Bon Jovi concert debacle latest embarrassment for the Browns

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As the Browns try to reverse a decade filled mainly with bad performances, they need to get out of their own way.

It’s apparently harder than it looks.

Sure, the federal Pilot Flying J investigation has no direct impact on the football team.  For now.  If, however, owner Jimmy Haslam gets indicted for customer rebate fraud occurring at the billion-dollar truck-stop company founded by his father, turmoil will quickly return to what had appeared to be a settled ownership situation.

The cancellation of the Bon Jovi concert at FirstEnergy Stadium a/k/a the Factory of Sadness likewise has no direct impact on the football team.  But for the fact that the football team teased and hyped and promoted the thing as the unofficial kickoff to the 2013 season.

It’s still not entirely clear why the Browns punted on the July 14 event.  As explained by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the team referred questions on the reasons for the plug-pulling to Bon Jovi’s publicist, Ken Sunshine.  (God, I hope his middle name starts with a C.)

That seems like a fancy way of saying, “It’s not our fault.” Still, at a certain level, it is.

If, as it appears based on recent media reports, the ongoing feud between Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora contributed to the cancellation, the Browns should have realized that the problems could prevent the band from honoring its commitment to play — and in turn hired someone else.

Like KISS.

And, yes, this whole blurb was written because I wanted to once again pitch KISS for an NFL gig.

Hey, Browns.  It’s not too late to pick up the phone and call Dr. Love.