Bills’ Mt. Rushmore has plenty of strong candidates

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The Bills may not want a Mt. Rushmore.  After all, anything with four in it serves as a reminder of something the franchise would love to forget.

But getting to four straight Super Bowls is a major accomplishment, even if the team didn’t win any of them.  And the men responsible for the performances should be remembered — even if folks would love to forget those four championship games.

The 12 finalists have been determined.  Pick up to four (sorry), and the outcome will be revealed on Wednesday’s episode of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

65 responses to “Bills’ Mt. Rushmore has plenty of strong candidates

  1. I don’t know a single Bills fan that would “love to forget” that we made 4 Super Bowls in a row. We aren’t bitter, we’re proud of that great team. I think the vast majority of Bills fans look back on that era fondly as an amazing run that will likely never be matched.

  2. As much as I hate to admit it, OJ belongs on this list. What he did was despicable, bu if this is just football, then he’s on the list.

  3. You have to include Ralph Wilson on there. He has meant far more to the emergence of the NFL as a premier sports league than he gets credit for.
    The other three are easy – Levy, Kelly, and the most complete Defensive End in NFL history, Bruce Smith.
    Just a Raiders fan’s take on things.

  4. Marvin H. Levy III Esq. Bruce “Creamy Thighs” Smith.. Thurman “Don’t call me Munson” Thomas and Jim “Hot Mayonnaise” Kelly

  5. Don’t forget Stevie Johnson.

    His 2 TD’s against Darrelle Revis in 5 straight losses to the Jets is widely considered by Bills fans to be the Greatest Achievement of the last 15 years.

  6. Ralph Wilson for all the obvious reasons. Jack Kemp because he did win championships. Marv Levy for his intelligent and inspiring leadership. Also for coming back to the Bills and attempting to right the ship. And Bruce Smith because his defenses almost won a championship and is the NFL’s all-time sack leader.

    I would love to the Juice’s sweet afro cut into granite though!

    @ pftfan, lil’ Stevie won’t be the Bills #1 receiver by mid season. And not due to an injury. I like the talent @ WR! I gave you a thumbs up.

  7. I have to rate this by the players that contributed the most to the winning-est era in team history. I have to limit my list to players as coaches and contributors are useless without the players who execute on the field.

    Jim Kelly – The best QB in team history and at the most important position. NFL MVP and led the team to 4 Super Bowls. Also the only HOF QB in team history.

    Thurman Thomas – OJ was a better pure runner, but Thurman was the better all around player and was the primary cog in the best offense in team history. Led the NFL in all purpose yards a record 4 consecutive years, along with 8 straight 1000 yard seasons.

    Bruce Smith – 200 career sacks, 1100 plus career tackles, and 43 forced fumbles. Without question one of the top defensive ends in history.

    Andre Reed – Retired 3rd in NFL history in catches and 6th in yards. While he has slid down the career list since retiring, his consistency and clutch play are unforgettable to those who watched him. People rarely realize that Jim Kelly never threw more than 475 times in his 11 seasons, making Reed’s nearly 1000 career catches, on a team loaded with talent, that much more impressive.

  8. This is why you don’t take the Bills away from Buffalo. There’s way too much history there.

    No it’s not LA – but can you really turn your back on that sort of history if you’re Goodell and the league?

  9. From a Bronco fan: Kelly, Levy, Thomas and Smith. But that’s because I wasn’t around for anything before 1980. 4 straight super bowls is something to crow about.

  10. 1. Bruce Smith
    2. Jim Kelly
    3. O.J. Simpson
    4. Pick one: Andre Reed, Joe DeLamielleure, Thurman Thomas

    For those of you that keep knocking OJ because of his off field issues obviously never saw him run. Despite his legal issues he remains one of the all time best RB’s ever.

    O.J. Simpson’s 9 seasons with the Bills:
    4 time NFL rushing champ
    6 Pro Bowls
    5 time All-Pro
    1973 MVP
    1973 AP Athlete of the Year
    10,183 yards
    4.8 yards per carry
    57 TDs
    90.9 rush yards per game

    First player to rush for over 2,000 in a season, gaining 2,003 in 1973. He remains the only player to ever do this in a 14-game season.

    Love him or hate him he’s on the mountain.

