Pioli makes NBC debut with visit to PFT Live


Scott Pioli won three Super Bowls in four years as V.P. of player personnel in New England.  His quest for his first Emmy officially began today.

Take that, Vladimir Putin.  (Actually, don’t take that, Vladimir Putin.)

Pioli will make his first appearance on NBCSN as a member of the NBC family at 5:00 p.m. ET on Monday.  Before that, he made his first appearance on PFT Live as a member of the NBC family.

Topics included Hard Knocks, Tim Tebow, starting rookie quarterbacks, and how to keep players out of trouble during the dead time between the end of offseason workouts and training camp.

8 responses to “Pioli makes NBC debut with visit to PFT Live

  1. Why does this site continue to give any platform at all to Pioli?
    The guy proved he is a bumbling idiot in KC. Ask anybody.
    The Colonel Klink of the NFL should not given any face time that may lend ANY appearance that he is some sort of expert on anything NFL related.
    He was exposed as Belicheats underling once KC gave him the reins. He then promptly turned a once proud organization into a paranoid Stalag 13 camp.
    He then further exposed himself as a totally inept judge of talent, and an even more incompetent GM.

    This site and any other media outlet is setting the bar VERY low by giving this buffoon any mic time whatsover

  2. Interesting hire. Hire a guy notorious for avoiding the Kansas City media to now be a part of the media. It’s kind of comparable to hiring the man that didn’t call the shots for the Patriots but got lots of credit for doing so to call the shots for the Chiefs. With Pioli and Harrison, that sports desk is starting to resemble “The Patriot Way”. Good luck Costas and Dan Patrick.

  3. Enough Scott Pioli.

    I mean really, have you ever talked this much about a failure of a GM who is simply joining NBC? Its not just chief fans who are wondering what the heck the deal is here. its waaaaay too much. why don’t you explain his rather fast switch from NFL N. why don’t you drop a candy wrapper in the hallway and see how it goes

    and these comments that he built this chiefs roster. OK. lets go over that again, of the 6 pro bowlers last year: Hali, Flowers, Charles, Derrick Johnson are all carl Peterson draft picks. pioli did a good job retaining those players, but giving him all this credit for putting a 1st rd 5th overall on berry, or a 3rd round pick on a ridiculous fall fo Justin Houston, is a bit silly.

    even d-bowe, albert AND Colquitt were all carl Peterson draft picks, and they were the big guys the chiefs retained this offseason.

    so really, where is all this talent pioli got? Baldwin in rd 1? Mccluster in rd 2? Arenas in rd 2?

  4. I grow tired of the negative Pioli comments. The only thing the man was guilty of was not being to find the right coach and not having a franchise quarterback. The team he built is far superior to the team that he took over. There is a plethora of talent in all the positions because of his drafting and signing. Basically, the only two positions that John Dorsey and Andy Reid really overhauled were cornerback and quarterback. So he is not quite the idiot you all make him out to be.

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