Foster says he’ll “more than likely” be ready for camp


Arian Foster said reports last month about him being on crutches for a calf strain were overblown.

“Yeah, it’s going good man,” Foster told during an appearance to tape a commercial. “It’s just a small calf strain. News is dry in the offseason, so it made headlines.”

Asked if he’d be ready for training camp in late July, Foster replied: “Yeah, more than likely.”

While picking on the media in the offseason is an easy mark for players, the fact is, his injury must have worried someone for him to not be certain about his condition a month from now.

And it was apparently serious enough for him to crawl into a hyperbaric chamber.

“I try to get in there once a day. I try to get in there for 45 minutes or an hour or two hours. Some guys believe in it, some guys don’t,” he said. “It creates the white blood cells in your body and helps with oxygen flow to promote the healing process and recovery. I feel like it works.”

Obviously, news is dry in the offseason, so Foster’s aggressive and unconventional treatment of an injury that’s barely worth mentioning makes headlines.