Pacman Jones to speak to rookies, again

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Based on recent events, it’s apparent that Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has become the George Costanza of the rookie symposium.

Study Jones’ example, and do the opposite.

As explained by Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Jones once again will address the incoming players at their annual mandatory preseason get-together in late June.

NFL senior V.P. of player engagement Troy Vincent says that the goal is to make the sessions authentic.

“You are not going to trick an athlete,” Vincent told Reedy.  “They know when it is dressed up and not real.  When you can sit among your peers and just talk about your life, someone is learning from that.  They can look at him and see themselves from the way they look to where they have originated.”

After repeated difficulties early in his career, Jones experienced an extended stretch without trouble.  His recent legal entanglement, however, has raised questions about whether he really has changed, given that surveillance video suggests Jones overreacted to whatever it was that a woman who works at Paul Brown Stadium did to him outside of a Cincinnati bar.  While the woman apparently instigated the physical contact, Jones could have (and arguably should have) simply stepped away, especially since the woman was blocked by a fence.

Hopefully, Jones’ remarks will have less to do with explaining why he shouldn’t be in trouble for that incident, and more to do with how his overall experiences can help young players stay out of trouble.

Here’s one suggested message:  Know that you’re a potential target, assume that anything you do is being recorded by a camera, and avoid places where folks may try to bait you into doing something you’ll regret.

18 responses to “Pacman Jones to speak to rookies, again

  1. Charlie Sheen is also scheduled to attend the symposium to discuss responsible sex practices.

  2. Pacman Jones should stop hanging out in the bars and use his time to help his favorite charity. Make it rain at a homeless shelter……you reap what you sow!

  3. The league could just save everyone a lot of time by simply having Pacman walk into the room, tell the players ”Do the exact opposite of what you think I would do”, and then walk out.

  4. He’s been chosen to speak to the rookies again, even after hitting a woman?

    Only in Cincinnati. SMH.

  5. “You be avoiding dem ‘scrip clubs’, you know”?

    Good for Jones for speaking to the rookies. It sounds like he’s really trying to grow up.

  6. What’s he going to talk about? how he’s too stupid to learn his lessons about a decade later? Always nice to see the stupid ones leading the lessons….

  7. @Titansbro –

    Because they make substantially more money than you do…

  8. Adam Jones is a perfect person to talk to the rookies about staying out of trouble. He can tell them that if you are involved in multiple instances of violence then your NFL career will only span the better part of a decade, excluding time off for suspensions when you can pursue a career as a professional wrestler and a short stint in the CFL.

    I hear they are also bringing in Chad Johnson to discuss fiscal responsibility and court room decorum, Titus Young to discuss proper play execution and how to steal your car back from police impound, and Michael Irving on how cocaine will keep you out of the hall of fame.

  9. “You are not going to trick an athlete,” Vincent told Reedy……………………………….Really??????? These “athletes” sure do seem to get tricked far too often by their entourage of “homies” into financing their homies lifestyle.

  10. Be sure that if you are at the club late, don’t beat the itch for hitting you with a bottle

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