ProFootballTalk: Does MJD make Taylor’s Mt. Rushmore?

Former NFL RB Fred Taylor joins ProFootballTalk to talk about his Jaguars’ Mt. Rushmore and if MJD is doing right by the Jacksonville Jaguars with his latest contract requests.

1 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Does MJD make Taylor’s Mt. Rushmore?

  1. A Jags Mt Rushmore without Tony Boselli? Maybe in 20 years, but right now he is in over Brunell for sure.

    Regardless of your “he was really a right tackle” arguement, which I’d love to see you explain to Tony, he shut down the best pass rushers of his day (Bruce Smith in the 1996 playoff game for example) and went long stretches between allowing sacks.

    Just ask anyone who they’d rather have had on their team and the answer is clear: Boselli. Brunell had a career year in 1996, but wasn’t anywhere near as dominant as Boselli was, even with a truncated career.

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