Harbaugh hails McKinnie’s conditioning


Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he’s encouraged by the shape Bryant McKinnie is in these days.

Since that shape’s not as much “round” as it was in past years, that’s reasonable.

McKinnie said last week he was in the best shape he’s been in in years, and Harbaugh has noticed.

“Bryant did a really good job,” Harbaugh said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “He moved really well in this camp, as well as he moved at the end of the year last year when he started practicing so well and playing so well.

“He looks healthy, and he will continue to work on his conditioning. He seems to be very committed. Love the way he’s playing and his effort.”

That’s quite a departure from last spring, which McKinnie spent in Harbaugh’s doghouse for not being fit enough.

When the Ravens brought McKinnie back after a strong postseason, they included workout bonuses and reporting bonuses to keep him motivated, and it’s apparently working.

“Physically, I feel like I’m 26, so that’s a good thing,” McKinnie said. “I feel really good this year. I’m moving around pretty well, so I’m pretty happy with that. . . . This time last year, I didn’t even participate, so yeah, I definitely feel a lot better in minicamp.

“Right now, I’m more focused so I can have a good year and be the best left tackle in the league. That’s my goal.

“When people turn on film, they’ll just see that I’m dominating, and I just feel that I’m going to do better than everybody else this year.”

If they see less of him, it will be an important first step.

16 responses to “Harbaugh hails McKinnie’s conditioning

  1. I’m a Ravens fan and was a big time hater of his original signi ng and for a time he proved my vitriol right. But the big man seems like he has finally put it together over the last 6 months and has finally learned what it means to be a professional (way late is better than never). Its no coincidence the Ravens went on their playoff run the way they did when he was reinserted in the lineup, his stellar play was as big of a reason they walked away champs after he helped stonewall some very good pass rushers on the Broncos, Colts, and Niners. Despite the overhauled defense that will be back to a top 10 unit this year and no Cam Cameron to dimb down their offense, the Ravens will need another year of great play from Big Mac on the blind side if they hope to repeat.

  2. He actually still has the potential to be among the great Tackles in football. Crazy.

    He does need $ and if he does crush it this season he can (i assume) get a new deal making him silly $$$$!!!!

    What an odd career he has had. Starting to try in his mid – 30’s and could still end up in the HOF.

  3. It was probably pretty smart to leave him dangling like they did. It was a big gamble, but it paid off. If he is going to be going around and visiting other teams looking for a contract after a Super Bowl season, the guy is going to be in shape trying to get a large contract.

  4. Big Mac has always been extremely talented, just never had his head on straight. The Ravens will have a top 10 LT if his head is on straight.

  5. He was good the last two years but you could tell he was out of shape.
    If he’s in shape, I’d venture he can be downright dominant. But that’s a HUGE if.

  6. We are much happier w Khalil, he actually has a future. Where McKinnie got his ring, and is now on a team that just dumped its best players (Birk, Lewis, Reed, Boldin), all veterans like McKinnie. Good luck w that…

  7. Eventually his legs will give out, his clock is ticking. Can he give the Ravens 17 weeks + playoffs this year? Not to be negative but this has to be a concern at his age.

  8. There’s uncertainty on both sides of the ball for the Ravens. I love what Ozzie is doing with the Ravens. That secondary is just as weak as the WR corp. Webb coming off a bum knee will get turned around like a turnstile.

  9. Hey allday2:

    About the DUMPING….Birk and Lewis “retired” and were finished. Reed is 35 with a serious neck condition and just had major hip surgery. They were NOT our best players. They were over the hill and were what you would always refer to as our AGING defense.

    Boldin is 33…could never get separation and just outmuscled guys to make plays. Ozzie made it clear he wasn’t making the same mistake he made after we won the Superbowl in 2001…that is keeping the same aging team together for another run at the Superbowl and keeping the same BLOATED salaries for aging players.

    We are rebuilding with younger guys.

  10. i love when jbsteeler gives analysis and makes predictions about the ravens. it means we are headed in the right direction. same guy who last year said steelers win it all, ravens miss playoffs, and had ravens lose all 4 playoff games. dude is totally clueless

  11. All coaches are just talking coachspeak at this time, trying to say what keeps the players and team motivated before training camp begins. After all, they are more motivators than coaches.

    And then, there’s Rex.

  12. allday28mvpmvp says:
    Jun 17, 2013 2:18 PM
    We are much happier w Khalil, he actually has a future. Where McKinnie got his ring, and is now on a team that just dumped its best players (Birk, Lewis, Reed, Boldin), all veterans like McKinnie. Good luck w that…


    The Ravens’ “best” players still wear purple (Flacco, Rice, Suggs etc…). Every player you mentioned is past their prime.

  13. The next article will be about how McKinnie is expected to take over for Ray’s veteran leadership.

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