’s just humor.
    The vile things that have been said about public figures (like Sarah Palin by those in the entertainment industry) is praised and honored.
    The creator of Family Guy has made some real sick humor of those in the public eye and rarely have you heard outrage (for the record I love Family Guy!)
    Geez, the writers on here have had issues with Chad Johnson being given 30 days…been crying about it as to how he got a raw deal.
    Has any PFT writer bother to ask Steve Gleason what he thinks of the situation? He probably didn’t even know about it until it was made public, and to be honest he probably doesn’t even care that he was the butt of bad humor, as he has much more important things to worry about that three guys on the radio.
    Way too much is being made of this by PFT…Steve Gleason is not a sacred person that cannot be talked about in ways that PFT deems offensive.
    To suspend them for a week without pay…maybe. To fire them for bad humor….just like with Chad going to jail for slapping the butt of his lawyer, clear overkill and political correctness gone wild.

  40. I hope that everyone that called for their heads today remembers their pitchforks next time they make a poor decision at work and get canned.

  41. So I’m a Falcons fan, so that makes me can’t stand the Saints. I laugh at all of the paper bags, the gags about their coach and the bounties, etc. Watching them play terribly made my heart glad.

    But Steve Gleason is a hero. He’s an inspiration to all of us. Some things we must hold sacred and a person’s life is one of those things.

    Now I like Nick Cellini and Chris Dimino. Actually, Chris Dimino was one of the best sports-talkers I’ve heard. I simply cannot believe that they did this, because it really wasn’t in their character. They give away money for special needs kids. They do a lot of stuff in the community. They stand up for many who are less fortunate. But as much as I like them, they deserved to be fired for this. They know better.

  42. OK kids, gather around.

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Now, what did you read?

    _Congress_ shall make no law. If the government had fired these guys, you could cry about freedom of speech, but it was their employer. There is no “freedom of speech” issue here, just an employee-employer issue.

  43. justintuckrule says: Jun 17, 2013 6:57 PM

    Even if the joke was deeply offensive, I don’t think they should be fired. We can’t keep suppressing free speech like this. It’s already bad enough where locker room reporters have to watch everything they say and give us the same sanitized boring tripe so teams don’t pull their media credentials. Suspend them for 2 weeks and teach them a lesson. Heck, if I were Gleason I’d probably call the owner to hire them back.
    Free speech doesn’t exist when someone else owns and provides the method to express your thoughts. Try sending an all-employee email making fun of the the different ethnic groups that make up your company. You won’t make it past lunch.

    That being said, these morning show goons got what they deserved.

  44. i admittedly have laughed at some off color humor, but this was not funny in the slightest.

  45. I just listened to this disgusting bit.

    One has to wonder how these three cretins survived this long on that radio station. They are pathetic, even if the subject matter had been more neutral, it still doesn’t contain a shred of humor.

    I am guessing that radio station will easily be able to improve on their morning staff.

  46. It’s interesting the reaction this gets when Howard Stern would do something like this on a slow day and not even raise an eyebrow. Is it because theirs is a sports show? As a whole though I find these kind of reactions to be part of the problem rather then the solution. It’s been sai that having a sense of humor about the cruelest things in life can in fact help the healing process. It all depends on the intentions of the person making the joke.

  47. I dont know….i guess im a tool cause i find stuff like that funny. Obviouslly id never wish it on anyone. But still, if somethings funny its funny. Cant help it. I dont know about firing them. Little drastic. Suspension without pay for sure. But there are alot people in this world who do alot of bad things that always get off easy. So because these guys made a bad life decision their familys to should now suffer with a loss of income? They didnt kill anyone. They didnt steal. They didnt commit any crime. Should have made them donate their paychecks for a month to some kind of charity for the disease. People are so quick to be out for blood when they dont like something. Relax. Worry about your own life before you decide whats best for someone elses.

  48. This is pretty sad particularly when Nick Cellini (not Nick Cellino. Do you ever verify names before their misspellings Mike???) is the brother of a pretty classy broadcaster like NBA TV’s Vince Cellini.

