Mikel Leshoure trying to prove himself well, and trustworthy


Mikel Leshoure has plenty of talent. 

But being healthy enough to show it is only one of the obstacles for the Lions running back, and they made a significant move this offseason because of it.

An Achilles injury wiped out his rookie year, and groin and hamstring problems plagued him last year, when the former second-rounder averaged a pedestrian 3.7 yards per carry.

“You know, I think at times last year we saw the Leshoure that we drafted and then we were too inconsistent in other games and I think that’s probably the biggest thing,” Lions coach Jim Schwartz said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “I think his biggest room for improvement is consistency from week to week, whether it’s physical or else wise.”

The Lions kept a close watch on his practice reps through OTAs, but he was a full participant in minicamp last week, a sign to him that things are turning.

“I’ve just got to get healthy,” Leshoure said. “Last year I was just dealing with a lot of things, nagging injuries weren’t where they needed to be coming off the first year of my injuries. 

“I’ve just got to get healthy and consistency will come when you’re healthy.”

Of course, the Lions aren’t counting on him exclusively this year. Signing Reggie Bush was cover for the fact that they may never see Jahvid Best on the field, but Bush’s multiple skills could keep Leshoure from playing nearly as much of a role this year. 

9 responses to “Mikel Leshoure trying to prove himself well, and trustworthy

  1. Can you even imagine this backfield IF by some miracle Best was allowed to return? Oh my!

  2. Leshoure needs to produce this year. With a history of arrests and injuries and the signing of Reggie Bush, the emergence of Joique Bell and the potential of Theo Riddick, Leshoure may not have a roster spot in 2014 if he doesn’t shine this year.

  3. My prediction, the Lions will still throw the ball more than any other team in the League, because, well damn, they have Megatron, they would be stupid not to.

  4. Leshoure’s career could go “Up in Smoke” if he can’t stay healthy…….

  5. Leshoure was horrid last year. Longest run from scrimmage was 16 yards…and he had a ton of opportunities. He is not a pass catching RB, and he provides nothing in terms of blocking. His TD #s are misleading, as half of those came when CJ caught a bomb while being pushed out of bounds at the one.

    All this despite often only facing 6, sometimes 5 in the box!!!

  6. They didn’t sign Bush as an insurance policy against Best never playing again. It’s a forgone conclusion that Best’s career is over. They signed him because, even when healthy, LeShoure is a below average running back who has never given the Lions much of anything.
    You can’t have a guy who averages 3.7 yards per carry and who has never had a run of over 16 yards as your primary back if you want your running game to be taken seriously. I’m not sure what Mayhew was thinking when he drafted LeShoure but it’s pretty much par for the course for him to draft either guys who are injury prone or guys with character issues so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. LeShoure has both.
    Personally I think Joique Bell has far more upside than LeShoure and, unless he really surprises a lot of people this year, I hope he’s no longer with the Lions in 2014.

  7. I don’t think it’s reasonable to blame Mayhew for any of LeShoure’s difficulties due to injury. It’s not like LeShoure had some injury history. Weed on the other hand, yes a history but how he responds to his 1st NFL strike remains to be seen. LeShoures injury was what it was, unfortunate and likely without blame.

    I also can’t write off the extent of LeShoure’s potential limited to the 1 essentially rookie season which was coming off such a bad injury. Yes, he’s unproven but that also counts as unproven as a bust, limited to last years best as being his ceiling or anything like that. If he can return to anything like college form he’s going to be a dynamic combo to Bush.

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