Vikings could return to London in 2014 and 2015

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With the Vikings opening a new stadium in 2016 and playing at the University of Minnesota’s home stadium in 2014 and 2015, the decision to host a game in London this coming season may be the first of several games the Vikings play in England.

According to Neil Reynolds of, Vikings V.P. of public affairs and stadium development Lester Bagley didn’t rule out the possibility.  Bagley, per Reynolds, said that the Vikings want to see how the 2013 game against the Steelers goes at Wembley Stadium.

While some folks in Minnesota could be upset by the loss of three home games in three years, it’s better for the franchise to bite the bullet and sacrifice home games now.  Then, once they move into the new stadium, they’ll be less likely to be asked to give up further home games in the name of helping grow the sport internationally.

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  1. how does the revenue sharing work with these international games? the vikes cant be making out with more than a game at the gopher dome can they?

  2. I’m ok with this in 2014 and 2015, but the fact that they are doing it this year really ticks me off. Last year in the Metrodome? Yeah, sure, let’s take away a game.

    If this crap happens at all in the first 10 years at the new stadium, there will be hell to pay from the fans.

  3. I am from England and I’m just going to put this out there, I think having an NFL franchise in England is stupid and it wouldn’t be nearly as successful as the NFL is making it out to be. 3 or 4 games each year and DIFFERENT teams each year!

  4. I’ve been a season ticket holder for years and a group of my fellow ticket holders and I are going to England this year for the game. I will go every year if need be. The ticket prices for the England game are very reasonable. The are tickets reasonable, not the airfare or the hotels, but it is what it is. I’m the sucker. My issue is that they (the vikes) raised the prices for home games this year because there are only 9 (2 per season and 7 regular season). My 9 game package cost the same as last years 10 game package. I know the nfl is compensating them for playing in England. This is a bs move on the vikings part. They are taking advantage of their loyal fans that have and will go to games because of tradition and the hope that someday they will win the big one. They are also screwing us with the new stadium and tailgating. Profootballtalk please write an article about that issue. No tailgating at the new stadium for the team that arguably invented the great tradition. Loyal vikes fan 3tensandabus@facebook

  5. Sacrifice now so we don’t get hit with it later? I doubt that, their going to do it weather we like it or not. Hell no!!!

  6. They should have stayed in MN this year and then played London games the following two while they were in TCF Bank stadium. That’s my take on this.

  7. We just love it when our future players get international experience. Just as long as that experience doesn’t cost the Hawks a game at the Clink.

  8. What a joke! I am happy they are getting a new stadium but its sickening how they sell the stadium idea to the public with the local economic impact then turn around and send 1/8 of the money that should be going back to local business to London.

  9. The Vikings and the Jaguars are what is being put on display to sell London the NFL. That’s like using granny panties to sell a Victoria’s Secret.

  10. I’m a giants fan living in England, and can honestly say a franchise in London wouldn’t work, we love having a few games per year, it gives us something to look forward to. Goddell shouldn’t take more than one game per team per year away from the US fans just because there’s a big market opportunity here. I was at the pats v rams game last year, watching Gronk’s celebration was entertaining enough!

  11. Why not, the Vikings are just as capable of losing a game in London than they are in downtown Minneapolis. At least the fans wouldn’t have to drink that 3.2% beer on a Sunday.

  12. I’m a season ticket holder, but won’t be making the trip to England. Previously planned trip to Germany makes that impossible.

    But 2014 or ’15, I’d consider it.

    Unlike ajwcal25 above, my season ticket bill this year was less because of the London game. There was a slight ticket increase, but not enough to eliminate the savings of one less game.

    Once the new stadium is done, I don’t want anymore London trips though.

    TCF Stadium is not an NFL caliber stadium. The Vikings are paying way to much for the use of it. The U of M is making out like a bandit on this deal.

  13. they would probably have more fans in london than in that rat trap metrodump they call home actualy the packers call it home more than the lame vikings do we always dominate there

  14. Packers trolls are active today. Stay classy, Green Bay.

    There are a lot of Vikings fans over in Europe, and it could have something to do with their fascination with Viking mythology and history and the fact that many of them can trace ancestry back to the Nordic Vikings, the Great Danes. Before England became England, much of it was conquered by the Vikings. So it’s a natural choice to showcase the Vikings in London. And financially it’s understandable since the Vikings will be playing at TCF Bank for 2 years, where their revenues will be lower than at the Metrodome, which already has the lowest or close to the lowest revenues in the league.

    But as a fan it does feel like we’re getting the shaft from the NFL. And as the one commenter said, they really shouldn’t take away a fall home game in nice weather, they should take one later in the season when it’s butt cold outside.

  15. Not hard to join the dots to see who’ll be coming over the pond to play the Vikes and Jags in 2014 – a marketing dream team of the Cowboys and Redskins seems a dead cert…

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