  49. I’ve heard and read over the years distasteful crap that radio hosts are known to do from time to time but this is an all time low. These three dolts should be “blacklisted” from radio and anything to do with media for life.

  50. This one incident shouldn’t define these three men, but it’s laughable how many people are defending their actions or lashing out against their punishment. They’re not evil or deserving of a one-way ticket to Hell, but they did something extremely stupid and extremely offensive to many and it was not the least bit funny (and I love dark comedy). If I said anything close to that to my boss, I’d be fired as well and I bet the same is true for most of us. Free speech doesn’t protect you from the consequences.

    And while I feel bad for their families due to the job loss, I don’t feel any sympathy for these men because they brought it on themselves. It’s no different than, say, an accountant getting fired because he showed up to work drunk. In both cases, bad judgment is displayed and likely to cause problems for their employer. Would you also cry for the accountant’s family because he/she committed a fireable offense?

    If more people were actually held accountable for their actions, maybe we wouldn’t have so many idiots running around acting a fool.

  51. it shows here that some people have no class. Not only those three jokers but the ones here giving the thumbs down to comments made here about these guys being fired.

  52. I work for one of the companies that produces and sells the devices individuals with ALS use to communicate via eye gaze access. Every day I am in a clinic, home, or assisted living facility working to help individuals with ALS communicate.

    These radio hosts should not lose their jobs. Rather, they should have to spend a month travelling with someone like myself. After seeing mid to late stage ALS up close for a month they will realize just how devastating a disease ALS is, not only to the individual affected, but the family.

    Then, after returning to work, they should be required to broadcast via a speech generating device using only eye gaze access (and the inherent “robotic” voice for at least one show). They’ll quickly see just how hard it is to “say” 10 words, let alone 4500 using their eyes to access the device.

    I guarantee you, guaranteeeeeeeeeee, you will never find three gentlemen whom feel like bigger donkeys. I also guarantee you’ll have three of the most ardent supporters of the ALS cause on the radio anywhere.

    Until you’ve seen ALS up close, you haven’t seen it. When you don’t know you don’t know. When you see ALS up close every day you learn very quickly what a terrible, terrible disease ALS is. There is NO human being on earth that would even smile at ALS, let alone make a joke out of it after they’ve been exposed to it.

    Even these douche bags.

  53. Let’s get this perfectly clear here: no one “infringed” on their “free speech” rights. They spoke, freely. The audience responded with outrage. Their employers, fearful of a money-losing boycott/backlash, fired them. End of story. Actions have consequences. You’re free to be a jerk in this country but you have no “right” to not be scorned because of it.

  54. No freedom of speech issues here, as the trio were “paid announcers”. 790 paid them to be entertaining within certain guidelines. They went outside of those constraints, so the station did what any company will do when employees breach their contract, they applied the large boot of the proprietor to the fannies of the guilty.

    Kudos to 790, for drawing the line and applying the appropriate action.

  55. I listened to these guys every morning for many years. Great sports knowledge and usually a lot of fun. Much better than the competition in Atlanta. They actually have personality. But that being said making fun of disabled people is never ever funny. Especially in a public format. Given that , their fate should have been evident. Too bad because they and the station do great charity work for Camp Twin Lakes; a summer camp for children with severe medical ailments. Having listened for so long I don’t think they are horrible people. Their judgement was missing when they needed it and a bad idea got away from them. And Dimino is one of the best interviewers I have heard. His work with baseball legends on the defunct Hardball show was spectacular.

  56. I love how filthymcnasty fired off a Lou Gehrig joke and no one even got off their high horse to notice and be offended. If mocking someone with ALS is a cardinal sin, then wouldn’t mocking the speech made, by the guy the disease was nick named after, announcing to the world in general that he had been diagnosed with ALS must have the ability to incite as much outrage.

    Unless people would form into a mob and string up someone they disagree with.

    People don’t do that, do they?

  57. I tend to agree with George Carlin’s line that you can make fun of anything, but I think he had in mind that the material be funny. Forget about producers and management, how did any of these three guys see humor in any of that garbage?

