Packers make Desmond Bishop release official


Linebacker Desmond Bishop is officially a free agent.

The Packers have announced that Bishop has been released, confirming the report from Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel earlier on Monday and completing a slow march toward a breakup with Bishop that began when the team shopped him in trade talks before the draft. Bishop spoke to Dunne after getting the news from the Packers and said it was “understandable” that they cut him coming off a ruptured hamstring tendon with a $3.464 million base salary in 2013 and that he’s not opposed to a return to the team if he can’t find a better  situation somewhere else.

“It’s not necessarily over,” Bishop said. “There’s an outside chance that I could still be a Packer. So we still have a good relationship. … If I don’t get the right compensation, I’d rather be in a familiar place.”

It’s probably wiser to bet on Bishop playing somewhere else in 2013. We’ve already heard about interest from the Vikings and teams like the Chiefs, Bills and Raiders could also be interested in shoring up uncertain situations at inside linebacker. If Bishop’s healthy, and he tells Dunne he is despite a hamstring strain that helped keep him on the sideline this spring, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll land the kind of deal he’s looking for with someone other than the Packers.

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  1. OK, I admit I’m not a GM, coach or even anything more than a fan who loves the Packers. What I don’t understand is the release of Bishop before the start of training camp. I understand salary cap and the need to maintain cap health, but wouldn’t it have been wise to let the three ILB’s battle it out for the spots and cut the odd man out. I hate seeing the Packers give up on Bishop without even “kicking the tires.” I think TT dropped the ball on this one.

  2. Ok, here we go. Cue the packer fans who are going to say the vikes are just jealous and need to sign every packer… that’s how a multi-million business operates!

    from what they had/have:

    favre was an upgrade
    sharper was an upgrade
    longwell was an upgrade
    jennings is an upgrade
    bishop would be an upgrade

    …and if you read what spielman constantly says, the viking organization wants to emulate the packers with building thru the draft and supplementing with free agents.

    if healthy, bishop would help fill a need — nothing more, nothing less…

    (perhaps your team should have some jealousy about someone’s backup qb, bc with the amount a-rodg throws it’s only a matter of time before he gets hurt)

  3. Of course Vikings would sign him – he’s an ex-Packer! They sure love them some sloppy seconds. Can’t even build their own team.

    In all seriousness though, he was without a doubt the 2nd best player on that defense the last few years so I’m a little confused as to why he was released. Packers really do have a love affair with AJ “drag and drop” Hawk.

  4. Cue the Vikings fans cueing the Packers fans complaining about the Vikings garbage picking from the Packers scrap pile.

    In all seriousness, this sucks. The only way I can rationalize this move is if Desmond hasn’t made a full recovery. If he’s as good as a player as he used to be, this is a mistake.

  5. You don’t have to mention in these stories that a former packer’s first visit is with the vikings. It kinda goes without saying.

  6. OK, I admit I’m not a GM, coach or even anything more than a fan who loves the Packers. What I don’t understand is the release of Bishop before the start of training camp. I understand salary cap and the need to maintain cap health, but wouldn’t it have been wise to let the three ILB’s battle it out for the spots and cut the odd man out. I hate seeing the Packers give up on Bishop without even “kicking the tires.” I think TT dropped the ball on this one.


    I fully agree. Only thing i could think of, is team’s often do a player the curiosity of cutting early so they can find work earlier. I know some of you think TT and GB is heartless but they are very good in doing that for players.

    Bishops missing the OTAs that just ended makes it hard for me to believe he is healthy right now. I wish him luck, and would love for him to look around and come back at a lower price. I definitely applaud his attitude.

  7. Unless he was compromised by the injury and they were certain he would not be the same player he was prior, I will never understand how they elected to release him instead of Hawk. IMO, Bishop was the best after Clay.

    At the very least, I hope this is an indicator of the progress of the younger crop of LB’s.

  8. @dsp518, do you really believe TT didn’t get all the medical information available? They also know what they have for young talent and paying a ILB who probably would have been a back up that kind of money is not only poor for the cap but it takes reps away from young developing players. Fans only think of the next or current year, the GM has to think for the next 5.

  9. Green Bay’s LB are junior college quality at best. They just released the only semblence of an NFL-caliber linebacker they had.

    I guess they’re counting on Rodgers for 40+points per game, because the defense would have a hard time stopping Purdue.

  10. I really don’t understand this. The coaches said in the offseason they are trying to become a tougher team, so we cut our second toughest linebacker? Vikings will be calling him tommorow.

  11. If Bishop is as healthy as he says he is, why wasn’t he at OTAs? I doubt he is anywhere near 100%.

  12. It is amazing that the Green Bay Packers are so talented and deep they can shed talent that is scooped up all over the league.

    Almost every team in the NFL has a former Packer on it.

    Bishop will start somewhere.

    Best wishes for you Desmond. It is sad that you once were good enough to be a Green Bay Packer and now you aren’t.

    The Packers already have a younger guy ready to step up.

  13. @logicalrob, yes they have been upgrades for the Vikings but what does that say for the Vikings team? The Packers have won 6 of the 11 division North Championships compared to their 2 and I don’t think you are going to over take them by taking their castoffs. Draft and develop is how you sustain long term success but I am more than happy to see the opposition try to take the last years of a veteran over finding new talent.

  14. As a Packers fan it pains me a bit to see them release the only non-teddy bear on the entire defense. Hope he can catch on elsewhere or maybe come back at a reduced rate. I understand $3.4M is a lot for a guy who hasn’t been staying healthy… I just hope they can find someone to bring at least a small hammer to the party for 2013.