  11. When I think of what makes someone a fan of a team, I think the path of least resistance is to choose a team that is always in the hunt. To be a Bills fan requires patience and thick skin. If you “thumbs down” this post you probably chose your team after they just won a Super Bowl. My hat is off to the Browns fans, the Lions fans, the Cardinals fans and ( I hate to say it) the Jets fans, that stick with a team that doesn’t have a Joe Montana or a Tom Brady on their Mount Rushmore. Just four players that they are proud to consider the best on their list of players that graced their Sundays with hope that they would take them to the place that others take for granted.

  12. Wilson-There from the start
    Kemp-Only rep from the ’64-’65 Champs (total lack of respect for history reflected with these choices)
    Simpson-Second only to Jim Brown (2000 yds in 14 games!)
    Kelly-The leader. 4 straight AFC Championships.

  13. OJ Simpson, Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith & Thurman Thomas

    On the gridiron, OJ Simpson was one of the greatest RBs of all-time.

    Kelly, Smith and Thomas — all Hall Of Famers — were the cornerstones of the team that remarkably reached four consecutive Super Bowls (XXV-XXVIII).

  14. Juice needs to be on this list…yes, he may have committed double murder and later armed robbery and kidnapping but he ran for 2,000 yards in 14 games. Everyone talks about how 4 Super Bowls in a row will never be matched…someone run for 2,000 yards in 14 games and tell me OJ isn’t the best RB of all time.

  15. audient says: Jun 17, 2013 10:19 PM

    No Scott Norwood?

    When I think Bills, Norwood is the first name that coms to mind. Bills need hto have a fifth player and it should be Scott,

    Put him by himself, just wide RIGHT of the main sculpture.

  16. Not to be mean but I’d have to keep Marc off of this list completely. I’d put polian on the list in his place. He built those teams. If Marc was really a great coach he would have made adjustments to win at least one Super Bowl. Especially on arguably the best team talent wise in the history of the game.

  17. This is a FOOTBALL Poll, therefore:
    OJ Simpson
    Bruce Smith
    Jim Kelly
    The Electric Company (Buffalo’s “Hogs”)

    was tough leaving Thurman Thomas and Marv Levy off the list
    Jack Kemp, great man, horrible stats
    how do I vote for an owner (Wilson)
    Bills LBs were VERY good
    last but surely not least, Andre Reed, but where is Jerry Butler (WR) on this list?

  18. I’m shocked at all of you people who wanna put an owner on every single Mt. Rushmore, but one of the few iconic owners who actually might deserve it, Ralph Wilson, is getting no love here.

    Ralph Wilson, Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly, Marv Levy.

  19. Ralph Wilson – For obvious reasons.
    Jack Kemp – An amazing man and champion.
    Bruce Smith – No debate here.
    Joe D – Hard to argue with total class and grit.

    Each period is represented, three HOF’s and a candidate for president. I struggled not putting Kelly on the rock but he would be my fifth.

  20. 1) Marv Levy(Because without him leading, those great players may not have accomplished as much)
    2) Jim Kelly(Was the Offense’s backbone)
    3) Bruce Smith (Was the Defense’s backbone)
    4) 12th man (ALWAYS standing by their team through the good and bad) (Plus, have you ever been to a Bills game? Some of the most loyal fans out there)

  21. Yeah, you messed this up. How do you leave off Ralph Wilson? He was an iconic owner AND he fought in World War II. Isn’t that the second most important thing you are considering with these Mt. Rushmore’s?

  22. Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, and Ralph Wilson are not debatable. OJ, Andre Reed, and Thurman Thomas could all round out the group. OJ was the best player of those three

  23. I remember Thurman Thomas quit on his team in the Super Bowl against Dallas. Sat down on the bench with his head in his hands. He should have been cut from the team, not candidate for the Bills Mt. Rushmore.

  24. I voted:
    Joe-D and the Elec. Co. (in place of O.J.)
    Jim Kelly (offence)
    Bruce Smith (defense)
    Steve Tasker (st’s. Please NFL, don’t take away the kickoff!)

    PS: The only “owner” nominated anywhere should have been the GB Packer’s shareholders:)

  25. Very proud of “our” 4 straight years! Great memories. Levy, Kelly, Smith, TASKER. Look it up, Thurman! Seriously, look up some tape of Tasker – there was no one like him and still isnt! Couldn’t vote OJ for obvious reasons.

  26. Kelly, Smith and OJ with all others tied for 4th. As an old AFL fan, I do like the Cookie Gilchist mention as well.

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