Cowboys get Terrance Williams under contract


Bill Callahan is “excited” to get to work calling plays for the Cowboys offense and the team has gotten one of the rookies Callahan can deploy this season under contract.

Nick Eatman of the Cowboys website reports that third-round pick Terrance Williams has agreed to a four-year contract with the team. The deal with the wide receiver is expected to be officially announced on Wednesday.

How much Callahan deploys him remains up in the air. When Williams came off the board with the 74th overall pick, he looked like a good bet to be the team’s third receiver in 2013 but wide receivers coach Derek Dooley offered a reminder that Williams is a work in progress as offseason workouts came to a close.

“These rookies are coming in, he’s hearing a language he’s never spoke. It’s like learning Japanese, right now,” Dooley said, via the Dallas Morning News. “He used to get a signal and he ran a route. Now he’s got to hear a play, he’s got to line up rightwe’re moving him all over the place, and then oh, by the way, go run a route against Morris Claiborne and get open. There’s a lot to it. Each day, what I’m proud of, he’s getting a little bit better. He’s still got a long way to go. It’s a journey in the National Football League, especially at wide out, but I’m really proud of how he’s progressing.”

You’d expect as much for most rookies, so we’ll see what happens when Williams gets to camp this summer. Dwayne Harris is the likeliest other choice to play behind and with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

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  1. He’s going to be an awesome WR for the cowboys, I heard he’s an amazing tackler, will be perfect after Tony Romo throws an interception

  2. I think this kid can be a beast… Hopefully we stay healthy this year on Offense and Defense… With Dez, Witten, Miles, Williams, Murray on Offense defenses will have to play us honest… but the big key is our O-Line if we can get better there I think we should be successful this year.

  3. What game film are you watching where hall is stopping Dez or anybody on the field. All I ever see is him running behind some wr and blaming the safety after they score on his sorry azzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. logicalvoicesays says: Jun 18, 2013 2:36 PM

    “Much like DHall shuts down Dez…..”
    What league are you watching?

    D Hall did run his mouth to the point of distraction but Dez has outgrown child’s play.

    The only reason D Hall has a job (maybe) is because he is taking whatever they are willing to pay him. Hall is a mouth with limited athletic skills. He’s probably in his last season.

  5. Logical dude is CRAZY, I don’t know if Williams will pan out or not, but I DO know that D. Hall is at this point is a WR’s favorite whipping boy. He’s old, slow and HAS NEVER shut down Dez Bryant.

  6. I seem to remember the Washington Redskins laying out the Cowboys not only in Jerry’s World on Thanksgiving in front of a visiting crowd but also for the NFC East Championship at Fedex Field. Most of Bryant’s production was in the 2nd half of the their first game. I just can’t wait for Dallas to fail this year, they are lucky to win 8 games. Oh and let me guess, Garrett gets fired and Jerry can’t catch the big fish. #DallasSucks

  7. You fans of different teams are really, really lame with your comments. I read that RG111 wanted the Redskins to draft Williams. If that’s the case, you guys would be singing a totally different tune about the Redskins drafting Williams and how he is going to light up the Cowboys secondary! This is why most fans of “ALL” teams are lame! When it’s your team, it’s a totally different conversation. As far as goes Williams, how many players/wide receivers lose the number 1 wide receiver and a Heisman winning quarterback at the same time and actually put up bigger numbers the first year they lose them? And another thing, stop mentioning D. Hall! his time has come and gone for the most part and it’s time to find some new corners for your team! I like RG111 as much as the next man, but the cost the Redskins gave up to get him is hampering their ability to help their team in other spots, but you have to pay the price somewhere when you make a move to get a player like they did. Until then, we will see who wins these wide receiver, cornerback battles! It’s not just because i’m a Cowboys fan, but I think at the moment they have the upper hand, the two games last year not with standing.

  8. Chip Kelly & Co can’t wait to play Dallas…..not to mention Tom Coughlin and Mike Shanahan. The Knucklehead Ranch should be the doormat of the NFC East.

  9. “Chip Kelly & Co can’t wait to play Dallas…..not to mention Tom Coughlin and Mike Shanahan. The Knucklehead Ranch should be the doormat of the NFC East.”

    Probably should be, but looks like it’s gonna be the Eagles. Again.

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