    The downside is that they’ll all have jobs tomorrow, if they want. Radio is pretty desperate for (pardon the word) talent on-air, so unless they’re complete coke or meth-heads, they’re still employable.

  58. Shock jocks and frat boys like these guys are people who lack the talent to be comedians, lack the talent to be athletes, lack the talent to be journalists, and lack the humanity to be human beings.

  59. Horrific. Maybe these jack nuts can get a gig at ESPN. They hired Ray Lewis after all.

  60. I coached a 12 year old boy in hockey whose father suffered from ALS. His father came to every game but could not speak, only smile and nod his approval of his sons play. Nobody was laughing the day we all attended the funeral of that boys dad.

  61. PFT cracks me up. Not one comment on here complains about “PC” when it’s a football player being dissed by a radio man. But holy hell and high water should it be pointed out that Redskins is a 200 year old racial slur.

  62. To all you morons screaming freedom of speech you do realize this is still their job right? Could you say things like that at your job and keep it? Didn’t think so.

  63. Just another bunch of unfunny, obnoxious radio hosts. Let’s hope they gets jobs behind the mic — not in front — wherever they go next.

  64. this is no more offensive than anything Howard Stern has ever done… remember when he called the airline asking for the price of a one-way ticket to the bridge a plane had crashed into the day before? you know what? I have a good thought on this but I’ve lost interest in continuing to share it here. Give me a thumbs down if you’re a liberal.

  65. I think the station should have instead told the hosts that in order to stay employed at the station, they will be fined “x” amount of dollars and are to volunteer at a charity that supports people inflicted with ALS for a year or so. Granted, I don’t blame the station for firing them if they were confronted with losing advertising revenue.

    The skit was tasteless and not funny, but for those who are “outraged” should get a life. We, as a society, have grown so thin-skinned it’s ridiculous. How many of you love Family Guy? That show, while effing hysterical, is just as bad. You outraged over what they do?

  66. justintuckrule says:Jun 17, 2013 6:57 PM

    Even if the joke was deeply offensive, I don’t think they should be fired. We can’t keep suppressing free speech like this. It’s already bad enough where locker room reporters have to watch everything they say and give us the same sanitized boring tripe so teams don’t pull their media credentials. Suspend them for 2 weeks and teach them a lesson. Heck, if I were Gleason I’d probably call the owner to hire them back.


    Don’t confuse freedom of speech with the rights of employers enforce rules of conduct. Those guys can say what ever they want on a street corner, but they can’t say it on the air if it doesn’t mesh with the rules of the station.

    Imagine if you were running something simple like a landscaping service and your employees were using their freedom of speech with inappropriate comments to the customers. You would have no customers left if you didn’t fire them.

  67. Interesting. The Big Bang Theory makes fun of Stephen Hawking and his ALS, and it’s all good — the show has huge ratings. Some dumb radio jocks make fun of Steve Gleason and his ALS, and people cry about how offensive it is — they get fired.

    People and their selective outrage. If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, but you’re here crying about your outrage over this dumb Gleason bit — you’re a hypocrite.

  68. tatatoothy says:Jun 18, 2013 8:51 AM

    this is no more offensive than anything Howard Stern has ever done… remember when he called the airline asking for the price of a one-way ticket to the bridge a plane had crashed into the day before? you know what? I have a good thought on this but I’ve lost interest in continuing to share it here. Give me a thumbs down if you’re a liberal.


    This is a totally opposite situation when compared with Howard Stern.

    Radio stations, along with any other for profit corporation are designed to make money.

    Howard Stern’s listeners are tuning in for that kind of material. He is the reason the station made money.

    These ATL jokers are nobodies. The station probably will lose the Falcons contract now. If they kept the guys on they would lose the contract for sure. That is how this station makes money. They had to fire these guys.

    It would traditionally be more of a Liberal view to keep them on and support free speech then to fire them for the sake of business, so I think you have it a bit backwards.