  15. he’s clearly not healthy. teddy would absolutely never make this move if he was. the nfl is a cold hearted business. bish will be missed big time.

  16. Got Terrell/Barrington bringing youth and cap space inside, cutting Bishop clears cap space so we can probably lock up either Shields/Raji/James Jones…

    But man… I’d rather we cut AJ Hawk and let Brad and Bishop beast it in the middle of the field, AJ Hawk is too soft and too slow.

  17. The Minnehaha Viqueefs LOVE the Almighty 13 Time World Champion Green Packer’s sloppy seconds. They also like losing Superbowls,throwing interceptions in 2009 NFC Championship games,falling short of rushing records,wearing those little girl wigs, love boats,missing field goals in NFC championship games, dressing up in full Dungeons and Dragons gear like KARLa Heinrichs and Sydney Davi, and circle jerks with dudes in the purple grandma lot outside the Humpty Dump. The list could go on and on but you Lavender Larry fans get the point. Your franchise has been a massive embarrassment for over 50 years!!! Expect Deseree Bishop to be wearing purple by the weekend! LOLZ. Go Pack Go!!!

  18. In this article about LB Desmond Bishop, it does states what the average timetable for a player to return from a ruptured hamstring ??? How can a player sign with all these teams you listed if he is obviously injured which percupitated his release from the team.

  19. I hate to say it but my fellow Vikings fans are always jumping the gun, calm down last season we played over our heads and it won’t happen again.

    I figure we are a avg team at best 8-8

  20. 18 months and a hamstring tear ago, Desmond Bishop was a pretty good player. Not Pro Bowl caliber but way above average, IMO. He had good instincts and played with aggression. I don’t think nearly as highly about Brad Jones or AJ Hawk. So that they are not even bringing Bishop to camp is a bit of a head scratcher to me.

    OTOH, Bishop never really had a step to lose. So a serious leg injury as he approaches 30 might mean it is time to move on. Heck, for all I know, the Packers brass noticed he had lost a step in camp last year pre-injury.

    If he goes outside the division, I wish him a couple more season of good play.

  21. He’s nearly 30 coming off a serious injury that may never fully heal and a base of 3.5 mil? that’s what this is all about……… plus they like their young guys so it makes the decision easier. They obviously have some reservations on if he’s really healthy or not, whether its the medical staff or the percentage of players who actually come back from an injury like this and perform like they did.

    Its a risky move, no doubt, but I see why they made it.

  22. Since 1961 when the Vikings came into the league.
    Vikings division Championships 18 Packers 11

    Since Vikings came into league
    Vikings playoff appearances 27 Packers 22

    Vikings are far from a losing organization, as most Packer fans choose to say everyday of the year about the Vikes, they just have a lot of trouble when it comes to winning the big one.
    Since the merger they have made the playoffs 25 times, or third most in the NFL.

    Since they have come in they have also had one of the highest winning percentages in the NFL as well.

    Such a losing franchise

  23. I thought he was a better complete linebacker than Matthews. The packers know something we don’t know.

  24. Post draft the Vikings have only one glaring hole and that is at MLB. Henderson is solid at WLB, but why not keep him at his natural position and take a shot at Bishop. He was the one Packer who seemed willing to take a shot at tackling Peterson.

    Even if he is still hurt or his career is over, you can cut him in training camp if that is the case. If the Packers don’t want to pay any of their talent, so be it…just keep asking Rogers to do it all with less and less. Good luck with that.

  25. Chubrock you forgot one stat…since the merger, Packers 4 Lombardi (perhaps you’ve heard of him) trophies, Vikings zero. It never ceases to amaze me that the fanbase of the team that tells Packers fans to stop living in the past, doesn’t have a past and has largely played 2nd fiddle to the Packers for the last 20+ seasons. the Vikings haven’t dominated the Packers over a sustained period since the days of Tommy Kramer. (40 losses vs 27 wins since 1980) As for whether the Vikings are a losing franchise, perhaps only when it counts. What do the names Darrin Nelson, Gary Anderson and Terry Porter mean to you?

  26. Im not gonna sugar coat this move, it sucks to lose a player of his caliber. Not sure why the move was made but im sure injuries had something to do with it. Besides his torn hammy hes missed several games over the years due to various other ailments.

    Gonna suck to see another Packers player wearing Vikings purple but it is what it is.

  27. chubrock50,

    Packers Championships before your Vikes joined the League – 6

    Packers Championships after your Vikings joined the League – 7

    Vikings Championships – 0, zip, nada, zilch

    The woefull LIONS have more Titles than you Norsemen. (4)

    ‘Playoffs? You wanna talk about Playoffs? Are you kidding me??!!’

  28. After getting the Packers scraps for all these years, the Vikings might actually get somebody with moe than a few good years left in the tank…

  29. packer fans: it’s as simple as this. your team doesn’t want the players u carelessly discard. minnesota picks up players who fill their needs. our one glaring need is mlb. your gm wasn’t saavy enough to pull off a trade so u dumped him. we’re gonna talk to him. duh. we went after wallace hard before signing jennings. keep your good players or stop whining about where they end up. hundreds of your players have signed with other teams besides the vikings. it’s your gm’s fault for being dumb enough to let him go knowing that’s the position we need. we would have jumped at any good ilb. get over it. he’ll end up a seahawk next season anyway.

  30. stevent92 says:
    Jun 17, 2013 5:26 PM

    Green Bay’s LB are junior college quality at best. They just released the only semblence of an NFL-caliber linebacker they had.


    With these advanced talent evaluation skills, there’s a job waiting for you in the Lions’ front office.

    Maybe GM or at least running the board for the draft!

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