Leach says decision coming within two weeks


Last week, the Ravens cut fullback Vonta Leach.  By the end of the month, he plans to have a new team.

“I know I can play in this league and I’ve got some teams that are courting me,” Leach recently said, via the Greenville (N.C.) Daily Reflector.  “In the next two weeks, I know where I’ll be playing.”

The veteran spent two years in Baltimore after five in Houston, two full seasons with the Packers, and one split between Green Bay and New Orleans.

“There are a lot of teams out there that want me, about seven teams,” Leach said.  “Me and my agent are going to take our time and see what’s the best fit for me.  I’m probably going to play three more years before I hang it up.”

He has visited the Dolphins, and the Texans reportedly are interested.

19 responses to “Leach says decision coming within two weeks

  1. Did someone ever tell this dude he couldnt play in the league? The Ravens just didnt want to pay him that loot for a FB. Its obvious he is a good player.

  2. You know what turns a team with a shaky offensive line into a bruising rushing offense? Vontae Leach. Sign this guy, Pittsburgh.

  3. Come on to the Miami killer Dolphins baby!With him blocking and leading the way for Lamar Miller!(Oh u say who) By the end of the year u will know his name very well! Lamar Miller will be the loading rusher in the AFC this year, watch! LETS GO FINS!

  4. he will go back to houston…he is familiar with the system and coaching staff and they are superbowl contenders! it will be texans or dolphins as a darkhorse!

  5. He knows where he is going right now. He is just taking two weeks off from any obligations relating to his new team. I think it is miami as they are the ones with the money he seeks. If the texans can only offer vet minimum and he decides to go there why didn’t he just redo his contact in Balt?

  6. If the texans can only offer vet minimum and he decides to go there why didn’t he just redo his contact in Balt?

    Umm because its Baltimore

  7. “Umm because its Baltimore”

    You nailed it! Nothing worse than playing for a team that won a playoff game four years in a row, and then won the Superbowl. Who needs that kind of aggravation?

  8. Hope he goes to the Dolphins but anywhere he goes will have a better rushing game. Just another sign that Baltimore is retooling and a lot less likely to repeat. Pay that money one more time Miami! Thanks Dansby!

  9. Umm because its Baltimore”

    Umm you won’t get it if you are from Baltimore unless you take the purple glasses off. Leach will be missed, but he can still come to his senses and sign for less. Best place for him is Baltimore.

  10. Leach had some brutal hits and you only ever got to see about 10% of the ones they replayed if you watched it on TV. Juszczyk is a rookie but early reports are good hands but yet to see what he can do with pads on when asked to block. He won’t hit like Leach (few can) but then again he won’t be paid the $3M Leach was going to get either. Its all a trade off.

  11. He’s a very good player but is he really a difference maker? Foster didn’t struggle in Houston after Leach left and Rice’s numbers didn’t improve dramatically while in B-more while there.

  12. Only two make sense. The Texans for a Homecoming and the best chance to for a Super Bowl bound team. The Dolphins because they flat out arethe only ones in the market with $17M+ still left in Cap. He would do very well in that system and the Dolphins running game would be brutal with speedy Lamar Miller and Mike Gillislee. I am not hating on the Ravens, but why would he stay there? He got his Ring already, the chances of B’more going back to the SB in the next few years is pretty slim. Also, they won’t pay the man.

  13. “Umm you won’t get it if you are from Baltimore unless you take the purple glasses off.”

    Is this the same nofoolnodrool wh0 constantly complains about trools in the comments’ section of Steelers articles? Why, it just can’t be! Someone who complains so profusely about comments on Steelers articles couldn’t possibly be so hypocritical to be attacking posters to Ravens articles!

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