  69. I’m the last guy that thinks people should be fired for “insensitive” comments. I think losing your career over a misguided comment is too harsh a penalty. With that being said, damn, I don’t think I can even remotely disagree with the decision to let these guys go. That was brutal.

  70. Hey, I’ve got an idea. How about a gag segment on a sports radio morning show about idiotic Mayhem in the AM hosts who get fired because they don’t know when to shut up. HYSTERICAL.

  71. and let’s not kid anyone, the station fired them becuase of the pressure of the advertisers. Money drives business, as it should. While I typically don’t feel people should be fired for one mistake (non-criminal of course), it’s a business. These comments and negative publicity against 790 the Zone will hurt the stations profitability through advertising. You hurt the business you can’t be surprised at getting fired.

  72. I knew it would happen one day! the irony is that Steak used to OWN 790 until he and his partner(A. Saltzman) sold it to LIBERTY Communications(I think that’s the corp. name) a few years ago. Believe me, he’ll be Ohhhhh-kay! He’s from a well-to-do Boston family and he has an advantage(which I dare not speak of) going for him that ensures he’ll be just fine! Dimino’s talent alone will ensure he’s not unemployed for long, the man has a scary retention for baseball stats that’s inhuman! as for Cellini, welllllll can’t say too much about his future. he may have to start tossing pizzas with his brother(that’s not racist, his brother owns one of the better pizza joints in metro-ATL)! Cellini has been doing stuff like this for years and he finally got his come-uppence! He’s always been on the edge. I even told him once that if he was a Black man he would’ve been out of radio a looooong time ago. He looked at me laughed! I stopped listening to them as much since 92.9 The game came on air but they kinda sick’nin also so like a lot of ATL sports fans we are long suffering!

  73. skinsfan4lyf says: Jun 17, 2013 7:05 PM

    All three of these jack asses deserve to rot in hell!


    That’s real mature. I sure hope you don’t joke about something that could be offensive to someone.

    You must be filled with love and mercy. Or the opposite.

    They should rot in hell?

    Bad enough speech is censored as much as it is but to condemn someone to hell for a joke?!

    Totally Christian of you.

  74. paulbrownbengal says: Jun 17, 2013 11:06 PM

    it shows here that some people have no class. Not only those three jokers but the ones here giving the thumbs down to comments made here about these guys being fired.


    So did you forget that they have families? Yeah, it’s AWESOME that a stupid joke now means their families suffer.

    maybe the thumbs down are the people who think all the glass house dwellers are full of crap?

    Glass House Dweller = Idiots posting with hate and judgement but ARE COMPLETELY GUILTY of similar behavior. They just pick and choose what to be outraged about.

    I sure hope you never lose your job or lively hood for a mistake. Because you’d have to “thumbs up” all comments blasting you for it.

    I doubt you would. Hypocrite.

  75. I’m a diehard, I pull no punches on that. You can tell from my screen name.

    But I can honestly say that if these were my local radio hosts and they said this ish about a Falcons player battling the same things with the same dignity. I’m sorry, I’d pine for them to be released as well.

    So to the Atlanta locals…most likely Falcons fans…who called in and didn’t accept this, thank you. The world is what we make it. I’m all for a good joke and I realize there is always a sucker to each joke. But what these guys said wasn’t funny, it was strictly hurtful and pointless. I’m honestly sorry they didn’t realize this before they aired it.

  76. This it his is not a typical routine for them
    The show is three friends talking sports and other things guys talk about in their backyard. But true it is different what you can say on the radio and at home.
    They try things on the fly like this every so often.
    Some hit great.
    Some fall flat.
    This one more than fell flat.
    But again it does not represent who they are. They have their charitable causes. They’ve been on the air for over a decade and it took this long for anything they’ve done to cause even a ripple.
    So not saying this is no big deal.
    Just saying there is more two these men than this bit.
    Domino, the one who said he didn’t think he wanted to play is greatly respected in baseball. Especially among older players.
    Cellini has his demons. Shapiro is like many of us. A guy who loves sports and wishes he could have been an athlete. But instead talked and entertained.

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